Thursday, January 28, 2010

See Bob Run, See Bob Jump

This is more old news that I am just getting the time to write about. Matter of fact I am writing this while sitting in business class on a flight from DFW to Seattle. My job is sending me up there for 2 weeks for a leadership class.  I hate to be all late and wrong, but I am a busy man trying to turn my little 'ole 15 cents into that coveted dollar, I know you understand.


A southern White man wants to start the very first White Only Basketball league.
He says that he wants Basketball to return to it's "fundamentals".
When I first heard this I was like what the fuck? But then I got to thinking about it and I realized that I can't be mad at 'ole Moose.

I mean, why not have a White Only Basketball League?
Who is it going to hurt?
Blacks have the NFL, the NBA,  the AND 1 league, Boxing and Tennis. Well maybe the winning people in Tennis. I would say Golf also, but we all know that the dude that currently holds all the records does not identify himself as black, so I will let the White Folks that are hell bent on destroying him for having carnal relations their women, have him.

Why not a White League?

There are some bad White Boys in college. I have wondered for years why these dudes don't get courted by the NBA like their Black counterparts do. I mean some of these White Boys are the truth in College, but they never get drafted. Why is that? The same goes for football. Why don't those big corn fed country boys get drafted like 'ole Jamaal from south Philly?

I always thought it was because White families know that they have more options out here in the mean 'ole world than dribbling and throwing a ball. While Black families hopes are more limited. We think that sports are the only way for us to leave South east D.C., South Central LA or South Dallas. (Has anybody ever wondered why all the "hoods" are on the south side of town? I think that might need to be researched further.)

I always thought that White families stressed education over all else, while Black families stressed get yours by any means necessary.

So in my humble opinion, if a White man is getting tired of working hard to achieve the American Dream like the rest of his fundamentally sound natural born White Americans, why not let him throw his hat into the ring of multi-million dollar contracts given to kids that have no idea what to do with them, multiple babies mama's in every major city, platinum jewerly, tattos, bringing guns to work and of course Hip Hop music contracts, then I ain't mad at him.

Let him have at it.

Maybe this will wake up some Black People that sports are supposed to be played for fun, not so Jamaal can feed his 10 half brothers and sisters. Sports are supposed to be a stress reliever, not an obligation. Sports were not meant to be a way out. Education  was supposed to be the ultimate get out of jail free card, not Basketball.

Well at least this dude is not trying to start the first all white Soul Food chain.

Then I might just have a problem.


James said...

You don't watch much tennis, do you?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This was funny.

MoMo said...

I love it, it was very entertaining.

Max Reddick said...

Frankly, I don't see the reasons for the many protests. I doubt this league ever gets off the ground. And if it does, how long will people sit around watching "fundamentals" before they go elsewhere for entertainment.

At best,this is a publicity stunt on the part of someone who really craves attention.

REDDREAD said...

If the league is supposed to be so lily white focusing on the fundamentals and eliminating all elements of black influence there better be violations for crossovers, no look passes, and dunks.