Monday, June 7, 2010

It is so hot, I swear I seen the Devil at the local Home Depot buying a new air conditioning unit!!

As you all know, I live in Dallas, TX.

I am not from here, but this is where I have made my home. I have lived here on and off since 1992. My first stint here was in El Paso. I lived there for 2 years before relocating to Germany. After 5 years in Duetchland, I came back to Tejas, to the Ft. Hood-Killeen area. I stayed there for 3 years before moving to San Antonio. After a hell on earth year and a half  I moved to Dallas, where I have been for the past 7 plus years.

I like Dallas.

Dallas is a pretty cool city. The cost of living is decent, there is a decent sized Black population, there is a lot of Black American culture here and to top it off, Dallas was not hit that hard by the recession, unlike other major US cities. I mean if a person can't find a job here, well, they just don't want a job. The housing market is pretty good, house prices are really low compared to the rest of the country. For what I paid for my 4 bedroom, 2 garage, big back-yard house, I would have not been able to get a one bedroom apartment back on the Eastern side of thangs where I was born and raised.

So don't get it twisted folks.... There are a lot more things here besides steers and queers, even though there is a good population of both here.

With that being said, let me switch up a little bit......

It is hot as 3 hells here.
Texas only has 2 seasons, Hot as fuck and sometimes cold.

It starts getting hot around April and the shit don't let up until about October. It has been like that the entire time I have called Texas home. So around this time of year I expect it and prepare for a lot of time under some AC.

What irritates me worse than Macy Gray's voice, is every year around this time the local Texans complaining about the damn heat. I mean the people that was born and raised here. The people with the "Texas is it's on country" mentality.

I mean these people have lived here their entire lives and they are surprised about the damn Texas summer heat?


After a lifetime of living 3 doors down from hell every summer, the fucking heat surprises you? Every damn year?

What the hell do these people expect? The weather all of a sudden to change during the damn summer?

I mean it is TEXAS people!! Texas is hotter than 2 mice fucking in a wool sock every year around this time!

So why complain about the same shit year after hot ass year?

To me it is like people in Alaska being proud of their former half term Governor, Black people that belong to the Republican Party,or people in Chicago complaining about crime. It makes no damn sense.. Not nan.

It is what it is.

So with that being said, let me turn this AC up a little bit, because it is going to be another long hot Summer.

As usual.


Redbonegirl97 said...

My kids aunt lives there and she is always tooting about how great the weather is compared to here in Ohio. I tell her she is on crack on the daily basis.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Reggie said...

I like Dallas too, it's a nice place.

I live in South Carolina, but I've always liked the heat. I've lived in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and now South Carolina. It was so hot outside today I saw a squirrel drinking a Slurpee. He looked at me and told me that I was a damned fool for walking in this heat. He also said "man it's hot as a motherfucker out here!!"

Always believe a squirrel, they know what's up.

Shanel said...

I've thought a few times about moving to Texas but my husband ain't trying to hear it... this post made me laugh:)

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"After a lifetime of living 3 doors down from hell every summer..."

I love the writing in this piece. It's great.

And seriously, is Texas heat worse than Hawaii humidity? I can't imagine.

Megaan said...

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Dirty Red said...


Don't knock it till you try it. I thought the same shit. I almost said Fuck Tx completely when I was in San Antonio, but I am telling you Dallas is alright.

SC is hot. I lived the majority of my life in NC, so I know, but this TX heat is no punk.

Talk your man into coming for a visit. Guarantee that he will like it here.

That is a good question.... Hawaii was humid as hell, you could not be outside more than 5 minutes without being drenched in sweat, but this shit here? You can't be outside longer than 5 minutes without feeling like a piece of well baked chicken. So I guess that both places have their hang-ups.

Thanks for the love.

Anonymous said...