Friday, February 12, 2010

Do as I say, Not as I do

I was not going to blog about this, but........

We as American Blacks are so damn hypocritical. How the hell can we expect people of other races to respect us when we have a hard time respecting ourselves?

'Dirty Red, What art thou talking about'?

I am going to tell ya my little chick-a-dee......

John Mayer.

First let me say I like this dude. Or should I say I like his music. I don't know the dude and if I was out somewhere chillin and happened to see him, I probably would not recognize him. He would look just like the other  thousands of White Dudes I see everyday. But I do know his voice when I hear it on the radio.


It seems like he is the latest famous White Person to have to get on the apology tour because he put his foot in his mouth.
Apparently he said the word NIGGA in an interview he did.


He got the usual backlash from "post racial" white folks and the Black Folks that use the word everyday around their "peps".

"We can't believe he said that!! I used to like him, but now I am going to throw away all the CD's I paid $20 dollars for. How DARE he use that word! He is a racist!" and so on and so forth.

How many times a day do I use the word NIGGA?
Uhhh, let me see.....

I used it this morning talking to my brother, about 20 times. I used it yesterday talking to some of my guys, about 20 times. I used it the day before singing in the car to a Lil Wayne song, about 20 times.

Now I have to say, I have been called  a NIGGA by White People that meant it in every racist bone of their body. You get that a lot in North Carolina. That is why I will never live there again. But has that stopped me from calling a fellow person of dark descent that? Uhhh... No it hasn't.

I have heard White People say it to other White People when they thought that it was only them around. Did I get upset? Uhhhh... No. I did not.

Why you may ask?

Because it is good to know what people that smile in your face all day really think of you.
And this is America. The land where we are supposed to be able to say what ever the hell we want to say.

How can I honestly say anything to a White Person, Mexican Person, Asian Person or any other person about saying a word, when I use that word myself?

Have Black People Patented the word NIGGA and I have not been told about it?

I know the difference between someone saying the word NIGGA in a hateful way and someone saying the word in a casual way. The hateful way is the one I got a problem with.

It is a WORD people!!
It only has as much power as the person that uses it gives it. I know the historical significance behind it. Believe me I do. Like I said most of my family is in North Carolina and I spent a good portion of my youth there. I have seen the Klan, I have been in race riots at school, I have beat down white boys that used the word in a hateful way.

And for what? I beat this Jr. Klan member down for calling me a NIGGA, and then I get in the car to go back to my part of town and guess what I do?

"My NIGGA! Did you see me stomp that cracker? NIGGA! that white boy is going to remember me! I saw ya'll NIGGA'S stomping that fool! That white boy should have never called us NIGGA'S, my NIGGA!"


I think I going to listen to some John Mayer right now on

The boy can sang. 



Don said...

Nothing like hanging out with the homies after laying the smack down on a KKK member for coming out of his mouth wrong.

I read the interview and apology from Mayer. It bothered me that it didn't bother me by his racially-motivates words.

I hear everyone give praise to his musical ability though I haven't heard not one song of his. Now would be the time to check him out I suppose.

Blachelorette said...

He used it in a degrading way...did you not get that?

Dirty Red said...

The boy is bad. I have not brought any of his music and I probably won't, not as long as I have, but he is a bad dude.

So he used it in a degrading way huh?
Well I read the interview, did you? If not here it is.. well an exert anyway...

"Someone asked me the other day, “What does it feel like now to have a hood pass?” And by the way, it’s sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a nigger pass. Why are you pulling a punch and calling it a hood pass if you really have a hood pass? But I said, “I can’t really have a hood pass. I’ve never walked into a restaurant, asked for a table and been told, ‘We’re full.’"

So that is degrading to you huh? Just like I said in my post. Sometimes we as Black people are the most hypocritical people ever. Please, if what this dude said was degrading to you, then I know better than to ever say Hello to you. I would not want to be degrading.

truth said...

Interesting post,
I get what you're saying, it's a complex issue. It's a word that many Black Americans use but get upset when certain non - Black Americans use it.

I think the power of a word does depend on how the person who was called the word responds. Because you're absolutely right, it's just a word.

But for African Americans who have taken slights their whole life and know about the indignities their forefathers and foremothers had to suffer, that word coming from the wrong person could be dangerous.

The only thing I can compare it to is slavery. There was slavery an Africa before the Europeans arrived. Although, the african counter is that the slaves were treated better and things weren't as bad for them an Africa opposed to the treatment our ancestors received upon coming to North America.

My belief is a slave is a slave. The africans were just as wrong as the Europeans for buying and trading human beings, no matter how good they supposedly treated them.

The N word was something the europeans created probably as a way to cognitively justify their behavior. They didn't want to recognize blacks as human beings,so they came up with a word to belittle and thus justify their inhumane behavior.

I don't think it's a good idea to use a word that comes from such a messed up origin.

Then again, I'm a hypocrite on this issue because I use the word every once in a while. Although, at least for me, deep down I know should not use the word.

I could keep writing, but I'll stop here.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

First off, the pic with the caption you used is hilarious! I'm gonna swipe that one day for something, just lettin' ya know now, my nigga...

As for John Mayer, the Jewish musician with a black back up band and a self-described KKK penis that yawns around sistas...

That's the kind of craziness one could expect to evolve from a society that strives to be a melting pot but is yet undone.

He most def put his foot in his mouth in that interview, but I do give him kudos for expressing how he feels - which I think is how the majority of white American men feel, which is why black women have so few dating options when black men flee to the beds and the alter with white women.

MoMo said...

....didn't he give the interview to playboy? i mean really? I had no idea that people gave so much credence to words written in that format..but whatever I like his music, but i've never bought anything buy him and I probably never will. I only learned about his music thru the Dave Chappelle Show when he was a guest on there..

As a black woman that does not look twice at white men, I could give a flip about his personal preferences....

I don't believe his manner was offensive or degrading, but then again I don't consider him an important public figure (he's no President of Russia or anything, right?) there's nothing wrong with keeping it real

Anna Renee said...

Hey there Dirty Red! Will you please let us black folks have fun with our sliver of "power"? We can skewer a person who has the nerve to use the word "Niggah" if we wont to! It's big fun to watch the white man squirm for a minute! Come on you probably enjoyed it too! We gonna forgive him in a minute and love him all the more, but he has to squirm for what he said! That word Nigga is Black separatist! It only wants to be spoken by us! And things don't look like they'll be changing any time soon because we are revoking hood passes!

Walt Bennett said...

Red, I appreciate you keeping it real and I wish I was half as funny as Anna Renee. I was going to do a whole thing til I read her and changed my mind.