Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm not racist..I just want my country back


Why is it such a big deal here in AmeriKKKa?

I got into a political argument with a  white associate of mine about this topic. I said that race determines everything here in the land of the free, he said it does not. He was married to a Black woman for 18 years and he has told me repeatedly that he has never had the luxury of having a relationship with a White woman other than his mother and sister. He has told me that White women are not attractive to him, but he would date one if he met one on his "level". He has a daughter from his previous marriage, whom he considers Black, but he has raised her like she's white. He is 50 years old. He is also a "conservative." He hates Obama and loves everything about the tea-baggers. He still claims after everything that has come out about her, that the crazy bitch from Alaska has more executive experience than the President. He lives and breaths Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity. He told me once that if I watch Beck one night, that I would learn more about the constitution than I was ever taught in school. He told me that the Democrats were lying about being called out of their names and being spat on during the health-care vote. He said he needs to see some video that confirms it.

So you can see why we were arguing.

I do not understand this dude. How can anyone that has lived among Black people, had relationships with Black people, not see this bullshit for what it is?

I know that not all the tea-baggers are racist, but a good majority of them are. In my humble opinion, none of them have a leg to stand on, because it has been proven that under this new administration, American's have paid LESS in taxes than we have paid in the last 50 years.  And where in the White Holy Hell where they 8 years ago? Where were the rallies? Where were the signs that said "We want our country back?" Where was the yelling and screaming about government spending being out of control? Where was all the outrage?

This is all bullshit and it doesn't take a genius to see it. If somebody other than a half-black man from Hawaii were calling the shots, then there would be no tea-party. There would be no confederate celebration month. There would be no Michelle Bauchman. There would be no Michael Steele.

This "country first, throw the bums out bullshit" is saturated in race. It is drowning in hate and anger.
This is nothing more than White people showing their true "Christian" colors. I don't buy for a second that anybody that is associated with the tea-baggers, or anyone that agrees with them is doing it for the love of the country. Most of the people that go to these rallies probably do not know why they are going other than the fact they are protesting against the beige man in the white house that is sitting behind the big desk in the funny shaped office. All they know is they are against being represented by somebody that does not look like them, somebody who they consider to be inferior to them.

These constitutionally protected rallies are the perfect cover to let their true feelings show. They can attend these rallies and carry signs that depict the President as Hitler, or the joker, or a monkey and be all right, because it is all about "government spending" and "high taxes." They are not racist when they scream about "wanting their country back",they are just worried about the country that their children are going to inherit. They are not racists, they just don't want the government telling the insurance companies that the jig is up. They are not racists when they carry their guns to a "political" rally, because it is their American right to do so. They are not racists when they claim that celebrating the confederacy part of the civil war  is not about race, but "southern pride."

Naaa, they can't be racists. They were married to a Black woman and they have a mixed black daughter. They cannot be racist because the bible says to love everybody and they live their lives exactly how the bible tells them to.

Naa, it can't be about race.

It just can't be.. Not here in America.


Reggie said...

Get it back?!? Did we ever have it to begin with?!?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...


Folk said...

Shyt! it's almost always about race here in America.

I don't think the Tea Party is the modern version of the KKK, a KKK lyte? Possibly. Wait, most definitely.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I have been saying this from the get go, that these rallies are just an excuse to publicy hate the presidetn and have most people call it a protest against the government. Pssssh gimme a break, does it look like I have stupid written across my forehead?

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

where in the White Holy Hell where they 8 years ago?

Oh, there was a lot of protests and complaining during the Bush years, but the damnable thing about it was the mainstream media didn't show it nearly as much as they do with the compartively minuscule number of Tea Partiers. All the coverage makes them larger than life, and that includes Sarah Palin.

Remember Cynthia McKinney? She was the very first one who questioned 9/11, and was way ahead of Dennis Kucinich in demanding that Bush be impeached for invading Iraq. The media gave her the tar and feather treatment, followed by so much silence that they didn't even mention she'd been elected for Presidential Nominee by the Green Party.

