Saturday, January 16, 2010

There is nothing better than a bag full of dark chocolate Hershey's kisses

I know that this happened last week and all but I have been busy doing other shit and I have not had time to come here and write about it. Matter of fact this is the first time in about 2 weeks that I have felt like even looking at my blog, so please forgive me for being all late with this.

We as Black people in America often get mad over the wrong shit. We get all in an uproar over some shit that a white person says or another Black person says that we all know is based on facts, but because someone decides to talk about it in a public manner, we call for "apologies," sanctions, firings or resignations.
I am talking about Harry Reid.
If you are Black in this country, then you know the difference between light and dark skinned people.
I am dark skinned and I used to hate my skin color.
I used to sit in the tub when I was little and scrub my skin with a brillo pad because I hated being dark.
The girls in my school did not even look at me because I was considered "too black" for them. But then they all had problems when I said fuck em and starting dating latinas.
I was told by members of my family that I would never be nothing because I was Black and ugly.
So everythig that Harry Reid said about Obama having a shot at the presidency because he is light skinned, is true. He might have said it in a fucked up way, but it is true. If I decided to run for the Presidency, I would not stand a chance because I would have to change everythig about who I am as a person in order for the masses (white people) to accept me.
And I couldn't/wouldn't do that.
I have been told by people at my job that when I first started working for my company that they thought I was a Black militant. All because I spoke my mind, I have kept a shine head for years and I know how to carry an intelligent conversation with the White bosses.
I was told by a Mexican dude that the only thing he was afraid of was a big, Black, Bald man.
I fit all those catagories. I am 6'2, I weigh 220 pounds, I am dark skinned and like I said, I have kept a shine head for years.

Now the high yella people that work with me never had that misconception placed on them. They were the ones that were invited to all the office luncheons. Now that my coworkers know that I could care less, even though I do see color and that I am probably more qualified than half of them, I am "accepted", some what.
Now if I was born light skinned, would I have these sterotypes placed  on me?
I doubt it. I would be considered a "credit to my race" and handsome and all that "white" shit.
Have none of you ever noticed that whenever a white dude says he would date a Black woman it is always the Halle Berry looking women and not the Gabrielle Union looking women?
Or if White women talk about Black men it is always the Shamar Moore looking niggas and not the Don Cheadle looking dudes?
It is very fucked up, but it is America.
I love my dark skin now. I would not want to be anything else. Matter of fact I wish I could get darker. I am one sexy-ass dark creamy chocoloate ass Negro.

And to all the people that consider me ugly, uneducated, thuggish and a "Black militant" just because my African/Haitain roots are pure and untainted, remember the old saying, Chocolate melts in your mouth bitches, not in your hand.
In other words, in "negro dialect", you can eat a big black dick bitches.
Yeah I said it.


MoMo said...

i think you're sexy too!!!!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I love this post... and I absolutely love dark-skinned men. I always have... My man is dark chocolate, and I love every drop of it! There's something about the contrast of his dark skin against mine... haha ♥

Also, I feel as though the racism amongst our own people is disgusting. We want other races to accept us and treat us as their equals, yet we've got family members and friends downing their own just because of differences in skin complexion. The cycle will never end. We want to be accepted by those who set us against one another in the first place...smh.

AntBee said...

Fortunately this color problem did not seem to affect all dark skinned black men since mostly all of the super stars in film/TV/models and music are mostly darker skinned men if what you say is true about dark skinned black men.

It is not about only dark chocolate kisses in the bag, it is really about all the different chocolates mixing together in the bag in my opinion. There is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate with some other chocolates in the mix as well.

Sometimes, and it is understandable, darker skinned black people who have had bad experiences in their life because of their color (and it mainly comes from the family), are really hurt and angry about how they were treated.It is hard for a child to heal when he has been hurt, thus that pain follows him/her all of their life.

How unfortunate that some black people are still dealing with this pain.

Don said...

You went hard on this post. I agree with everything stated, especially your thoughts on Reid. The man spoke the truth.

Everyone should take time out to recognize that, although black is beautiful, it's hardly skin color which truly defines beauty. It's the acts of one's mental and physical, born from one's heart.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Yes, Harry Reid did speak the truth, and it's weird how the media rushed to barbeque him for it. No doubt the Big Health Insurance Companies were behind digging his word out of the past to undermine him, so they'd have a better shot at defeating public health care. That they used race to do this only illustrates their low characters and greed.

As for you post, I feel your childhood pain and am glad you somehow developed positive self-esteem about your dark complexion. It is a wonderful post, but I will say that light skinned blacks catch hell too, but in a different way.

As a kid, sometimes the jealousy and taunting from the darker kids is hard to take, at least when I grew up.

Once you start dating, you're often unsure if someone really likes you for you, or if they see you as some sort of trophy. This isn't only true of women, but I've also known men who were used sexually became the young women they messed around with wanted "a pretty yellow baby with good hair".

In the workplace, you have to deal with offensive and intrusive comments from whites like, "you're different[better]from other blacks... are you mixed?"

In the prison system, light skinned youth are more likely to get beaten up or treated like someone's bitch.

The advantages, however, are as real as you described, and until this new century, wasn't terribly different from the way coloreds and blacks were treated in South Africa; it was just much more subtle.

I am extremely pleased that the younger generation (under 30) is so much more accepting of the range of complexions, and truly believe that Black Is Beautiful.

Folk said...

"We as Black people in America often get mad over the wrong shit. "

Amen my brother. Amen.

saint james said...

This is coming from a former "light skinned colored boy". I was yello when I was very young and got a lot of flack from my darker skinned peers because of it. I was called piss colored, pus colored, yello nigger, light bright, and white boy. I was certainly not the lightest on the "Scale of Blackness" in the hood; either. I was taunted for a while with this littel ditty: "Hey white boy, you don't shine, I'll get a colored boy to kick your behind." I used to go home a pray that I would wake up darker. As I got older I devolped a more bronze tone to my skin. I love my clor (I didn't have a problem with the original color; others did). Brother, your blues ain't mine and all Black blues ain't the same. Feeling your experience.

Dirty Red said...

You keep talking like that I am ging to start yo think you like me! LOL.

Thanks for commenting. I think it ia a shame too that we have so much hate in our on communities. A mexican dude told me once that he admired the way Black people stuck together on certain things. If only he knew.

Ant Bee,
Yes it is really sad that after all these years it still hurts me to think about how I was treated when I was younger, especially by members of my so called family. But It is what it is.

Yep Reid spoke the truth. But it is a damn shame that it took a White man to say some shit that Black people have known and talked about for years.

As usual you open up a door that I did not open. I never thought about how light Blacks were treated. I was only fcusing on my experiences. Damn. Well keep commenting I will try to cover all bases next time. If I can.

And let the Chuuuurch say Hallauya! Reach across and tap your neighbor and say, 'If it is White it's alright!'

Saint James,
Again I did not really think about how Light Skinned Blacks were treated. I guess we are not so different after all.