Thursday, March 25, 2010

God bless America

What does being a Christian mean?

What exactly does God want us to do here in America?

What does the term "God fearing" actually mean?

Wikipedia says that the definition of "Christian" is THIS.

Does this define any of the ignorant, delusional self centered assholes that are opposing this thing called health care?

Is destroying property and threatening the lives of people and their families something that Jesus would do?

How can a person ask their God to bless them with the same tongue that they just used to call a fellow human being out of their name?

How can they say that abortion is a crime against God and should be punished when they are advocating the deaths of anyone that does not share their views?
Isn't murder of all forms, murder?

It is this type of shit that causes me to pause when ever someone even mentions the word "christian".

There is more to this debate about the new law of the land than people being able to afford to go to their Doctor.
If it were only about health care then I might be able to understand some of the Republiturds and tea-baggers views.
But see, I am a Black man that grew up in America. I lived the majority of my youth in the racist state of Jesse Helms. Even though I escaped during the summer months to the blessed North, I still witnessed first hand the superiority complex of the majority population.

So I know White Hate when I see it. It has been ingrained into my DNA. I can spot racist shit in the most mediocre of things. I can see shit that would escape the best trained CSI out there. And this shit right here has crime scene written all over it.

If this was all about health care, then the opposing party would not have a leg to stand on. How can they be opposed to something that would help millions of people that vote for them every damn 2 to 6 years?

If their whole purpose of taking a pay-cut to become a public servant in DC was to help the American people, then 'who is going to pay for this' would not even be discussed. They would find a way to pay for it, the same way they found a way to pay for 2 gatdamned wars. They would not be screaming that this is the beginning of Armageddon.
Did you notice the biblical reference? Armageddon.... I tell you, these so called Christians and their word....
If this was only about Health care, then there would be no need to call people faggots or niggers. There would be no reason to fix your mouth to spit on somebody.

There would be no reason to threaten people's families and destroy property that they are paying for with their tax dollars.

No this shit here is about more than Health care. This is about the beige man living in the white house telling them that they no longer are the deciding factor in what goes on in the land that was "given" to them by their God.
This is about their "Christian" values of love thy neighbor as thy self as long as thy neighbor looks like you.
This is about their feelings of insecurity and self hate.

Health care is just a thinly veiled excuse to show their true color.

At least this is what I see anyway.

But the next time I hear someone that opposes helping people say some shit about Jesus and how much they love serving him, I think I am going to disobey the good book and instead of turning the other cheek, I am going to slap the shit out of them hard enough for them to denounce their evil ways.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Next time tell us how you really feel!
I'm in total agreement with you I spoke this morning in the same vain.
Excellent post!

Reggie said...

I believe that it was Gandhi who said

...I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.

Folk said...

Big different between the followers and the reality. I've joked about the fvcked up Christians several times in the past at my joint.

Christ would be compelled to cast out the flock that represents his ways today.

Big Man said...

Tell 'em why you mad son!

But, dont' go slapping folks. You will go to jail.

krysiepredeoux said...

i understand were your coming from. there are many who claim christ but dont actually walk with him. there is a difference betwenn saying your a christan and going to church then actually living with christ in your heart and walking in his ways.An the way that the people who oppose to the health care, reacted in a way that isn't what christ would do him self. by calling people fags, and using the N-word.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that you stating being able to find racist stuff in the most mediocre of things is why it's still an issue? There's a goddamn black president man, wake up. The main reason racism exists, is because black people won't let go of the hate. Yeah, we were pretty shitty to "you people" at different times in history, but that isn't just the white race- it's people; and people are fucked up, always have been and always will. Quit using your race as an excuse to not be able to succeed. Lead by example to today's youth and stop sending a message of hate. You sir are the root and the cause of this problem, not the white man. They closed 13 schools in the area close to where I live in because the kids won't go to school(these are black neighborhoods). But yet, one can receive a college scholarship primarily for being black. And yet, the black man still complains of being "held down" by the white man. Are you kidding me? The racism is mostly a self-hating emotional defense mechanism and it's spreading like wildfires. So back to my original point, the hate that you preach is faux. You ever hear a jew complain of racism? Between 1940-55, 20 million jews were murdered in cold blood and are still being persecuted as we speak, yet they are thriving by being able to morph the negativity into pure motivation. Learn by their example. Be an american(resilient, over-coming, and loving) not an african-american.