Monday, May 31, 2010

God has sent me here to be your elected official! Amen and Amen!

Religion and Politics......

Politics and Religion....

The two are supposed to be separated, at least it is supposed to be according to that little piece of old ass paper called the Constitution of the United States.


Why should religion and politics be separated?

Well let me see........

Politics is all about power. Why else would a multimillionaire give up the job that made him/her a multimillionaire, to take a job that pays them a yearly salary that is probably equal to the amount they spent on clothes? Power or the perceived power that politics brings is why people run for political office, and why they do or say anything to stay in political office.

Now on the other hand religion is supposed to be about peace love and hair-grease. Nothing matters except God. We are here to serve.The only power is his, not ours. We are simply here to obey and execute God's will for us. All honor and praise goes to him, not us.

So where are the two, (religion and politics) supposed to interconnect?

Aren't they completely opposite? At least it seems like they are to me.
So how in the hell would a Christian, Muslim, Scientologists, Jehovah's Witness or whatever is hot at the moment, want to get involved in something that goes against everything they are supposed to be?

And how can a politician claim to be (insert religion here) make decisions based on whatever the highest donor to their campaigns want, instead of taking into account the will of the people that voted for them based on their religion?

Politics and Religion should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

But here we are halfway through 2010, seeing judges that are VOTED onto the bench, which makes them POLITICIANS more than JUDGES or CHRISTIANS, trying to use their positions to enact laws that benefit their religious views.

Where is the justice in that?

Isn't Justice supposed to be blind?

What would Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or the alien that the Scientologists believe in, do?

Would they approve of this mess?

I bet if you asked the Politician masquerading as a (insert religion here) or the (Insert Religion here) posing as a politician; the answer would be they are only acting on their God's orders.

You see, their God talks to them every night via Skyppe.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aloha, Majalo and all that other exotic shit.....

I have been in Honolulu, Hawaii for the past week and a half.

I have noticed a few things in my short time here. Things that were not too surprising to me, but I still find them kinda fucked up.

1. There are a lot of homeless ass beach bums here. I mean a lot. And they sleep any damn where they get tired. Now if a person has to be homeless, Hawaii is not a bad place to be homeless at. The weather is perfect, humid as all hell, but still nice. There are free showers on the beach and if you get hungry, just throw a fishing pole in the ocean, or climb a coconut tree. The first morning we were here we were woken up at 0530, (that's 5 damn 30 in the morning for all you non-military people) to do PT. Well, the only place we can do PT is on the beach, so that is where we went. We get down to the spot that was prearranged for us and we were told that we could not get to loud because of the beach bums asleep on the damn beach. That's right folks, the damn beach was full of sleeping bags, shopping carts and blankets of people that were still sleeping. There was whole families... Moms, Pops, Jr, Junette, and Fido. I shit you not. It shocked the hell out of me. But we were careful to not disturb them though, I guess 0530 is too damn early even for beach Bums.

2. The average price for shit we take for granted back on the mainland has been jacked up 25 to 30% over here. At Mcdonald's for instance, there is no dollar menu, even though all the commercials over here still advertise the shit. My usual, the #1, was 10 fucking dollars! Everything over this bitch is higher than giraffe pussy. I am coming to understand why there are so many homeless people here.

3. The water is cold, even if the temperature is hot. I mean it is not freezing cold, but compared to the Caribbean, it might as well be. When I went to St. Thomas 2 years ago with the wifey, that water was marvelous. This shit here.... Not so much.

4. White people stay all day in the sun and bake, and then complain the next day about being burnt. I know what you are thinking..... Red, you did not have to go fly 5 thousand miles to find that shit out.... Yeah I know. It just still perplexes the hell out of me why in the humid ass Honolulu hell white people lay out in the sun until they damn near cook themselves from the inside out and then have the nerve to fix their mouths to complain about it. Go figure....

5. Hawaii is nice and all, but this shit is only good for about a week. After that I am ready to fly the 8 hours back to the Big D. All this shit is overrated. It is too damn expensive, too damn crowded and I can get the same damn excitement about seeing thongs and bare naked titties back on the beaches I grew up going to without the long ass long long flight.

It's too damn bad I have to be here for another 12 damn days.

Oh well I could have been sent somewhere worse....

Like Afghanistan.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Girl, it wasn't me......

Why do men cheat?

Well the answer is very simple......
Reason number 2059.....
We cheat because women allow it.

Now before you all get all bent out of shape about that comment, let me explain......

What I mean is this. A man cannot cheat by himself. If the woman being cheated with did not put herself in a position to be the other woman, then who can he cheat with?

The exception to this rule is the man that lies to the other woman.
The man that denies his family.
'Baby I ain't married. You are the only one for me.'
'We are going through problems right now. I don't know how much longer I can take her bullshit.'
'I am separated. My divorce is pending.'
'I am only with her because of my kids'

These are the types of men that are only out for a nut. They are in a whole nother category. Usually the one that starts with a b and rhymes with snitch-ass.

Any man that outright denies his family is a punk. It is wrong in every sense to have a side piece anyway, but to straight out lie about having a family......Like I said..... PUNK. BITCH.ASS.BITCH.

But sometimes we married men meet a woman who does not care if we are married. We meet a woman that only wants a good piece of easy dick with no strings attached. Sometimes we meet a married woman who is not satisfied at home and is out looking for not only some easy dick, but some GOOD dick to make up for the lack of it in her bedroom. She could still love her man, but her needs are not being met. These are the situations where I mean what I said by some men cheat because women allow it.

