Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why do Black Folks always make excuses for Niggas?

I wrote a post the other day about the "Compton Cookout" that was thrown by a White Frat on a college campus.

Basically my post was about how can we as Black People get mad at the others for degrading us, when some of us degrade ourselves.
This is the second post I wrote this past month about respecting ourselves.

Well some of the comments I received concerning this kinda surprised me. I appreciate everyone that takes the time out of their already busy schedules to read my thoughts. I really do. I have said before how I learn from everyone that bothers to comment here. I grow from every comment I receive whether it is agreeing with my point of view or not.

But I still felt the need to write another post about this dead horse.
I do not understand how in the hell Black People can make excuses for behavior that they know is wrong ass wrong.
It is like some of us have problems with anyone talking out in public about shit that we see everyday in our communities. We all talk about this shit when we are in the comforts of people we know. But as soon as someone opens their mouth around any body that is not like us, then there is a problem.

I know that Black People are not the only ones that read this blog. I have White People that I work with that read this and talk to me about what  I write.

I am not ashamed to talk about what I know is foolish behavior around White People. I do not try to sweep under the rug all the bullshit I see every damn day.

I do not care if other cultures have aspects of their culture that are negative. I only can talk about what I see is negative with my culture.
I also realize that not all my people are fucked up.
There are a lot of us that are doing the right things according to what is right in American Culture. And whether I want to admit it or not, as long as we call ourselves Americans, we have to abide by American white Culture.

White People made make all the rules here and in order to survive here we have to learn and abide by the rules that are in place.

Now if the great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln would have survived that bullet that was fired at close range into the back of his head and he would have had the chance to do what he was planning on doing before that bullet was fired into the back of his head (at close range), and all the Blacks were sent to Liberia,(that is in Africa, for those that do not know) because as he said, and I quote, "As long as the White Man and the Black Man share the same space, there will be hostilities between the two", then shit might have been different.

It might have been cool for Black People to kill each other over colors,shoes and jewerly.
It might have been accepted to disrespect our women by calling them out of their names.
'Pimping ain't easy' could have possibly been made the Country's slogan.
There might have been a law passed that said that every Black  Man had to spend part of their early 20's and 30's in jail.
It could have been acceptable to get 10 different women pregnant at the same time and then move on to the 11th with no regard for the other 10.
It could have been written into the Constitution that education was not needed as long as money was being made by any means necessary.
It could have been added to the rule book that it doesn't matter how you present yourself in public. As long as you are Black you could curse as loud as you want, wear your pants with your draws showing, or better yet draws would be banned. Just let it all hang out.
We could have ratified the all Black congress to pass a law that made sports mandatory. I mean the "Black" sports, football and basketball. Anything "White" would be banned and punishable by jail. That would  include speaking proper English, education and working.

But this is America, and we all claim to be proud of being American.
So where is it written that if even ONE Black person does all these things here, that some how it is OK?

Now I know that there are some white people in this country that do not want to show the masses that we are just like them. They don't want the world to see us in stable two parent homes. They don't want to acknowledge that most of us care about education, our kids and our women. That shit cannot and will not be brought to the public. The only thing that matters to them is that we stay divided against each other. They want us to appear to be lawless animals so that it can be justified why we are treated the way we are.
I understand all this.


We know what is acceptable and what is not. We know that SOME (not all) of us are fucked up. We know this. But we try to smile and hide it whenever company is over.

There is no excuse for illiterate behavior.
Not Nan One.
If even ONE Black Person is photographed doing ignorant shit, then whoever witnesses that shit needs to say something.

I do not care if the others are around when I feel like displaying my displeasure with some of the shit that has been miscatagorized as my "culture".

I have too much pride in myself and my ancestors to stay quiet. So if somebody thinks I need to tone it down and not talk around the others, then I do believe that ain't gonna happen.

I will make no excuses for BULLSHIT.

In my humble opinion that is a sign of being weak and a coward.
It is easier to talk around like minded folk, but it takes some grande huevos to talk that same shit outside of your comfort zone.

