Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Even a chronic liar and an asshole tells the truth at least once a year.....

This is a first and a last.

You will probably never hear me blaspheme like this again....
I actually agree with something RUSH LIMBAUGH said. Well at least some of it.
I feel the need to take a boiling hot shower, followed by a full body alcohol rub even as I write this.
Oh well, at least I am man enough to admit that sometimes even the devil tells the truth.

Of course most Rethugs agree with what CONGRESSMAN BARTON said. Most of them probably do think that BP being ordered to pay 20 billion dollars in damages is a shake down. It means less money for them. Of course they feel that BP did not do anything wrong.
I mean shit happens right? Oil Rigs blow-up, right? Sometimes people lose their lives in the wake of other people's greed right? That is the backbone of the American Dream after all. There is not a dollar made in this country that does not have the blood and sweat of somebody on it. There is no such thing as an "honest dollar", there never has been. In order to make it here, there has to be some collateral damage. If you are not willing to kill and maim in order to get what you want, then why bother?

Finishing second only means that you were the first person to lose, right? And who remembers the guy that lost?
These ideals should be the Republican battle cry.
Of course all those bastards feel that Barton told the truth, but in order to stay in power they have to denounce his words. (In  public that is.) They have to show the "little people" that they "care". If it was not for the "little people" they would be "little people." And who wants to be the 90 pound weakling surrounded by a country of Shag's?

So ole Limp-dick told the truth. The republican's  politicians don't care, but they have to act like they do.
They have to kiss babies and visit old folk's homes. They have to have photo ops of them serving the "little people" at local soup kitchens. They have to have press conferences to denounce the words of a fellow charlatan and bigot, even though they have their fingers crossed under the podium they are speaking from.

I just wonder how the Princess of the Republicans, the crazy half Governor from Alaska feels about Limp-dicks comments. I mean she was QUOTED as saying that Rahm Emmanuel was lying when he said the same shit Limp-dick said.

O what a tangled web they weave!!!


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Tangle web indeed,I have little time or desire to try to make sense of anything Palin says,I honestly feel sorry for the people who get caught up in her musing.

RiPPa said...

To be fair, people talked shit about Bush. But the truth about all of this is that they don't respect Obama one bit and they'll play this thing for political expediency. Can you imagine if a Democrat in the wake of 9/11 said "sorry we decided to go to war with you guys..."

Reggie said...

I remember reading an article once and agreeing in essence to something that David Duke said about our Middle Eastern policy. So I guess this isn't out of the realm of possibility for you to agree with something that this overbloated blowhard said.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

So where's the part you agree with? That ruthlessness has it's benefits?

If so, well, that's true - for the ruthless, but only up to a point. This time around, unless they have a secret spaceship to transport them to a new and cleaner Earth, they and their food, water and golf courses will get rained on by toxic Corexit and chemicals in the oil like everyone else by the end of the year, if not the summer's end.

While it sucks for us, this will be karmic justice for them.