Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's all pink on the inside.....

I was lurking over at OHH HELL NAWL today (as I do every day) and there was an interesting post about Interracial dating. It seems JILL SCOTT wrote a little piece about how she felt about it and my fellow lurkers commented on it. In fact last time I checked there was 250 comments. That is why I am bringing my comment here.

I have written about interracial dating before and how I felt about it. But I guess it is still a sore topic among some of us, and I still have very set views about it.
Want to know what they are?
If not,then you need to go to the blog down the street, because I am going to tell you anyway.

I have explained here and on other blogs about how in my younger days I only dated Hispanic women. It was not because I just was not interested in Black women, it was because Black women were not interested in me. You see I had the distinction and blessing to be born with every trace of my African/Haitian heritage. I am dark, tall and muscler. I have the high cheek bones, the big nose and the big lips. My hair is not what Black People would consider "good". Before I joined the military, there was a hair style that we called "Ruff Neck". We never combed our hair. We only washed it and kept it moving. My hair was so nappy that it was dreading up on it's own. That is my grain of hair, "nappy". So as you can see from my description of myself, I was not considered "handsome" in the American sense back then. The sisters all wanted that Al B Sure, El Debarge looking ass nigga, and I was not him. All that has changed since the 80's, but that was the way it was then.

Anyways since I was constantly getting dissed by my own, I went across the street to where I was looked at as Andy instead of "Black-ass Andy."

I was accepted for who I was instead of being looked down on because my great great grandmother was not raped by Massa Bill.

But even though I have a very good reason to be bitter towards Black Women, I am not, because all that happened damn near 20 years ago and it is ancient history to me. My wife is Black,which surprised my whole family by the way. Black women are gorgeous to me and they always have been.

Getting back to the subject of this post......

I could care less who a person finds love with. It does not bother me at all to see a Black woman with anybody other than a Black man or vice versa. In fact I think that we should all mix it up, so that maybe this whole fixation with color would become null and void.

It pisses me off to hear anybody Black (man or woman) talk shit about an interracial couple. You don't know the circumstances on why they chose who they chose. And the saying that he is only with her because she's white is getting tired to me. In some cases this may be true, but has anyone ever thought that they could actually be in love? With each other? I am so sick of hearing about how White women used to be off limits to the big Black Buck and this is our way of getting back at the "man." I am going to slap the next person that throws up the bullshit line about successful Black men turn their backs on the sisters to get down with a Becky. If there was more successful sisters around the successful Black men then that would not be the case, now would it?

If all I saw all day were mermaids, then common sense would tell me that I would end up having some mer-kids.

Another thing I am getting tired of is whenever the topic of interracial dating comes up it is always the man who is in the wrong. Nobody ever mentions the woman who chooses to exercise her many other options in life.

In my opinion whoever has a problem with interracial dating got a problem with themselves. It is more about being insecure with who you are than who you happen to see Jamal or Lakeshia with. If you are happy and secure with who you are and your status in life, then who I'm fucking would not concern you in the least.

The next time you get upset with seeing the man/woman who you covet with a Maria, Becky or Ming Lee, take a look at yourself. Ask yourself why this bothers you. And if you are grown enough to answer yourself honestly, then ask yourself what you need to do to be happy with what you are doing in your life. And then make a resolution to to do what it is that would make you happy.

I am happy with mine, so if my fellow brother/sister choose to go pale,yellow or brown on me, then hey, I am happy that they found love the same way I did.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't worry about those Horses running down the street. We'll lock the gate after they all get out.

There is something that I do not understand about people.
 Most people are reactive instead of proactive.
 It is almost like people don't want to think about anything disastrous happening until it happens, even though the writing is on the wall that something will happen.
If I am a boxer I cannot go into a fight wondering if I am going to get hit. I have to have a plan to stop from getting hit, if that is possible.
I should have a plan in place before the fight to either absorb the punch or avoid the punch, which means that I have to study my opponent.  

In case you are wondering what I am talking about......

The terrorist attack this morning in Moscow.
It is only a matter of time before the same thing happens here. Our government should have been up on this years ago. The Irish were doing this type of shit during their little war and the Palestinians blow up something in Israel every other day.  It does not take a GED to know that sooner or later somebody will try to blow up a mall, subway station or a 7-11 here in the good ole US of A.