And my huevos are growing by the hour.


♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

I agree, and when I addressed the Compton Cookout situation on my blog, I said the same thing. We sit here and get mad when anyone else puts us out there for the dumb/ghetto stuff we do, but my issue is what's the difference between this and movies like Don't Be a Menace to S.C. While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood? Or the videos that we continuously make, that make other cultures seem like Black people care about little besides money, cars, diamonds, and hoes? People need to wake up, because other people DO watch you, and if given the opportunity to emulate you, what blueprint do you think they're gonna have to go on??

Redbonegirl97 said...

I agree with you both. You can't act a certain way and then be mad when others mock it. I can't stand hearing, "it's a black thing". No it's not and I don't eant and never will claim it. The major problem I have is that I have to tell folks they aren't emulating me. I live in the "hood" but I don't personify those aspects. I just hate the fact folks try to group all ignorant acting black people together.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Just keep on doing what you are doing,somebody has to do the dirty work!

saint james said...

Ahem, Well men, brother. Keep saying it.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Red, I read this the other day, and couldn't verbalize my discomfort.

Then this morning, I read this post by Big Man, which I think will give you food for thought. It's here:

Dirty Red said...

Pretty Pacino,
Thanks for the comment. We do need to wake up. What you said is true.

Redboned Girl,
You are right also. Why do we get all lumped into the same damn trash heap when the Niggas among us are are only a small group?

It is a tough and ungrateful job huh?

Saint James,
I will keep saying it as long as I can.

I do not understand how you think Bigman's post is supposed to give me "food for thought". He and I wrote about 2 different things. I believe that we are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject. I still cannot and will not make excuses for ignorant niggerish ass behavior. Like I said we all know what I am talking about because we have all been witnesses to what I am talking about. We all know what is decent and what is not. We all know that pretending that you did not see the little man boy getting onto a crowded train with his pants down around his ankles while holding them up with one hand and holding a cell phone up to his ear with the other and talking so loud that the whole compartment hears him cuss about nigga this and ho that and fuck this and motherfuck that does not mean that he is not there. We all also know that this man boy is lumped into the same category as the Black man or Black woman that is sitting in the same compartment acting like a decent member of society. The man boy does not represent my culture. All this "acting hard" by rebelling against the laws of the land is wrong ass wrong. Have other races complained about how their teens behave in public? I am sure that they have. But like I said in my post, I could give two shits about other races and their internal problems. Other races don't have their problems lambasted onto the world like we do. Other races have not gotten their whole history in this country rewritten. Other races do not have "leaders" to get on national TV to try to explain why our race acts the way it does. So I still do not get how Bigman's post is somehow linked to mine. Are you saying that I am one of the people he mentions that should be erased?
Please explain Boo.

Reggie said...

I haven't made any excuses, nor would I. The way I see it I hate them just as much as I hate rednecks. We've gotta close ranks to those fools!!!

My brother isn't heavy; but every brother isn't my brother.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Oh dear. I should have returned sooner. Been apartment hunting along with job searching.

This is the part of your post that caught my attention and disturbed me.

You said, "I am not ashamed to talk about what I know is foolish behavior around White People."

Well, I hope you don't do this at the office. That's a trap, and one often set by white folks who feel no compunction to explain their position on trailer trash.

Specifically, Big Man said, "White folks have convinced you that there are Dem Negroes and Good Negroes, and you are desperately trying to jump on team Good Negro. Stop it, you're only embarrassing yourself. Playing that game, the game where black folks have to police themselves in order to prove that they deserve to be respected members of white society is a sucka's bet."

Yeah, and I remember being put in that highly uncomfortable spot during the OJ trial, with all of them asking me what I and other blacks thought about it like I was the spokesperson for Black America. When he was found innocent, the entire staff was looking at me and asking what did I think. I thought the jury must have had some good reasons to do this, and oh, the hell...

