Friday, April 2, 2010

Man it's Easter. You ain't got to talk to me like that!

Today is what Christians call "good Friday". It is in celebration of the Christian pagan holiday Easter. As I have stated numerous times here on this very blog that you are now reading, I do not believe in any of these Christian pagan celebrations. I do not think, correction I know,that they have nothing what so ever to do with Christ or Christianity. So there will be no Easter Sunday Service for me, no White Suits with a Pink tie, no Easter Dinner and no fake-ass sermon about how a Rabbit laying eggs is supposed to symbolize how Jesus was resurrected.

Nope, none of that for me.

Now if the Wifey wants to go hear Freddy Haynes Easter speech, then more power to her. I just won't be in attendance. We agree to disagree on certain "Christian" beliefs. She don't like it, because she was raised in a strong Christian household where she was taught all the "right" ways, but she knows I am who I am.
I agree that I compromise my beliefs a little around Christmas time though. I always buy her gifts, but I don't do it out of respect for some fake ass holiday, I do it out of respect for her and her beliefs. Besides if she ain't happy, then I won't and can't be happy, so a little compromise don't hurt me.

Anyways this is not what I was going to write about... See how ya'll do? Got me rambling and shit....

Woo-sah..... OK.... I'm back......

Today before I made it into work I had to stop and get gas for the whip.
As I pumping my normal $25 into the tank, I saw out of the corner of my eye a crack head looking dude and this crack head hoish looking woman giving me the side eye. They were looking like they wanted to approach me, but they did not know how to do it. Well I made sure that I was in a position to protect myself if they chose to get stupid, ya'll know that these are crazy times we are in and besides these were two white people in a predominately Black neighborhood, so I had to check my surroundings in case something jumped off.

Anyways they finally calmed down a little to come up to me. Here is how the convo went down....

'Excuse me sir.'
'Yeah. What's up man?'
'I was, well we was wondering if you have a couple dollars you can spare?'
'For what man?'
'Well we are from San Antonio and we ran out of gas a couple of miles back and we need a couple of dollars so we can get home.'
'You are from San Antonio? What are you doing way up here?' (San Antonio is about 4 hours from Dallas.)
'Well sir, that ain't important. What we want to know is can you help us get back'.

This is when the conversation got ugly. Not important? This fool expected me to give him some money and he told me it was not important on why I was giving it to him?

'It ain't important huh? Well you say you need money for gas right?'
'Yeah'. No "sir" this time.
'Well how you gonna get it back to your car? You ain't got no gas can with you. And a couple of dollars ain't gonna buy you gas and a can to put it in. Tell me the truth Homie. What do you really need a "couple of dollars" for? Tell me the truth and I will see what I can do. But if you stay on this bullshit here, you and your woman can get the hell on from me.'
'Man you ain't got to talk to me like that. It is Easter.'
'What the hell does Easter have to do with you lying to me about needing help dude? Man get the fuck on from me. I told you to come straight and I would see what I can do for your cracked out looking ass, but you are continually trying to run game. Get the hell on dude before this gets uglier than what it is.'
'Man you ain't right turning people away on Easter. The Lord will make sure you will get yours.'
'Yeah? He already has dude. See this gas I am pumping in my car? I am paying for it with money I received from my job that I am going to be late to fucking with you. So get the hell on!'

The dude and his girl walked away mumbling some crackhead shit and I finished pumping my go-go juice and got on the road.

So you see why I got a problem with "Christian" celebrations?


Redbonegirl97 said...

Wow, c'mon don't you want to put on a blue and white striped suit, pink shirt and a lavendar tie. You'll love it, lol!!!


Reggie said...

No Easter eggs?!?

No chocolate bunny?!?

Anna Renee said...

Hi Blackman! Good Friday really isn't a celebration of the pagan holiday of Easter. It's an acknowledgement of Christ's death on the cross, to cover our sins so that we can be victorious through His victory when He was resurrected on the Third Day.
Unfortunately, it's all combined in error and many people refuse Jesus because of Easter! Most people refer to it as Easter when it would be better to call it Resurrection Day or Sunday. Despite all of that, Jesus is still real and powerful and He shares His power with us through His resurrection, but God has given us the powerful gift of free will, so it's our choice to come to Him. But to those who do, and who seek Him diligently, they find Him and receive His gift of power! It's not necessarily inside the church walls where we can find Jesus, but if we ask Him in sincerity, without giving up and with a humble spirit, He comes. You don't have to be in a church for that. And certainly not listening to an "Easter Sunday fake-ass sermon"!!! LOL!
Blessings to you, BlackMan, on Resurrection Sunday!

Folk said...

LOL! I love it! This is fvcking awesome. cosign on every fvcking level that I can cosign this on.

saint james said...

CO-signing what Anna Renee said. Good Friday and easter are not truly connected. I do see why you'd make the conncection though. The church needs to abandon the celebration of Easter (pagan fesitval; eggs, bunnies, pomp and spring rites) and strictly acknowledge the resurrection. Sunday worship acknowledges that.

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

I feel your pain BlackMan! I wrote a poem called "I Hate Going To Church On Mother's Day!" Can you imagine the heat I'm gettin for that one, lol..

It does bother me that Jesus is the reason for the season, yet His purpose gets lost under a dozen easter eggs. Somehow, I've learned to get my joy in any way I can. I don't boycott church anymore on Easter, I boycott the shopping mall. Yep, no white strappy shoes and pastel billowy dress for me. I wear jeans!

Ms. Camile said...

oh no! lol He was tryna play game on you in the name of Jesus. That's why so many people hate Christians. It's sad because God could care less about easter eggs. He cares about hearts being mended. I hate when people pimp the Lord!


Don said...

Too funny.

Yep. I've been in this situation a time or two, myself. I used to be the person who never had a problem with handing out a couple dollars, for whatever reason. But then I began to realize that I was just giving money away that I could include in my gas tank.

Dude got offended because you became offended then had the nerves to reply about it being Easter. Hilarious.