So why did it take the subway station getting blown up in Russia to get American officials to "beef up" our security?

Isn't it common sense that if it happens over there, it will happen here? It took 911 before our government realized that, hey, maybe somebody will hijack a plane here in the America. Terrorists have been hijacking planes and killing people for years before 911. Are Americans that damn arrogant that we think that we are untouchable?

I don't get it.
If there is a possibility that something will happen, then a plan needs to be in place in case that shit does happen. I understand that sometimes shit happens and we get caught with our ass out, but that is no excuse to not have a simblance of a plan.

To me it is just like driving your whip around with the gas light on and then acting surprised when you run out of gas.

It is almost like the people that actually run shit know before hand when some shit is going to go down, but if they tell somebody that the shit is going to go down, they will not get what they want after the shit goes down.

Take for instance the wars we are involved in now.....
Would we have spent Billions of dollars and lost so many lives if the towers had not fallen? There is no way in hell that our government could justify invading a sovereign country if that shit did not happen.

The writing was on the wall way before 911 and our government wants us to believe that they got caught with their dicks out pissing in the wind?

Come on son.

I may be dumb but I ain't stupid.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

God bless America

What does being a Christian mean?

What exactly does God want us to do here in America?

What does the term "God fearing" actually mean?

Wikipedia says that the definition of "Christian" is THIS.

Does this define any of the ignorant, delusional self centered assholes that are opposing this thing called health care?

Is destroying property and threatening the lives of people and their families something that Jesus would do?

How can a person ask their God to bless them with the same tongue that they just used to call a fellow human being out of their name?

How can they say that abortion is a crime against God and should be punished when they are advocating the deaths of anyone that does not share their views?
Isn't murder of all forms, murder?

It is this type of shit that causes me to pause when ever someone even mentions the word "christian".

There is more to this debate about the new law of the land than people being able to afford to go to their Doctor.
If it were only about health care then I might be able to understand some of the Republiturds and tea-baggers views.
But see, I am a Black man that grew up in America. I lived the majority of my youth in the racist state of Jesse Helms. Even though I escaped during the summer months to the blessed North, I still witnessed first hand the superiority complex of the majority population.

So I know White Hate when I see it. It has been ingrained into my DNA. I can spot racist shit in the most mediocre of things. I can see shit that would escape the best trained CSI out there. And this shit right here has crime scene written all over it.

If this was all about health care, then the opposing party would not have a leg to stand on. How can they be opposed to something that would help millions of people that vote for them every damn 2 to 6 years?

If their whole purpose of taking a pay-cut to become a public servant in DC was to help the American people, then 'who is going to pay for this' would not even be discussed. They would find a way to pay for it, the same way they found a way to pay for 2 gatdamned wars. They would not be screaming that this is the beginning of Armageddon.
Did you notice the biblical reference? Armageddon.... I tell you, these so called Christians and their word....
If this was only about Health care, then there would be no need to call people faggots or niggers. There would be no reason to fix your mouth to spit on somebody.

There would be no reason to threaten people's families and destroy property that they are paying for with their tax dollars.

No this shit here is about more than Health care. This is about the beige man living in the white house telling them that they no longer are the deciding factor in what goes on in the land that was "given" to them by their God.
This is about their "Christian" values of love thy neighbor as thy self as long as thy neighbor looks like you.
This is about their feelings of insecurity and self hate.

Health care is just a thinly veiled excuse to show their true color.

At least this is what I see anyway.

But the next time I hear someone that opposes helping people say some shit about Jesus and how much they love serving him, I think I am going to disobey the good book and instead of turning the other cheek, I am going to slap the shit out of them hard enough for them to denounce their evil ways.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republicans...... The Party of Fuck you, pay me

"Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, political parties and nations, it's the rule".  ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

This quote pretty much sums up American Politricks. 

I do not understand Rethuglicans. How the hell can anyone call themselves Republican and still say they love this country?

At least ELEVEN STATES plan on suing in federal court to stop the health care bill that will be signed into law today.

