Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If you can't do the time....Awl hell.... Ya'll know the rest

I usually don't give a shit about celebrity news, but I felt the need to talk about this incident.

The latest "breaking news" all over these here internets, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, VHI, MTV,BET, Playboy,, and all the other "news" organizations, is Lindsey Lohan getting 90 days in the clink for breaking her probation.

Any other time I would be like, "Lindsey who? You mean that crazy bitch that is always drunk at somebodies party? She's going to jail? You mean she ain't already there? Ok. So what's the "breaking news"?"

See like I said, I usually could give a fuck about Hollywood or it's crazy inhabitants.

But what got me about this story is this dumb heffa's reaction when she got the book thrown at her.

She boo-hooed like she did not expect to get punished.
She got all emotional on the Judge like, 'Why are you doing this to me? You expect me to go to jail? I don't deserve this!'


This crazy, attention loving chick has been in the tabloids for the past coupla years for doing dumb shit.
She is either driving drunk, getting caught with cocaine, breaking out of rehab, letting the paparazzi  take pictures of her cooch, fucking up on whatever movie set she is on, bouncing checks and the list goes on and on.
Every time she had to face the music, some stupid ass judge felt sorry for her and let her off.

Now she finally caught a judge on a bad day and she is crying like she ain't do shit?

Come on Son. Get outta here with that bullshit.

Where were the tears before this?
Huh Lindsey?
What are you crying for? Are you sorry you finally got to face up to your fuck-ups? Or are you crying because a Judge finally bent your ass over and gave you the spanking you should have gotten years ago?

See, in my opinion this is that bullshit. This chick thought that just because she is Lindsey "motherfucking" Lohan, that she did not have to abide by the same rules as the rest of us. And for years, the powers that be agreed with her.

This is the problem I have with today's society.
Nobody wants to answer for nothing they do. It is always somebodies else's fault that they do what they do.
And when somebody old school tells them that nope, you fucked up and got caught, so you have to pay the price, they start crying like they are innocent bystanders.
Nothing in this world is free.
Everything has a price.
And sometimes that price is a person's freedom.

So save all the crying bullshit, Lindsey "motherfucking" Lohan.
You fucked up, got caught, so now you have to pay the price.

Just like it would be if you were one of us "regular folk".


Reggie said...

Those 90 days should be good to her; hopefully she'll dry out.

You know, minus the obvious chances of rape, jail wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I could certainly use a vacation; but hopefully my vacation won't involve my having to avoid being sodomized by Fleece Johnson.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I thought it was hilarious watching her cry. I get so sick and tired of watching these folks think they can do watch they want without paying the price for it. The real thing she is scared about is she is going to forced rehab for 90 days as soon as she gets out. SO it won't be a cushy spa experience like the other places that she has gone. Maybe she can actually turn her life around now.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Folk said...

Come on DR. You know that the laws of the land only applies to the middle and the lower classes. And as Reggie stated above, it will be a vacation for ol' LL. She wont be part of the general population for security reasons.

Dirty Red said...

I heard that she might not even do the full 90...once again being a ditzy White woman has it's privileges.

Redboned Girl,
I can't deny that I thought it was kinda funny too...But this heffa should have been made to answer for her bullshit years ago.

Yeah I hear ya. But was Lil Kim separated for security reasons? This chick got 90 days for breaking probation for the 50-11 time and Lil Kim got a year for not snitching?
Come on Son