Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wolf!!! There is a Wolf in the Hen-House!!!!

In my opinion one of the best blogs out here on this here internets is THE INTERSECTION OF MADNESS AND REALITY which is operated by my man Rippa. He occasionally showcases the skills of guest writers, and the latest post on his site features a journalist named Tracey Powell. In her contribution she asks the question, "Which is worse, Right wings lies or Liberal Fears?" 

Well to me the answer is simple......

I think it is Liberal Fears and here's why......

Everyone with any kind of sense should know by now that most "right-wingers" in this country fall into basically 3 different groups.
Group #1- Middle aged White Men who are scared to death of change.
Group #2- Rich Middle aged White Men who are scared to death of loosing their "rich" status.
Group #3 Poor and ignorant southern White People that are scared to death of losing the only thing in their pathetic lives that gives them a limited amount of power in these here Divided States of AmeriKKKa; the color of their skin.
So when I hear about someone on the "right" that has stuck their foot in their mouths I just chalk it up to that is what scared ignorant people do.
I expect it, so I keep it moving.

However, when I hear these liberal assholes that see what these motherfuckers are doing and make excuses for it or ignore it or focus on an unrelated subject all together in order to stay neutral, it pisses me off.

Especially liberal assholes that are in a position to make changes.

The NAACP is at the top of the "liberal asshole" list in my book.

Now don't get me wrong, the NAACP is a great organization. At least it has the history of being a great organization. Back in the day they fought the good fight right along side of anyone that had been wronged.
Now it seems that they only want headlines. They focus on the wrong shit.

This organization should have never gotten involved in the case of  Shirley Sherrod.  It had nothing to do with them. But because it was a "high profile" case, there they were. Now that it has been proven that the whole case against this woman was a bunch of lies that were fabricated by group #2 on my list, they are stuck with egg on their faces.

The NAACP has cried wolf so many times that nobody hears them anymore. No one takes them serious. If you have a legitimate case of discrimination, do not call the NAACP. If you do, prepare to be laughed out of court.
I am not saying that this organization has outlived it's usefulness, because Lord knows there is still plenty of discrimination going on here. I am saying that they need to change their direction to keep up with the times we live in. The are still stuck with Martin Luther King on that bridge in Selma.
Back then White People did not try to hide who they really were for the sake of being politically correct. They let you know from the jump that you were a nigger and that nigger's were not welcome in "their"country.
Now White people have adapted and their racism is subtle. They have even made the word "racist" mean something dirty and disgusting, and whoever calls out one of them for being racist, they reverse it and try to say that we are too sensitive and their words were taking out of "context". I have even had a Mexican dude tell me that Black people are the "new" racists in this country because he doesn't see any racism by Whites at all, it is all "you Blacks".

I have blogged before how White People are the best hustlers known to man, and it never ceases to amaze me how they can hoodwink an entire Planet into thinking that their way is the only way.

But as I was saying......The NAACP needs to adapt also. Now adays you cannot simply call a White person or an organization "racist".  You have to have proof of your accusations. You have to have irrefutable proof before you go public with anything that can cost somebody White money or their position, so that the person or organization  cannot use the tired excuse of their "words being taken out of context". Then and only then will the world listen to what you are saying.

To me this is common sense, but to Ben Jealous it is not.

The NAACP needs to focus on shit that actually matters to all "colored" communities; be they Black, Hispanic or Asian communities; Under funded schools, crime, AIDS, and jobs; which if you really wanted to, you could chalk all up to discrimination. These are the issues that we care about, not whether somebody White broke the cardinal rule of leaving all Nigger talk on the golf course or around the dining room table and not letting  it slip around someone with a Twitter, MySpace account or a digital recorder.

If you were not born with the privilege of having fair skin, then you already know what to expect and your shield has already been battle tested.

So hearing about how the only organization in the country that is in a position to make changes is trying to force somebody to apologize for saying  something that proves how they really feel, is pointless. Having a mock funeral for a word that has evolved into a word that can have a million different meanings, is stupid.Condemning someone before you have all the facts is just plain dumb. Passing a resolution that condemns an organization(the tea-baggers) that Stevie Wonder can see is up to it's neck with promoting racist rhetoric is a waste of time.

Who the fuck cares?

This is what the NAACP has become.... A "them again?Who the fuck cares" organization.

Am I wrong?


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

The NAACP of today is a organization in transition and in need of leadership with a backbone and knowledgeable of history.
Today all I see is showmanship coming from the NAACP leadership,not wanting to offend anyone,and in the mean time the problems that overwhelm the black community continues to worsen.

Reggie said...

Let's be honest, the NAACP has been an organization in "transition" for a while now. They're been struggling to find relevancy for years. They've gotta learn to pick their battles though. They can go running into every situation that they deem to be "black and white". That's not the way to go.

RiPPa is good, damned good in fact. I'm been reading his stuff for more than a few years now. When I first started blogging, he was the guy who stood out to me, back when we were on Yahoo 360 together.

I had an opportunity to meet the brother a few weeks back. I went to Memphis (where he lives) for a quick vacation and ended up having dinner with RiPPa and another old friend from 360. He's good people.
He's a mad scientist. He always makes you think. He's an original and he is unique.

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RiPPa said...

The NAACP's latest beef with the Tea Party, probably had more to do with them trynna live down the fact that Wells Fargo sponsored their shindig this year. If you remember, they sued Wells Fargo for predatory lending only to drop the lawsuit after funds were exchanged.

Dirty Red said...

You see what I see. Some shit needs to change.

I could not have said it better.

Thanks for the love Ma. I will be honored to add you to my blog roll.

Well you know the old saying, If you play in the mud, don't complain about getting dirty.

MoMo said...

"I have blogged before how White People are the best hustlers known to man, and it never ceases to amaze me how they can hoodwink an entire Planet into thinking that their way is the only way."

lol that was the best part....but seriously, the NAACP needs a set of new eyes, they can't seem to pick the Worthy and Right battles to fight. For instance, the California chapter of the NAACP plans to back the initiative to legalize weed in Cali, the reason listed was because too many blacks are going to jail for possesion as opposed to other races. If its legalized, then we won't have that problem. funny isn't it?

David Sullivan said...

You left out the forth category of right wingers which are black men who haven't looked in the mirror since pre-voting you doin' DR?