Saturday, July 17, 2010

That's a man Baby!

I have become somewhat obsessed with working out.

It has gotten to the point that if I don't work out,  I don't feel right.

I admit that the years following my getting out of the Army the first time, I kinda let myself go. I would still work out occasionally, but I did not push myself like I did when I was on active duty. Now that I am back in, I have dedicated myself to becoming the soldier I was (or at least close to) when I was in my 20's. Besides, I cannot tell a Private that he/she needs to improve his physical appearance and physical strength and stamina , if I look like a mess, now can I?

Anyways, like I said, I have become somewhat addicted to the way I feel after a good hard session at the gym. I like the tightness and the way my muscles feel after I cool down.

I am also starting to like how I look in the mirror butt blessed ass naked also.

For a minute a couple of years ago, I would look at myself in the bathroom mirror and say, 'Self, you needs to get your ass in the gym. You are starting to look a hot damn mess.' And I would tell myself in reply, 'Yeah. I am starting to budge a little around the middle ain't I? Yeah, I will start on Monday.'

But Monday never came.

Now that Monday has finally decided to show his sorry 'never late but always on time' ass, I can actually pat myself on the back and say. 'Self you are starting to look damn good, ya heard me?' And I can reply to myself, 'Show ya right!'

I have also started looking at women a different way also.
I have noticed that the more I see women working out in the gym, the sexier a woman that works out looks to me.

I love to see a woman do squats or sweating on the elliptical machine.

But what I cannot stand is a woman that works out so damn much she looses her femininity. I do not like a "hard" looking woman.
I like a woman that is toned a little, but I also like to see a little jiggle, ya heard me?
I do not mind that little "pooch" that a woman gets. Now I don't want the "pooch" to turn into a damn knock off Louie bag, but a pooch is cool with me.

I like to see a woman's ass jiggle in her work out pants.
I am not one of those White Dudes that like a "tight" ass. Nope that ain't me.

I like to see the twins bounce around a little in a sports bra.
To all my women readers that frequent the gym on a regular basis, please leave the heavy bench presses and the other excessive chest exercises alone! I can understand  that you don't want your ta-ta's sitting on that pooch I said I liked, but please, don't do so much that the twins loose what makes them twins, ya feel me?

I guess to sum all this up....
I love to see a woman that looks fit, but I cannot stand to see a woman that either looks like a damn Asian boy or THIS.

I like curves.
I like hips and ass.
I like breasteses.

A woman, in my opinion, is supposed to be soft and cuddly, not hard and muscely. (Is muscely a damn word?)

Anyways, ya'll know what the hell I am trying to say.....

I'm out.


Marianne said...

Congratulations on your strong will! I'd like to have a body like Sophia Loren. And I'm gonna sit on this couch and focus really hard until I get that body! :P

Mr. I. M. BLACK said...


Some time ago I told you that I would not return to your blog. After further consideration, I wrote a retraction and explination regarding why i felt so strongly about your blog on BOOTY, and how our women are perceived. However, if you get a chance I would like you to revist that part of your blog.
BTW Thanks for your service to the country.
I also know what you are talking about, because I need to find that same Monday.
I should also that this is just a side note and nothing to do with your current post.

Reggie said...

I used to have a friend that liked to work out. She'd decided that her husband didn't pay the type of attention to her that he used to, so she started working out. The thing is, I guess she became addicted to it too and she worked out all the time. In any case, all her curves went out the window with her femininity. At one time I thought she was very attractive, but the constant workouts left her looking manly (in my opinion). In any case, her husband really lost interest in her when she lost all her booty and her boobs. She was really curvaceous at one time and after awhile, she started kinda looking like a dude.

That story didn't have a happy ending.

I like for women to be fit, but not muscular....that don't look right. I think they're supposed to be soft.....very soft.

胡茹雨胡茹雨 said...

We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box .............................................................

Folk said...

hates you all in the face for the musculous visions of manwomenity.

Folk got to get back in the gym. It's been too long (a couple of months now). I guess I'll start soon. next week maybe.