Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When terror is not so terrible

Riddle me this.....

If you hear about a plane hitting a building and killing up some folks what comes to your mind?

Is it terrorists? Do you automatically think of a person named Abu Wan Ali Akbar?
Or do you think that this is another case of  SUICIDE BY PLANE?

Well I think of all these things.
Except the suicide by plane bullshit.

I hate to admit it but when I hear about a plane doing a kamikaze into a federal building, the first thing that comes to my mind is those damn Ali's have hit us again.


The plane that flew itself into the IRS building in Austin was flown by..... guess who?

I will give you 3 guesses....

His name was not Ali Blowshitup Muhammed.....
He did not scream "Ali Akbar!" as the plane hit the building....
Matter of fact he probably yelled out "In the name of Jesus" before he did his imitation of throw momma from the plane.

Yep.... This fool was a Good ole boy from right here in the Republic of Texas.
He was an "All AmeriKKKan" down home boy that went to church every Sunday and coached little league baseball. (I really don't know if he went to church or coached little league. I just threw that in for effect.)

What I want to know is, why isn't this fool being labeled like all the other terrorists?

Why is the media not all up on this the way they were with the Black Kid that tried to blow his own nuts off on a plane?
Why is he not considered an extremist?
And why are some CONSERVATIVES calling this coward a fucking HERO?
Why did THIS FOOL write a column trying to justify this man's actions?

I tell you sometimes white AmeriKKKans can be so damn hypocritical it ain't funny.
And the hillarious thing is they don't try to hide it.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then he would have been labeled, his family would have been labeled and his whole background would have been uploaded to CNN, MSNBC, FIX News and all the other networks that tell dumb ass people what and how to think.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then it would have been leaked that he was married to one of Osama Bin Ladens 3rd cousins neice on his Great Uncle's side.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then photo's would have been found hidden under the ashes in his fireplace that showed him bowing to the east on a prayer rug, while dressed like Ali Babba.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then he would have been splashed all up on Fix Noise having dinner with the President with the middle name that rhymes with Insane, while giving him the 'ole "TERRORIST FIST JAB"

But because he was WHITE, he is a hero?

This is what's hot out in the surburbs?

If a White man flies a plane into a FEDERAL building, he is an gatdamn God Fearing AmeriKKKan hero who was just expressing his constitutional rights, but if  a man who was not born fortunate enoungh to look like Elvis flies his shit all up in an American Federal building, then he is a terrorist that is trying to undermine the country that we all love?

Give me a fucking break....


Love it or leave it.


Bellini said...

You know Americans have a hard time digesting domestic terror, even Secy Napolitano said Homeland Security needs to be up to speed on this trend...

Reggie said...

Excellent blog.

You know sometimes people have a hard time looking in the mirror; particularly since most people don't like what they see there.