The thing is, making excuses for ignorant black folks as well as being their judge and jury really is a sucka's bet, like B.M. said.

Denigrating the poorest and most ignorant of any oppressed group is easy, and let's face it, most ghetto acting folk are poor, although most of the poor don't act ghetto. They are a very easy target for everybody and their mamas.

The slippery part... the invisible noose around your neck at work, however... is when SHTF on other black issues.

Whatcha gonna say to those nice white folks at the office if your favorite black politician makes a decision that doesn't turn out so well or backfires miserably, or is good but branded bad by the media, and they get very angry and think you're making excuses?

They have the power, you don't. You will be a nigga in their eyes, as much as the ghetto boyz are, and they'll barbecue your azz for it.

I think that race relations on many jobs are still such that we are the equivalent of the high school kid who wants to be accepted as part of the in-group, and the in-group fakes like we are, only to laugh at or curse us behind our backs and pass over us on promotions when we share a point of view they really don't like, or lay us off first when they can get away with it.

Thus, it was the part of your post where you spoke of sharing those feelings that set off some alarms. Unless you're sharing them with your best buddy from college or football, I hope you tread carefully in that area.

I hope this clears up what I meant, and non, ma chère, je ne t'ai jamais effacer.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

By the way, I don't know a lick of French... but I think it says, No, dear, I'd never erase you.

Mr. I. M. BLACK said...


Ihave read your comments and those of others on your blog, and while I might agree with some of your positions. I have one question:

What would be your solution to this major problem?

Because it is easy to judge.

Don said...

Wow. This blog is so real, and truthful. I would be mad if it was any other way, to be honest.

It's clear that people hate for the cold and brutal truths to be revealed, but it only makes me wonder what world are these people living? If I see a truth, then what do I look like trying to make it out of a lie, when I see it with my own two eyes?

That's insane.

I understood how it is, or how it can be at times, but I stick to my guns that everything is everything. Whether everyone accepts it or not. I hardly see the point in sweeping stuff under the rug cause, for one, it still remains, and MUST be addressed and dealt with.

That's real.

We all talk about this shit when we are in the comforts of people we know. But as soon as someone opens their mouth around any body that is not like us, then there is a problem. LOL! The truth.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Don, of course there's a problem. Why give ammo to those who may use it to shoot you? I ain't talking about on our blogs, that's our turf, but places where we earn our bread and butter.

The racist does not always advertise his or racism, especially on the job. While they're agreeing that ghetto niggas act a fool, they go home and talk about how much they hate "uppity niggers" like our President while they enjoy Fixed News and long for the "good old days".

It ain't about making excuses for anyone or as you say, "not telling the truth"; my point was about exercising caution to survive well as a black person, especially on the job, with people who may never tell you the truth, even as you clear your desk and head for the unemployment line.

Jonny said...

I feel strange posting here because I am a white English man who stumbled upon this blog by chance.

It is depressing to see mindlessness magnified in any culture and especially when the magnifying glass's beam is purposely focused on a specific group of people.

I was lucky enough to spend a year in Albuquerque studying black literature with Shiame Okunor, one of the wisest and most humane men I have ever met. He introduced me to some truly brilliant books about the African-American experience and our classes – a mix of White, Black and Hispanic – would regularly stretch on for an hour or two longer than they should have been. I realised how we blind ourselves to what's actually going on around us. The subtleties of everyday interactions have enormous resonance.

Self-depreciation is insanely infectious and can take on a life of its own. Governments, advertising, social mores and history all seem to emphasise the negative, but they can also be used to emphasise the truth if given the chance.

It is heartening to know that all societies and sub-sections of societies will have their great thinkers, and that brilliance can rise to the top if given time and if people are willing to speak and fight and draw attention to it.

Whilst I can never know what it's like to be judged before my true worth is understood, I can certainly do good by my fellow man and woman and talk to people of all backgrounds about how we can construct a society that sees merit and character before colour or belief.

WeisseEdelweiss said...

Your insight is very inspiring.