Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll trade you that 10 year old boy for that 2010 Mercedes S-Class

I had a topic all set to write about and then my wife told me this and it pissed me the hell off......

She has a good friend whom she hangs with all the time. She seems like a nice enough chick, owns her own business, handles her own business, has a daughter and son in College and a younger son that lives with her. She appears on all levels to be doing the damn thing, but.......

Her youngest son's father is behind on his child support payments. Like way behind. He spends time with his son and all and as far as I know he handles what he is supposed to handle, he is just behind on the money that Judge Joe says he is supposed to pay every month. I don't know what the man said his son is worth every month, but the dude ain't been paying all of it.

Well anyways, my wife's friend has taken it upon herself to take 'ole boy to court. Yep, she done went and got the White man even more involved in her business. Well instead of going to court the baby's daddy decided to cut a side deal with her.

He told her that he will buy her a Mercedes, any type,any color, if she drops the court case.

And you know what? The woman accepted the deal.
This is where my anger comes in.

First it is very fucked up that this dude would even think up some shit like this. If he can afford a damn Mercedes, then he should have been paying what Judge Joe ordered him to pay. And if he cannot afford it, then he should have some kind of proof that he has been doing something towards the betterment of his child and go to court. His son's welfare should not be compared to a damn car. My respect for dude is gone. Phoof!! Like a fart in the wind....

Now onto the woman.

There is really no good words I can use to describe how I feel about her. I have to watch what I say about the wifey's girl, because the wifey does happen by here every now and again. So I will refrain from using the language that I want to use. This woman needs her ass whooped. Child support should be just that... Support for the CHILD. It should not be used as the sole source of income for the Babies Mama. How the hell is her son supposed to eat a damn Mercedes? How is he supposed to wear a damn Mercedes? Can a Mercedes pay for day care or emergency health care? Sure she can use a damn Mercedes to go to the store to get food or clothes, she can use the Mercedes to pick up her son from Day care. She can even use it to take him to the emergency room if need be. But come on son... This is some bullshit. She wants the car for herself, not for her son. She is not thinking about her son. This is her wanting to floss and stroll around Dallas in a new S-Class.

In my opinion she has put a price on her child's head. All a ten year old boy is worth now-a-days is a foreign car.

This is why I thank the lord everyday that I was smart enough to get a Wife instead of a damn Babies Mama.


Ms. Camile said...

Ugh...It's one thing to have a trifling baby daddy but a trifling baby's mother is sooooo much worse. They are both equally and devastatingly horrible parents.

This is proof that kids should come only AFTER marriage. At least if you are marrying someone, chances are that you genuinely care for them and any offspring is an expression of the love you two share. Together you will shape, mold, and guide that child into greatness (ideally).

Sadly, it seems like neither of them care about the child more than themselves. Smh. And he knew what type of woman he was dealing with. He knew she'd jump at the chance to floss and then the child support monkey would be off his back. But my question is, now what? The boy is only ten and they don't make Mercedes (or any care for that matter) how they used to. What happens when the car breaks down? What's the next payoff? Ugh..


Moi said...

Ohhhhhhh, I concur.

My mom played that game. When the court ordered my dad child support (divorce, not deadbeatism), she had the gall to say it was HER money not my sister's (b/c my sis was in her late teens at the time). My mom, pissed at not being treated the way she wanted by my dad, claimed that money was "hers".


@ Ms. Camile,

Ugh...It's one thing to have a trifling baby daddy but a trifling baby's mother is sooooo much worse.

There ain't enough co-sign in the world.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

If that kid ever needs money for college and it's not there, I hope he takes his mama's car, either that Mercedes or whatever upgrade she may have.

I'm thinking also that karma is a bitch. Wouldn't surprise me at all if it gets totaled and leaves her back out of wack. Stranger things have happened.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

damn shame!

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

I'm with KIT,
Karma is gonna eat both of them alive...

I have a friend that is always trying to cut a deal with his ex. Everytime I warn him against it and everytime it blows up in his face. My advice is pay the money, keep good records, and keep that thing in your pants when you go pick up the kids for the weekend. I just don't get why folks look for the easy way out which usually ends up being the hard way out!

Max Reddick said...

Yeah, gotta agree with you on that one. That's a raw deal for all who are involved. But the decisions people make sometimes never cease to amaze me. Every time I think we have found rock bottom, the bottom goes and falls out.

Dirty Red said...

Ms. Camille,
Yeah I agree. Marriage should come first. It seems my wife has a lot of stupid girlfriends. She has another one that I have written about that is having problems with her baby daddy. This chick is upset that this dude is marrying another chick. But this is another prime example of dumbness on the woman's part. She meet this dude on the creep, he was with someone else when she laid down with him. He dogged her out all through her pregnancy, and now he is engaged to some chick that he works with. But all the signs were there from the jump, he cheated on her before she got pregnant! Now she is upset because he is not marrying her.... Go figure.

Yeah my Moms is guilty of this too. I thought another man was my father for years before the truth finally came out. My real father always tried to be in my life, but my Moms didn't want to hear it. But the dude she told me was my sperm doner was a straight gangster. He stayed in and out of jail and he never tried to claim me. I guess he knew all along... Anyways my real father was always trying... Finally when I was about 22, my Auntie told me the truth and I finally got to know my real Dad... To bad he died from diabetes complications 2 years ago. But at least I got to spend some time with him....

You are right. But I doubt that this woman is thinking about this. Her looking good is more important than her son.

Cosign in triplicate.

This is another example of why I think that a law should be passed that mandates that people have to pass a literacy test before they are allowed to procreate. I am just kidding ma, but the thought has crossed my mind.

The only one that is suffering is the little boy.

Belle Soeur said...

I have to disagree with you on this matter. The father is behind on child support, well who do you think is making sacrifices because of the missing child support. Yes the mother! I am sure if she had the child support funds she could have spent some of the funds she earns (you stated she has her own business) to buy her own car. You said “He spends time with his son and all and as far as I know he handles what he is supposed to handle, he is just behind on the money that Judge Joe says he is supposed to pay every month.” (Hint: “handling what he supposed” means paying child support! So he is not handling what he is supposed to.) Since you don’t seem to know I want to enlighten you “spending time” cannot be taken to the store to buy food to feed the child or clothes for the child’s back. That takes “MONEY”. You feel me? Just in case you don’t keep reading!
It is not that the woman is one welfare waiting for a government check, she is taking up the slack of the parent that is “like way behind” on his child support. If she already has kid in college that she is most definitely helping that child also. “Spending time” I am sure is not making tuition payments. Is it? NOPE! You feel me yet? Just in case you don’t keep reading?
Do you think if that dad was paying his share that Judge Joe told dad to pay mom could have bought her own Mercedes S-Class? “This woman needs her ass whooped. Child support should be just that... Support for the CHILD. It should not be used as the sole source of income for the Babies Mama.” Does she have a job? You stated she has her own business. There the child support she is not receiving is NOT her only sole source of income. I am sure with her own business she works hard, and deserves that Mercedes S-Class! So, if the dad can’t seem to pay child support and she has to continue to take up the slack for him, let him buy the Mercedes for her. It is the least he could do for her, since she is taking care of the son. Remember he is the one “like way behind” on child support, not her.
I hope you can see this matter a little different now. I think you should give her a little more credit than what you did in this blog. If he was not paying what Judge Joe told him to pay at first what makes you think he will pay it the second time around. She really did him a favor, Judge Joe could have thrown his ass in jail. Then no child support and no “spending time”! I hope you feel me now!
You are very Blessed to have Wife instead of a Babies Momma! Make sure you treat her right so she does not have to turn in the Babies Momma!