Monday, June 14, 2010

Bitch, do I look like Terrell Owens to you?

This past weekend the wifey and I went up to Oklahoma. We go every now and then to the casinos that are right on the border. This time we went to Wind Starr. In my opinion this is the better of the two casinos that share the border between Texas and Oklahoma.

We booked a room because even though it is only a hour and a half drive, we knew that we were going to be drinking and probably mad from loosing, so we decided to stay up there.

Now I have described my physical appearance to ya'll numerous times here on my lil 'ole blog. And I have been in the gym constantly for about the past 8-9 months, so if  I do say so myself, I look pretty damn good.

What I have not described is the way I like to dress when I am out somewhere. I have a very good sense of fashion. I love clothes and shoes. It is the only vice I have. Anyways this Saturday I had on a designer fitted T-shirt, some fitted jeans, (hell to the nawl they were NOT skinny jeans), and some Timberland loafers. Again, I ain't trying to pull my own  nuts, but I turned quite a few ladies heads in the casino on Saturday.


I leave the wifey at the slots she likes to loose at and I walk around the casino until I find a blackjack table I want to join. I sit down, throw 2 one hundred bills on the table and wait for my chips. The dealer counts out $200 in chips, I place my bet and she starts dealing. I loose the first 5 hands and then my luck starts to turn.
After about 4 straight winning hands a drunk white man and his equally drunk wife? girlfriend? daughter? join the table. He gets his chips and we start playing. After a couple of hands he starts trying to make conversation with me, which is all good because I can be a very sociable person.

Well, all of a sudden he asks me what I do, and before I can answer him the conversation steered in this direction......,

"So what team do you play for? Is it the Cowboys?"
"What? What team? What are you talking about?"
"I know you play pro ball. You got that look. You are dressed like a pro ball guy and you are big enough. So what team?"
"Man I don't play pro ball. I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety."
"Your Bullshitting me man! With the way you are dressed? How much did that outfit cost, $1000? And you are a pretty good sized boy, so you got to be bullshitting me son!"

I start to get a little upset around this time and I guess the wife? girlfriend? daughter? saw this and she pulled him away from me and we kept playing. After a couple more hands I cashed out and went to another table.

Now what upset me about this whole situation was this.... did this asshole think that the only reason I could afford to be in the casino and not be looking like I just lost my whole unemployment check, was professional sports?

Or was he just drunk off his ass and he did not mean any thing by his dumb ass comments?

Or did my racism detector give off a false alarm?

If a white dude that was dressed similar to me were sitting with us at the table, would he have asked him the same damn question?

I guess I will never know....
But I still felt very disrespected by this motherfuckers idiotic comments...

Was I wrong in feeling this way?

What say you?


Anna Renee said...

Sigh....You know what BlackMan, I think it's not even worth it to get upset. Some are just haters, cant stand to see a good looking brother, so find a way to try to bring him down. Racist statements seem to always press our buttons and they know this. We should just let these idjits be there dern rootin tootin selves, while preserving our own sanity. Let's just look at them like mosquitoes; we know they bite, and we accept that. We just shoo them or avoid them. But it's not worth getting upset at them for doing what they do, bite. I hope you and your wife enjoyed the rest of your time and won some money!!

Redbonegirl97 said...

Naw, I would have been pissed for the fact that he continued flapping his mouth instead of just saying of my bad and kept it moving. I never chit chat in places like that about myself, I make small talk about the weather.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Reggie said...

You're not wrong brother and neither you nor I are paranoid; but you know what.......I'd have been asking myself the very same questions.

Last year I was walking into a drug store in Charleston, South Carolina when a Caucasian woman old enough to be my mother walked up to me and said "I know you hear this all the time, but you know you do look like him right?!?"

I'm like.........huh?!? Excuse me ma'am, I'm not quite sure what you mean?

She says, "I know people must constantly walk up to you and tell you just how much you look like Barack Obama."

I almost laughed in her face when I told her, "No ma'am, no one's ever said that to me before and ma'am, I don't look anything like our president."

I should have told her that we all don't look alike.......but I let that sleeping dog lay.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I use to get the same question when I was younger,6'5 250 ,are you a football player,basketball player,etc,etc.
At first I was gracious,but after while,I would just ignor the person.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Meant to add the older I got the more I understood the racism behind the question.

BobbyH3 said...

Maybe it was just your demeanor: well-dressed, in good shape, sporting a personality that says "I'm on top of the world!" You can't blame that white dude if he sensed a persona worth a million bucks sitting at the table, can you?

dve said...

I feel your pain Black Man! I get that question all the time since I am 6'8". WP's always ask me if play or played basketball and my typical response is no, but I know how to spell it. When I feel like being a wise guy I tell them no, but I used to be a jockey. That usually shuts them up.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Considering that you're not exactly a "spring chicken", the boy part would've done it for me.

俊宏 said...


FreeMan said...

Well that's what being sociable gives you! An opportunity for a cracker to have a conversation with you. Your Spidey Senses aka Racism detector knew who he was when you spotted him with Jenny from Greenbow Alabama.

All that attention from looking good and working out has a unintended consequence too. If not T.O how about Deion Sanders shoot we all look alike.

Daij said...

I so can relate an din your experience I'd be offended as well.
Everywhere I go, white people stare at me, and initially I get offended, until I remember that alot of white people think I look like Emmet Smith, though the similarity is like night and day- no resemblance at all.

Dirty Red said...

Anna Renee,
I like your line about mosquitoes. Damn that is sho enoungh true.

Redboned girl,
I usually don't talk about myself to anybody. I like other people to do the talking. What's that old saying?
'It is better to let people think you are a fool, than open your mouth and show them you are' or something like that. I do believe 'ole Jethro proved that point that night in the casino.

Well at least you get compared to a man who is hands down one of the 100 smartest men in the country. Who did I get compared to? Niggas like Vince Young.

What is it about White people and their stupid perceptions of us? Do I think that every skinny White dude I see is a meth head? Uhh No.

I would like to think that is true, but my racism detector won't let me.

So what are you saying?
I just celebrated my 21st Birthday last night!!

LOL...I think I will try that next time I get compared to a dumb jock!

Man I thought you had forgotten your way to my lil ole blog! Nice to still have your insight brah!

In the words of my man Freeman,
"shoot we all look alike." To ignorant people that is.