And the basis for their law suit?

The Republican Attorney Generals in these 11 states claim that it is unconstitutional for the the government to mandate that people should have health insurance.


I wonder who pays for these Attorney Generals Health Insurance?
Who pays for the Health Insurance for all our elected officials that oppose this health care plan?

We do! 

That's right, the damn tax payers. Our tax dollars supply every one of those hypocritical lying assholes with Health Insurance not only for them but for their families as well. And not nan one of them has ever complained about the coverage that the Government provides.

Not nan one.

Again, their argument is that it is unconstitutional for the government to mandate that everyone should have health insurance. It is against the 10th amendment they say.


So is it against the 10th amendment for the government to mandate that people have health insurance, but it is acceptable that the government MANDATES that every American Driver have AUTO insurance?

So these fools are cool with CARS being insured and not PEOPLE? 

Here in the great Republic of Texas, which by the way is one of the states suing, if a person gets caught driving with no insurance, they get a big fine and their car gets towed on the spot.

How constitutional is that shit?

So let me make myself clear........

It is unconstitutional for the PERSON driving the vehicle to be insured if there is an accident, but the VEHICLE that the uninsured person is driving bed not be uninsured if there is an accident. 

And these people are the party with the Christian values?

These people are calling for the assassination of the President, but they are so "pro-life" when it comes to telling a woman what to do with their bodies? 

These people are constantly yelling "country first", but they call the people they elect to represent their country niggers, faggots and baby killers?

These are the people that scream that Government sponsored health care is socialist, but everyone of those old white men is on medicare?


This is what's hot on the streets of the "greatest" country on the face of the earth?

A country divided will fall in on itself.

I don't know about y'all, but I hear the supports holding this motherfucker up crumbling.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

'Stuff White Folks do'

I was not going to write about this, but I went over to one of my favorite sites, STUFF WHITE PEOPLE DO, and I changed my mind. This is a very good site and I suggest that all of my readers go check it out. They talk about some real shit over there. Shit we all talk about amongst ourselves, but rarely outside of our circles. Believe me when tell you, it will be worth your time to check them out.


A friend of mine asked me the other day who Mo'nique is. It seems that he had watched the Oscars and he did not know who this woman was or what movie she won the Oscar for. This was not surprising to me, because I could not name many of the White Actors's and Actresses or the movies that won either.

So I told him who she was and what movie she starred in. He asked me if I saw the movie and I told him no. He asked why, since it was a Black Movie that had a Black woman that won the Oscar. He said that he thought we all supported our own.

Well this is when I started to get a little upset with my friend. I told him that I did not want to see the movie, because I did not have the desire to see another stereotypical movie about a dysfunctional Black "family". I told him that even though the movie was fictitious, White people will still believe that this is how it is in a "normal", Black family even though you could have put White characters in the movie and it would have been just as good.  I told him that White people have the tendency to believe we all come from dysfunctional families, (Blame this on the national media. Especially Fix Noise.) so this movie would solidify that fact in their minds. He got all defensive on me and said I was full of shit. Well I am not the one to argue, I hate talking to people that just will not understand. I am more of the type to punch you in your mouth and keep it moving, but I knew that this would be stupid in this case so I tried to change the subject, because I knew that if I wanted to still call this dude a somewhat "friend", that would be best.
I must be getting too damn passive in my old age...

This cat did not seem to catch the hint and he asked me about the movie Blindside. I told him I had no desire to see this movie either. Again he asked why and again I told him.

I told him I did not want to see another movie about a White Woman coming to the rescue of a Black child, as if there are no Black people that are up to the challenge. He countered by saying that unlike the movie Precious, this movie was based on real people. I told him that I realized that, but my feelings toward the movie did not change. I told him that White people seem to have a superiority complex when it comes to anything that is not White. They have to feel like they are the one and only answer. The one beacon of White light that guides the way to the truth. They have to feel as if their way is the only way and everybody else is just savages that need to be saved. And the fucked up thing is that they have convinced the world to think the same way.

Now I realize that not all White People are like this, but I have been Black all my life and I have first hand knowledge of what I am talking about.

