Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Republicans...... The Party of Fuck you, pay me

"Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, political parties and nations, it's the rule".  ~Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

This quote pretty much sums up American Politricks. 

I do not understand Rethuglicans. How the hell can anyone call themselves Republican and still say they love this country?

At least ELEVEN STATES plan on suing in federal court to stop the health care bill that will be signed into law today.

And the basis for their law suit?

The Republican Attorney Generals in these 11 states claim that it is unconstitutional for the the government to mandate that people should have health insurance.


I wonder who pays for these Attorney Generals Health Insurance?
Who pays for the Health Insurance for all our elected officials that oppose this health care plan?

We do! 

That's right, the damn tax payers. Our tax dollars supply every one of those hypocritical lying assholes with Health Insurance not only for them but for their families as well. And not nan one of them has ever complained about the coverage that the Government provides.

Not nan one.

Again, their argument is that it is unconstitutional for the government to mandate that everyone should have health insurance. It is against the 10th amendment they say.


So is it against the 10th amendment for the government to mandate that people have health insurance, but it is acceptable that the government MANDATES that every American Driver have AUTO insurance?

So these fools are cool with CARS being insured and not PEOPLE? 

Here in the great Republic of Texas, which by the way is one of the states suing, if a person gets caught driving with no insurance, they get a big fine and their car gets towed on the spot.

How constitutional is that shit?

So let me make myself clear........

It is unconstitutional for the PERSON driving the vehicle to be insured if there is an accident, but the VEHICLE that the uninsured person is driving bed not be uninsured if there is an accident. 

And these people are the party with the Christian values?

These people are calling for the assassination of the President, but they are so "pro-life" when it comes to telling a woman what to do with their bodies? 

These people are constantly yelling "country first", but they call the people they elect to represent their country niggers, faggots and baby killers?

These are the people that scream that Government sponsored health care is socialist, but everyone of those old white men is on medicare?


This is what's hot on the streets of the "greatest" country on the face of the earth?

A country divided will fall in on itself.

I don't know about y'all, but I hear the supports holding this motherfucker up crumbling.


Anna Renee said...

So let's kick those supports all the way out and rebuild this mofo!!
Now that's what change looks like!!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

As I stated on another blog,I look at people like a box of chocolates,you never know what you will get.(credit to Forest Gump) Most of the folk you see out here protesting health care reform don't have a clue about how they are being manipulated by various politicans and health care companies.In the end folks it's not about reform per se but about the profit line of health care providers and insurances companies.
Because those same protesters can get sick and die today and those companies could care less.

Don said...

You pretty much summed it up then.

Love the auto insurance add here, brilliant.

So, we are sitting here discussing the issue now, and no one here understands why so many GOP members are outraged over the fact that working people will be able to afford health care.

People calling people out of their names ... spittin' on folks....

It must be racial. LOL.

Enjoyed the read.

The Smoking Ace said...

I never got the Republicans, they are seriously in dire need of a makeover and a change. Everybody in this world is changing except for the Republican Party and it's supporters. You even got Iraq changing how they view things. What a bunch of ()*&)_(*les

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Wondering where you been, Red. Glad you're back. The auto insurance comparison was brilliant. We need to send you to Capital Hill with that one.

Man, this mess is infuriating. Come by and read what I wrote about the Party of F.U. and their Aryan Nation followers. Those bitches won't be satisfied until there's a civil war and black blood is running in the streets. Scary times, these, and I'm worried it's going to get like those of our ancestors.

Shady_Grady said...

I'm not defending Republicans. I think they are just a few ticks way from open fascism.

I do think the federal mandate is unconstitutional.

Here's why.
The Commerce Clause allows Congress to regulate commerce. It you decide to engage in a particular interstate business or transaction, then Congress does indeed have the right to set or change the rules of that transaction. No problem there.

It's a completely different thing entirely for Congress to say that you MUST engage in a transaction with a private agent. That's never been tried before. That's telling me how I MUST spend my money, something that is really no one's business but my own. To allow this to stand would mean that there is theoretically nothing that would not fall under Commerce Clause.

Even if you refuse to engage in commerce, by this logic you are STILL engaged in commerce. That's not right. A future Congress could require that everyone buy an auto made by the Big Three or other such ideas.

The analogy with auto insurance fails for two reasons.

1) Auto insurance is mandated by the states, not the Federal government.

2) Auto insurance is mandated as a condition of driving. Obviously if you don't drive you don't have auto insurance. So the analogy would really be if the federal government told everyone who doesn't drive or own a car-seniors who don't drive, shut-ins, blind people, handicapped people, students, people that prefer public trasnportation, poor folks, rich people that are chauffeured everywhere , that they MUST purchase auto insurance. The mandate to purchase health insurance is just as a condition of EXISTING, not because of any act of commerce a person does.

Does that sound right? It doesn't seem right to me. And yet that's what's being done.

Also in the law American Indians or people with religious objections are exempt from the mandate. Well not to put too fine a point on it, but what about the rest of us? If someone really has an objection to purchasing a private good, that should it. The government shouldn't bully him into doing so.

Rick56 said...

I am a white guy and a devout Democrat that believes in the constitution and science I am also a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and I HATE FUCKIN REPUBLICUNTS with every fiber of my being, they are lower than fuckin pond scum, America was founded on FREEDOM not conservatisom, all these fuckheads believe in is the all mighty dollar and nothing else, anything for a dollar, hopfully Americans will wise up and quit voting these dipshit assholes into office, fuck you Republicunts everyday all the time!!! You fucking whimp pussy assholes!!