Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What has changed besides a beige man with a Black wife and 2 half beige/black kids moving into the WHITE House?

You know what trips me out about White People?

How they deny how overtly and blatantly racist some of their fellow melanin challenged cousins can be.

'This is a "post-racial" society and the only people talking about race is you Blacks.'


How can a person that has never experienced something tell a person that experiences something on a daily basis, that what they are experiencing is all in their mind?
Just because you turned your back when I got the shit slapped out of me, I didn't get slapped? The hand-print on the side of my face is a figment of my imagination?

How can they DENY the fact that some of their peers are racists?

The Tea-bag Party is not full of racist, scared of a Black Man in charge, cowards and bigots?


And what really gets me upset is the SLAVE CATCHING ASS NIGGAS that have seen and experienced racism, stand by the Massa and whip the field Negros for speaking out against their good massa.

They cry about lack of  proof?

The only proof I need is the fact that there was no "tea-party" until a half-white man was elected to represent them.
There was no "tea-party" when a white man and his white buddies,(with a few slave catchers) used the constitution that they are supposedly so worried about as toilet paper.
There was no "tea-party" when taxes were increased on every one in the country except the people that can afford to pay them.
There was no "tea-party" when the Patriot Act was passed into law. A law that basically took all the rights away that their beloved constitution gave us as Americans.
There was no "tea-party" when the country was lied to and manipulated into invading a country that did not and could not threaten us in any way.
There was no "tea-party" when the first stimulus bill was passed.
There was no "tea-party" when the big banks and auto makers received billions of dollars of their tax money.
 There was no "tea-party" when the former Prez wanted to privatize Social Security.

So why is there a "tea-party" now?
What has changed?

Why all of a sudden now I hear cries of "I want my country back!"?
Why do I see signs that read "Don't tread on me!"?
Why do I hear politricksters now all of a sudden talk about government spending?
Why do I hear (white)people now all of a sudden talk about the federal deficit?
Why is the constitution so important now?

What has changed?

And these good "Christian" white folks are trying to tell the world that their only problem is with the policies that are being enacted by the first beige President and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is beige?
Even though the majority of his policies are remixes of  former WHITE Presidents policies?

And to think that this President's MOTHER was a Blond haired WHITE woman!

I guess the old saying is true.....
If you have one drop of nigger blood, then you my friend are a nigger.....


MoMo said...

good post....let them tell it, the tea baggers been around since 1776....the nigger blood thing is wasn't our(black folks) decision, the whites decided that all on their own.

how are ya and whats been up?

Reggie said...

Da Nile ain't just a river in Egypt!!!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

great points

Joanna said...

The crazy thing is, the Tea baggers swear its about his policies, when in all actuality, he has KEPT most of the Bush era policies!

Folk said...

There was no tea party until it started to become difficult for the white man. In other words until the middle income white man started feeling the pressures of the everyday brown folk there was no need for a tea party.

Dirty Red said...

Hey Ma!!
I am doing good. I missed you at drill this past weekend, but then you are the one that decided to move to Houston!

But it does run right through the Repuliturd party and through most of White AmeriKKKa!

Thank's Ma. But I still cannot make a point like you can!

Yep. Like I said... What the hell has changed?

So what do you think will happen when the majority is not the majority anymore?

whitetruth said...

Melanin challenged?

Typical black privilege rearing its ugly head.