I mean think about it.....

If I were to meet a woman out somewhere and we became involved in a conversation and I told her I was married, then all topics about hooking up in the bathroom should be nixed at the start. But if I tell Mrs So and So I was married, happily married that is.... and she still insists on the meeting in the ladies room, then what is a man to do?

I know, I know what ya'll are thinking...... 'Nigga you needs to be thinking about your family, not some hot in the ass slut.'
And you would be right in thinking this. Like I said cheating is wrong and I am not writing this post to condone this type of selfish behavior. I am just writing down one of the many reasons why we men sometimes stray.

If a woman would cut the conversation short whenever the man tells her he has a family or she gets that "feeling" that he is full of shit, then I would not be inclined to write this.
Woman fail to realize that they have all the power when it comes to sex.
All. The. Power.
And most times a woman knows if the man is lying or not.
But women don't listen to themselves and they end up getting hurt behind some sorry, bitch made ass dude that is only thinking about himself; because most men will stick their dicks in some tree bark if they knew that they could get a quick nut and most importantly..... get away with it.

It is all up to the woman to tell a man to get the hell on if she finds out that he has a family.
And it is up to the wife to know her man. A woman knows if her man is out boinking other holes besides hers. Like I said, WOMAN'S INTUITION.
We all know that we men are stupid when it comes to shit like this. We always end up telling on ourselves in some kinda way.
So my advice to the women reading this is.....

Listen to yourself.
Tell that fine nigga that works in accounting to go home to his wife. Don't even put yourself in a situation to listen to his lies.
And last but not least LISTEN. TO. YOURSELF....

If these rules are followed, then the only women that a man would get caught with would be Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Am I a racist, or have I just been conditioned?

I have a "conservative" associate that I talk to some times.

We argue about politics most of the time we talk. However lately we have been arguing about race relations here in the land of the free. He is a white dude that was married to a black woman. He has a very beautiful teenage daughter from his 19 year marriage, who is currently in college. He refuses to see the problems we have in this country concerning Black and White race relations. He says that I see race because I have allowed myself to be placed in a box by ignorant people. He says I have been conditioned to a certain way of seeing things and that, he says, is the problem with people in AmeriKKKa. He says that he only sees people instead of color, so he does not acknowledge racist behavior.

I think he is full of shit, except for the part about me being conditioned. You see I have been conditioned and I just figured this out a couple of days ago......

The other morning as I was pulling into my gym's parking lot I noticed a very attractive white lady coming out of the entrance of the gym. I have seen her before, so there was nothing unusual about this. I parked my truck and proceeded to walk into the gym. I passed the lady and we did not acknowledge each other.(Although as we passed I did turn around to admire her frame as she walked away. What? I told you that the woman was very attractive. And I am a very healthy man.)
Anyways....... Again this was not unusual because we have never so much as smiled at each other before.

Anyways... As I was approaching the entrance to the gym I realized that I had left my membership card in the arm rest of my truck, so I turned around to go get it. The White lady had reached her car and by coincidence she had parked right in front of me. Now I could have walked right next to her and made it to my truck, and I do not know why I did not. But what I did do was go around 2 other cars so that I would be no were near her and I waited until she was in her car before I opened my door and got my card out of the arm rest of my truck. I did all this with out thinking about it, like it was routine.

Why did I go out of my way just to avoid contact with a very nice looking woman?

As I think about my answer, I recall something similar I do and I do not realize that I am doing it. Whenever I am on or getting on an elevator and a white woman either is already on the lift, or is getting on the lift, if it is only me and her, I subconsciously try to get as far from her as possible. I get into the corner and I do not try to initiate any contact that could be considered "hostile".

But the tripped out thing is; if a white man is on the elevator or if it would have been a white man in the gym parking lot, I would have walked right up next to him and dared him to say something.

Why am I like this?

I know how some white people view a man that looks like me. I am the very definition of the term "Big Black Buck".  I am 6'2" tall. I weigh 228 pounds, which is not "fat weight". I keep a bald head. I am also dark-skinned. I am the type of black man that "fits the description" of damn near every black criminal in Dallas. So I know that if the white woman I have talked about even whispers something that could be considered by a passerby as "help me", I am going straight to jail. Whether I did anything to her or not. That is the country I have grown up in. I will be considered guilty until the lip-service I have to sell my house to afford to represent me gets me acquitted, if he gets me acquitted. And if I don't get acquitted I will have to register as a sex offender once I get out of jail, which in essence ensures that my "debt to society" will never be paid.

So I have been "conditioned."

But does this make me a racist because I know how my country views and has historically treated people that look like me?
Does it make me a racist because I can feel the hostility that some people have towards me without them having to say a word?
Does it make me a racist because I refuse to deny and ignore my feelings?
Does it make me a racist because I can see through the coded words and I see the blatant disrespect that is being shown to the President of the United States by "conservative" white people like my associate?

Or am I essentially in a "box" that society has placed me in and I refuse to or am too scared to venture outside of that "box?".

I do not consider myself a racist. I have no ill feelings towards anyone, and I try to treat everyone I meet with respect, until they prove themselves unworthy of that respect.
But I do know and have experienced racism.

So am I racist or have I just been conditioned?
I am leaning towards the "conditioned" aspect of it all, but what do you think?