Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why ask Why? Because I want to know, that's why!

I have been feeling kinda funny about religion for a minute now.

It has gotten to the point that I am starting to have a very strong dislike for anything religion.

History is written by the winners and the Bible is full of History. So I have been thinking a lot about what is NOT in the Bible and where some of these religions get their beliefs and traditions. I have been researching a lot about Biblical History and some of what I have learned would make my die hard Christian Great Grand Moms disown me.

The more I research, the more questions I have.


Cain and Abel....

Everybody knows this story. right? Cain killed his Brother Abel and committed the first recorded murder. Well, after Cain pushed back his brother's wig, God sentenced him to roam the Earth alone. Cain asked him (God) what he was supposed to do if someone found him wandering around.
'Surely someone will kill me once they find out what I have done'.


Who is the 'someone' he is referring to? Up until that point and time, the Bible only mentions 4 people, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. So was there other people that the Bible does not mention? And if there were other people, who were they and why does the Bible not mention them?
Also the Bible goes on to say that Cain took his wife and left. Where did she come from?


If it is written that the wisest man ever created (Solomon) had 700 wifes and 300 concubines (Ho's), where is it written that I am only supposed to have one wife at a time? Why is it considered adultry or fornication if I go out and decide to enjoy the pleasures of other women? I know that it is written that I should not commit adultry or fornication, but this was after Solomon. So does this mean that everything that was done before the Ten commandments were written was wrong? (And if I am not mistaken, Solomon came along after the commandments were written, so he obviously knowingly broke that part of the commandments. )

Should I even consider the "Old" Testament if I am supposed to live like a "Christian?"

The "New" Testament says, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", but the "Old" Testament is full of people killing in God's name and sometimes on his orders.
In my very limited knowledge,the "New" Testament contradicts what is in the "Old" Testament.

I have a lot more questions, but I will cut it short and ask only one more.....

The Bible says that Satan was thrown from Heaven and given this Earth to rule until the Son of Man came to kick his ass and put him in his place.

So does this mean that we are living in Hell here on this Earth? I have never read anything that says that God banished Satan to an underground cavern beneath the surface of the Earth. It says that he was Banished to the Earth itself.
So where the hell is hell?

And if Jesus is coming to reclaim his Kingdom (Earth) from Satan, who is going to be here for him to rule if all the "good" people go to heaven when they die? Doesn't that sorta defeat the purpose of him coming back? I mean if all the goodie goodies are going to be in heaven with him, why would he waste his time coming back for the people that were not good enoungh to make it in the first place?

Like I said, the more I read, the more questions I have.

I know (or I have been taught) that I do not question the Lord.
But am I questioning the Lord or the MEN that wrote the Lord's words?
 And how will I ever learn if I don't ask questions?

Well that's all for now. If someone can give me a credible answer with a credible source that answers my questions, you know where the comment box is.
And please leave something other than a Bible verse.  Any one verse in the Bible can be interpreted 10 different ways.


NightFall914 said...

Great post. I was raised/grew up in the church and while my faith is solid I'm far from an angel and ask question of things constantly. At the same time I personally feel that I dont need an exact answer for every little thing. I dont blindly follow anything but follow what feels right. Maybe thats more about spirituality then religion.

I do believe that man has taken something that was a great "idea" and screwed it up royally with all these religions.

Folk said...

I laughed throughout your post. I went to as far to go to seminary to learn more about religion and specifically Christianity. ...and I like you, realized the more I learned the more Victorian Americanized Christianity is full of Bullshyt!

The anglonized Christianity has evolved over history to protect and those who spreads it. Anglos.

hazysin said...

until this post, i simply followed you in my google reader...

The last thing you want to do is question religion. Heaven's no, plese don't do that. lol.

I read the bible from front to finish when i was like 9. I was shuffled through many home which exposed me to a lot of different religions and what i learned is people dont like when you question these cockamamie contradictions.

I read somewhere that religion is fed off of peoples NEED to believe in a higher, it part of what makes us human. I get frustrated because i dont know what to believe.smh

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Don't know if this helps, but the Golden Rule of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is central to every major and most minor religions.