Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The power of the P

I had a conversation with my cousin today about the availability of decent men in the ATL area. She wanted to know why she only attracts scrubs and why she can't seem to keep a man once she does get one.  On top of that, I was blog surfing some of my favorite blogs and my girl Rum Punch over at THE VIEW FROM HERE basically asked the same thing.

What women fail to realize in today's world is that Women run shit and men are just figure heads. There is no such thing as a successful man that did not and does not have the help of a woman. I mean let's face it.... A man would not be able to tie his shoes if a woman had not taught him. 
And to all my dudes reading this, don't act like your moms, Big Momma, sister, Auntie or female cousin did not show you how to tie your shoes! It is what it is.

A woman does not need to do anything to get the attention of a man.
Only thing she needs to do is be a woman.
That's it.

As for my cousin and Rum Punch attracting the "wrong" type of man, well, all I can say is and?

My cousin and even though I have not met her, Rum Punch, are strong women. They are women that really don't need a man for anything except some dick. This is attractive to a man. A man needs that mystery about what he can do to get a woman. A man needs to know that he can do some shit for a woman that she ordinarily can't do for herself. No man wants a woman who is a push over. No man wants an easy woman. We like challenges and the more self reliant a woman is the more attractive she is to us. The more mystery there is about a woman, the more we will fight to get her and keep her.
Let me clarify something.......A real man is who I am talking about..
Sooner or later a weak man will start to feel intimated and push the good woman away, this is why my cousin and Rum Punch cannot keep the man who starts off as good, but eventually shows his true colors.

We all give off warning signs about who we are from the very beginning but most women ignore the red flags and only concentrate on what they consider "good" about the dude. They give up everything about themselves and start becoming predictable, thereby taking away the mystery that attracted us in the first place. And once the mystery is gone, we get bored and start fucking up. In order for a woman to keep her man solely to herself and keep him at home, she needs to realize that she is the one in control of the relationship. She needs to realize that the same way she got the man she wanted, not the man she settled for (there is a difference), she needs to keep doing exactly what it was that got his attention in the first place.

She needs to keep the mystery alive. Keep us guessing.. Keep our interest up... Don't get complacent and don't show all your cards at once.

Like I said, women actually make the decisions that affect everything in the world.
Men are just here to get her bags out of the trunk and carry them into the house.


Rum Punch said...

Dirty Red! I'm glad that The View From Here is one of your favorite blogs - but I feel like I must clarify - my post was about the type of men that step to me, but I didnt say they were snaggle toothed
and homeless. Lol. They are good dudes, but not necessarily always good eye candy. Tee hee. As for the rest of the post you make several good points. Idk about me not being able to keep a man though. Let's start with finding one first. Then we'll take it from there. Baby steps.

Reggie said...

Interesting, very interesting.....

There are all types of men and women out there; and I truly believe that there is someone for everybody. I have been married for more than 20 years, but tomorrow is another day; and if I should find myself in a position where I was single, then I honestly wouldn't want to have to deal with the shit that I hear time and time again.

I also find it interesting that there are always boatloads of single men and women that want to be married; and boatloads of married men and women that want to be single. I guess people always seem to want what they don't have.

Everyone that is married is married for a reason and everyone that is single is single for a reason.

It is what it is.

Folk said...

interesting indeed. However, my grandmother used to remind me constantly as a youngling that beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the soul.

Yeah, it's gimmicky but it's real. In western countries we get overly occupied with appearances and fail to appreciate the person clothed in the skin.

Pretty people can be appealing to the eyes and yet distasteful to the soul.

MauriceBaumer志能 said...