Thursday, January 21, 2010

Win or go home, Mr. President

So Big O's Health care plan may go up in smoke because the woman that was picked to replace Uncle Kennedy got her ass handed to her the other day.

This is what the Dumocrats get.

They have been in the majority for what, 3 years now?

What have they accomplished?

The American voters gave them the majority in a historic fashion, and what did they do with it?
The voters even elected the first Negro to be the face of the country to show their displeasure with the way things were and what has been done?

Can somebody tell me one thing that the "majority" has done since they were given the keys to the vault?

They have been bickering amongst themselves since the beginning.

 It is a damn shame that these fools have been handed the whole pie and they let it sit on the window sill too long cooling.

So I ain't mad at the Rethugs.

The Dumocrats are weak. They expect people to just continue supporting their "let's be nice to everyone" bullshit.
The American people want action, not promises of tommorow will be better than today.

The Dumocratic party had to know that this woman was not qualified to take over Uncle Kennedy's seat. Did they even campaign for her while she was ahead in the polls? Or did they just assume that just because ole Unc held it down for 50-leven years, that people would automatically vote for a Democrat?

Now these fools are stuck looking stupid because they have lost the majority that they took for granted.

It serves them right.

They have done nothing to support the President, and if I can put in my two cents, I believe that this was a planned slap in the face to the President. None of those old White men and some of those old Slave catchers in the Democtatic party want things to change. Can anybody explain why Healthcare is taking so long to pass, when supposedly the majority rules?

I know if I have 20 of my boys going against 15 of your boys, who do do think is going to walk away? There is strength in numbers.(If all the numbers are really on your side, that is).

I think that the Prez needs to show Congress, the Senate and the world whose nuts are swinging.

Stop all this bipartison bullshit. Stop trying to accomadate every damn body.

YOU are the boss, President Obama. Not Nancy Pelosi with her crypt keeper looking ass. Not Harry Reid and his "articulate negro" ass. Not Emannaule what's his name. And especially not Hill-Billy.

The people elected one Barrack Obama to lead the country. So let your nuts hang.
We need to see this change you that beat into the ground while you were interveiwing for the job that WE gave you.

I think that it is time for the Nigerian side of our President to surface.

If it doesn't, then the party of Rush Limdick, Fixed News, that crazy bitch from Alaska and Hip Hop Mike is going to kick your ass out of the house that was built by MY ancestors for THEIR ancestors.

It was not named the WHITE House for nothing.

And they are doing their best to make sure that the name doesn't change. You living there now is only a temporary set back.


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Don said...

You pretty much said it all. I agree with everything.

It's a wonder how that which is automatic has been anything but guaranteed concerning Obama and the majority, yet hardly anything has been accomplished. It makes me wonder if anything will be accomplished before Obama leaves office.

I believe there is truth to America not really wanting change. And it seems as though Obama has gone back on a few promises made during the election. I know he's a politician, but he appeared to be genuine in wanting this and wanting that for the American people.

Lies. All lies.

Pelosi is a piece of ish.

Dirty Red said...

I agree with you. Thats why I told people from the jump to not vote for Big O just because he looks like he could be your rich Uncle. He is just a polickster from the Chi. He lies just like the rest of them.
But it does feel good to see ole "Uncle James" up in the Big Seat though.