Monday, April 12, 2010

If you don't work, you don't eat

I had military drill this weekend. This is the last drill before we go on our annual training. This year we are going to be doing hardcore Army training in Hawaii. Waikiki to be exact.

Don't hate. It ain't my fault that I get a free 3 week trip to Hawaii. You can get it to. Alls you have to do is go see your local Military recruiter........

Anyways let me get to what I was planning on getting to....

Our commander put out a mandate a couple of months ago that in order to get put on the list to attend this years training, all members of our company had to have all their military business up to date. I.E; weapons qualifications, all vaccinations, civilian employment, family business and the most important of all...Physical fitness tests.

Now the Army's physical fitness test is made up of 3 events, push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run. You are timed and you knock out as many as you can in 2 minutes. Of course there are minimums and maximums,based on your age, of how many sit-ups and push-ups you have to do and how long you have to run. The younger you are the more you have to do. Take me for instance, I am 37 so my minimum push-ups in 2 minutes is 34. My minimum sit-ups is 38 and my minimum run time is 18 min 18 sec. Now the more I do and the less time I take to run the better my score will be, but this is what I need to pass. Failing one event means you fail the whole test.

Like I said the younger you are the more you have to do and the faster you have to run. When I joined the Army at 18, I was doing 75 push-ups, 90 sit-ups and running 2 miles in under 13 minutes. Now I am at 55 to 60 push-ups,55 to 60 sit-ups and I can run 2 miles in about 16 to 17 minutes. You see I have declined a little, but I am still within Army standards.

But getting to the point of this post, I have a 19 year old private under me that cannot pass one damn event. Not nan one.
I wrote about this dude before on this very blog...
Anyways....This is unacceptable.
He has been in the unit for little over a year and we have given him 4 tests and he has failed everyone. And I do mean FAILED. He has not came close to meeting the minimum on any of the 3 events. Now I understand that this is the Reserves and not Active Duty, but come on son. This is bullshit.

We received the list of who is going to Hawaii this weekend and guess what? His ass is not on the list, so what does he do?  He cries and begs on how this ain't fair and blah blah blah. He cries about all the PT tests that he has been given came as a surprise and he did not have time to prepare for them (even though he knew a month in advance before all the tests) and more blah blah blah. So being the good SGT I am, I told him that I would give him a test on Sunday and if he passes it, he will get put on the list. Well Sunday comes around and he takes his test and guess what? He fails. But he has improved. He passed the push ups this time. He cried to me that since he has improved that I should make an exception and put him on the list.

So me being the good SGT I am, I told him to go fuck himself and I will send him pictures of me on the beach.

Was I wrong?


Anna Renee said...

Yes Dirty Red!!! You was wrong! Really wrong...For giving him a nuther chance on Sunday! He sounds like a whiner, and whiners don't get to go to Waikiki!!!
Straight up.
You enjoy, though!

Reggie said...

It's disappointing to hear about him whining with a sense of entitlement.

That type of improvement would be like Tiger Woods saying he's down to three wenches and he's getting better all the time, next month he'll be down to two.

Pathetic....just pathetic. Where's the personal responsibility and committment to excellence?!?

Tony said...

Typical of so many in the millennial generation. They have never been denied anything and have never had to "work" (as so many of us understand the term) so when they enter the real world and have performance reviews and such, they don't know how to adapt except to cry and whine.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...


Network Guru said...

And because he's 19 he's legally a man? What's wrong with this picture?