My point is that even if you believe she's some sort of nutcase, Sarah Palin is 100x crazier and knows less than a smart 10th grader about history, the Constitution, economics and geography. Yet, Palin gets the red carpet treatment by the media.

It is they who have treated her like she's worth anyone's time, even after she resigned from being Alaska's governor! And despite that during her run with McCain, her husband belonged to a radical group Alaskans that want to break away from the US.

Her "rock star" status is strictly the result of non-stop PR work by the MSM... and they're doing it again with the Tea Party.

As for white co-worker, people think so differently from one another. Somehow it sounds like he tunes out racist messages to enjoy the rest of his favorite Fox News shows. I've seen this dynamic in offices, where whites don't seem to catch subtle racism, or also, never noticed if a man used a profanity word during a staff meeting but would frown up if a woman did.

It may be how people are socially conditioned to expect or ignore certain things in certain groups.

Speaking of which, I wrote a very funny satire post about them. I don't do satire often, so come visit for a good hard laugh.

My Night Out With The Bloods & The Tea Party

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Dirty Red said...

Yeah, right? And who took it away in the first place?

Big Mac,
I am not going to call them the KKK, but they are tapping them on the shoulder.

Yep everything we do in this country is about race.... From the places we eat, to the places we hang out, the places we live, what we watch on TV, The clothes we buy, everything we do is based on whatever ethnicity we claim. It seems that Black people are the only ones that will admit this little fact in public. At least some of us anyway....

Redbone girl,
I don't see why this shit is not obvious to everyone.

Thanks for the love man. I would be happy to add you to my blog list.

As usual you say the shit I did not. You are right the protesters where always out when Jr. was in office. I would always see them outside the White house whenever I came back to the crib. But the thing is back then there was no violence or threat of violence. The people protesting had a legitimate reason to protest. These clowns? Not so much..

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Red, You'll never guess who was on Glenn Beck's show an hour ago taking up with the Tea Party.


Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece, Alveda King, who happens to have a Ph.D., is very Christian, and looking at the Tea Party issues from a grass roots perspective - and also rock musician Ted Nugent. Man, those two are clearly friends (nothing sexual), at least on the issues, particularly government being corrupt. Hard to argue with them when they mention Wall Street, ya know?

Heh-heh, I'm cracking up laughing. The shit I wrote about the other day with the Bloods and the Tea Party chilling together with black hijacking their movement was strictly satire, but this makes me pause. Come on over to my fish bowl and read it.

John C said...
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John C said...

(Edited comment - wasn't clear) Of course it's about race, and the challenge a black first family poses to firmly held core beliefs in self, society, and country; beliefs which need to be challenged and changed.

How ever do you stay civil to the 50yo guy who worships Beck/SH/Limbaugh/Palin etc.? I have a difficult time when talking simply about the need for a single payer health care system - sort of a one dimensional problem compared to the ones you're bringing up. Hats off to you for not exploding on the spot.

Me? 55yo white male southerner (by birth and zip code, but not by culture)

Thordaddy said...

Dirty Red,

You're overestimating the import of black oppression to the average white man seeking motivation to get out of bed. And for the average black man looking for inspiration to get out of bed... Is it really about fighting "white supremacy?"

The false assumption is that BO is somehow YOUR MAIN DOOD because he has a nice tan.

If this dood was white liberal HOW VIGORIOUSLY would you be defending him?

Not so much...

The idea that these "conservatives" are more race conscious than your average black person is just not
substantiated by the facts on the ground.

John Hardy said...

You preach hate, are close-minded, set on your ways, and apparently have followers. It's people like you that prevent the black man from over coming and being proud of who they are. You are a horrible role model for kids and it's people like you who are solely responsible for self hate. Why don't you preach equality instead of injustice. Spread a message of "it's ok to be a man of color" as opposed to littering young minds with the idea of society considering your entire race as less than second and even third class. People are messed up man, they always will be and this is not just white people. Get over it, be proud of who you are, and spread a positive message. YOU are part of the problem, so far from the solution.