Well my friend took offense to this and said again that I was full of shit.
As before I did not argue with him.
I just told him that he asked my opinion and I gave it to him.

We then switched the conversation (finally) over to something that would start another argument, our NCAA Brackets.

Ain't friendship grand?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday night out in the Big D

My neighbor and I went out to a club Saturday night.

This was the first time I decided to go out in a long time so I did not know what to expect.

What I saw was nothing like what I expected.


Well the club was jamming. It is called Stone Trail and Don Diego and his band play there. In between sets they have a DJ that is off the damn chain. I think that they should scrap Don Diego and just let the DJ spin, since the band has been playing the same damn set for the past couple 2-3 years. This was the first time in about 4 months that I had been there and the band was playing the same damn songs they were playing 4 months ago. I almost knew the exact order of their set. Anyways like I said, the DJ was the life of the party.

Even though I kinda miss the old school clubs from when I was younger and the DJ actually mixed and scratched the music he was playing on two 12 inch record players. This dude had his computer set up and even though he was mixing pretty good and the music was jamming, I kinda longed for the old days of DJing in the club.


Is it the new hotness for dudes to stand around in the middle of the damn dance floor? All these knuckle head ass nikkas were just standing around the damn dance floor like they was standing by the bar. I mean the club was full of beautiful women standing or sitting in groups and these fools were ignoring them. If I was a single man here in Dallas...... Damn...... The possibilities would be endless...... (Don't tell Mrs. Red I said that.)


Do people now-a-days not know what the term "dress code" means?
Now the majority of the people there were dressed nice. Most of the women were looking damn good.
But the dudes?
Come on son.

Either they were dressed like pimps or thugs. Now they were in the minority mind you, but the minority stood the fuck out like Stevie Wonder at a boxing match. I mean what is the point?


What the fuck is up with dudes running to the damn dance floor off of Beyonce's song "Single Ladies?"
Matter of fact, any damn Beyonce song?  Now don't get me wrong, Beyonce is a talent in her own right, but come on son.
Dudes and "Single Ladies?" That shit just ain't right.

And last but not least.......

What the fuck is up with dudes sipping drinks through straws like they are sipping lemonade on a hot summer day?  Me personally, when I order a drink, I use the straw to stir that shit up and then I leave the damn straw on the bar. Is it just me or does it look gay ass gay for a dude to sip a drink with a straw? I even saw a dude pour a damn beer from the bottle into a shot glass.... Again.... Come on Son.

All in all I had a good time Saturday night. It was good to get out of the house for a minute. It will probably be another 4 months before I go out again, but besides the dumb shit I saw, it was worth the 10 bucks to get in and the other 20 I spent on drinks. I even shook my ass on the dance floor with a couple of the ladies that were sitting or standing in groups, and yep, we had to dance around the fools that were standing in the middle of the damn floor.

Yep, it was a pretty good night.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby got Back!!

What is it about nice round asses that is so alluring to men?

There is nothing mo better than seeing a female walking down the street with a small waste and a nice round bubble butt.

Now mind you, the butt don't have to be gigantic.....

Because this right here is just too much booty ass booty.
But this......

Is the perfect butt. Not too big, but not too small.
What I can't stand is seeing a female with what I call a "long back".( I got this phrase from Slauscito over at 
O Hell Nawl.) Exhibit A....
This ass is just wrong. This is an accute case of "noassatol". There is no cure for this syndrome. Well maybe if this chick layed off the crack, meth and bootlegged prescription pills, then maybe some of the effects could be reversed.

My wife has a friend who suffered from "noassatol". So she recently went and got herself some booty implants.
Booty implants..... Who would have thunk it? And yes this chick is a Black woman. I never thought I would see the day where a Black Woman would need Booty Implants. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "paying for ass". But seeing a woman with a nice butt is well.... hypnotizing. I could watch asses parade by all day long. Maybe it is just the Black man in me.

I have White friends that say they like "tight asses." 
What the hell is a tight ass? I have argued with them and they say that round butts look nasty to them. I guess to each his own. 
Me..... Well......

"I like big butts and I cannot lie" I had to throw that in there.

A post about butts would not be complete without it.