Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't worry about those Horses running down the street. We'll lock the gate after they all get out.

There is something that I do not understand about people.
 Most people are reactive instead of proactive.
 It is almost like people don't want to think about anything disastrous happening until it happens, even though the writing is on the wall that something will happen.
If I am a boxer I cannot go into a fight wondering if I am going to get hit. I have to have a plan to stop from getting hit, if that is possible.
I should have a plan in place before the fight to either absorb the punch or avoid the punch, which means that I have to study my opponent.  

In case you are wondering what I am talking about......

The terrorist attack this morning in Moscow.
It is only a matter of time before the same thing happens here. Our government should have been up on this years ago. The Irish were doing this type of shit during their little war and the Palestinians blow up something in Israel every other day.  It does not take a GED to know that sooner or later somebody will try to blow up a mall, subway station or a 7-11 here in the good ole US of A.

So why did it take the subway station getting blown up in Russia to get American officials to "beef up" our security?

Isn't it common sense that if it happens over there, it will happen here? It took 911 before our government realized that, hey, maybe somebody will hijack a plane here in the America. Terrorists have been hijacking planes and killing people for years before 911. Are Americans that damn arrogant that we think that we are untouchable?

I don't get it.
If there is a possibility that something will happen, then a plan needs to be in place in case that shit does happen. I understand that sometimes shit happens and we get caught with our ass out, but that is no excuse to not have a simblance of a plan.

To me it is just like driving your whip around with the gas light on and then acting surprised when you run out of gas.

It is almost like the people that actually run shit know before hand when some shit is going to go down, but if they tell somebody that the shit is going to go down, they will not get what they want after the shit goes down.

Take for instance the wars we are involved in now.....
Would we have spent Billions of dollars and lost so many lives if the towers had not fallen? There is no way in hell that our government could justify invading a sovereign country if that shit did not happen.

The writing was on the wall way before 911 and our government wants us to believe that they got caught with their dicks out pissing in the wind?

Come on son.

I may be dumb but I ain't stupid.


Folk said...

It's the head in the sand mentality. We choose not to see the threat in hopes that because we don't see the threat the threat really doesn't exist.

Americans prepare and expect for black people to do them more harm than terrorist. The main reason why the focus of terrorism is not as mainstream as it should be is because it's difficult to profile people that look like you.

indre said...

You have a right thoughts. but i strongly believe that you fell unheard. Most of people dont want to see what they want to see. It is because they just have a natural habit to live in their own comfort zone. i respect your thoughts.