Monday, August 23, 2010

Does the Christian God really have a soft spot for these here "United" States of America?

A lot of talk has been attributed to the President's choice of God's these past coupla weeks. Even more talk has been attributed to the building of a mosque near Ground Zero.

Notice I said "near" Ground Zero.
If you watch CNN, MSNBC, FAUX Bullshit and all the other propaganda "news" organizations, you probably thought that the "terrorists" that are lobbying for it to be built are planning on putting it right in the middle of the hole left by Twin Towers that "they" blew up.
But no, it is actually slated to be built TWO BLOCKS away.
Which begs the question, Why all the hoopla?

I have one answer for ya.....

This here country of "ours" only has room for 1 deity, all those other "MONKEY GODS" need to go to the country down the street; because we don't serve their kind here.

Yep that's right folks, this here is a land of "Christians;" and since we were attacked by all of Islam on 9-11, they are not welcome here. It even says it on our money, "In God we Trust". GOD, bitches, not "Muhammed", Buddha, or Alien Number 1 (from the Scientology faith).

And we definitely don't want a closet Muslim sitting in the house designed by our "Christian" forefathers, now do we?
I mean if you let some people tell it, If your pops, who you only saw twice in your life, was a drug dealing gangbanger, then you are automatically a drug dealing gangbanger too, right?
I mean how does that look to the rest of the world?
We are a nation of "Christian" values for Christs sake!!!
I mean wasn't Jesus crucified right on the South Lawn of the White House?
This is a sacred and blessed country people!

Why do you think we are so loved all around the world?
If you happen to look up in the sky above Sarah Palin, Newt Gringritch, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and all the Tea-bag leaders as well as all the Republicans that work in the Capitol of everything "Christian"  (i.e Washington DC) houses, I am sure that you will see the smiling face of Jesus Christ looking down on all of his "children".

We are a nation of blessed Jesus lovers; and it is evident in the way our country was being ran(before the closet muslim moved into the house built for Christians only).
That is why we felt the need to invade a sovereign country that posed no threat to us. The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob told his children it was OK. We only saved that country from an eternity of being tortured in Hell.
Jesus told the leaders of this country, his beloved, to take money from the poor and give it to the rich. In his name of course.
God appeared in the Situation Room of the White House and held a conference with his faithful followers and told them they had his blessing to spy on innocent American's under the quise of National Security and to throw anybody into secret prisons that protested in any way. He told them that we had to root the traitors out of his land by any means necessary.
The Twelve Apostles appeared to the founders and hosts of Fox news and told them to spread the word by any means to the non-believers of the world and to discredit anyone that disagreed or choose to think for themselves.

Yep, all the woe that has fallen on our God Blessed country the past coupla of 10 years is solely the fault of  that closet Muslim Nigga that had the audacity to think he was American enough live in the house that was built with the sweat of children born of Abraham.
We are being punished for our sinful ways and the Islams are coming to destroy everything that our God promised us.
All you non Christians out there in blog land better look out!!!!
You are being targeted by the red dot of Jesus's blood and you will be destroyed!!!

Amen and Amen.
May God bless America..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just tell me how you really feel....

I have blogged before on how we as American Black people can be so damn hypocritical at times.

This is not going to be another blog on that subject.

This is going to be a blog on how some the majority of White People just do not understand us.
I am talking about Dr. Laura's "nigga this and nigga that" rant on her national radio show. She has since issued an apology, but why? Why is she apologizing? Isn't it obvious that she said exactly what was on her mind and the minds of her listeners? So who is the apology for?

I have been a witness to racism all my natural born Black  life. I have been called niggers, coons, moolies and any other word that can be used to take my self worth from me. I have been harassed by Johnnie-law, followed around stores, stopped from going into clubs, served poorly at local restaurants, been denied loans when my credit and work history were impeccable, and judged to be worth nothing just because of the way I looked. So I consider myself an expert when it comes to matters of race here in this land of so much tolerance.

I also consider myself an expert on White people in general. I have studied them my entire adult life, because I wanted to know what it is that they considered so bad about people that looked like me.Of course there are a few that surprise me, but on the whole White people are cowards when it comes to admitting how they really feel about race matters in this country. They refuse to just open up and let all their inner feelings out, so they fuck up and do shit like what Dr.Laura, Mel Gibson, Dog the Bounty Hunter, that crazy dude from Seinfield and a host of others have done...They stick their entire leg in their mouths and then have to go back and do fake-ass apology tours on Larry King in an effort to salvage their careers.

If they were real with themselves and the people around them from the start, then legs would have not been inserted into mouths in the first place.

White people are scared. They are losing their majority status in the land that was "given" to them by their God. They are nervous that the laws that were written for them, by them is now being used against them. Being the majority means having the majority of the power and they are losing that on all levels.
Back in the days White people could do what ever the fuck they wanted with no repercussions. If they wanted to lynch a Black man, then that Black man was lynched.  If they did not want a family of color buying the house next to theirs, then the house was not bought by a family of color. If they wanted to go across the border and bring back 10 or 20 brown people to maintain their lawns, cook their food, babysit their kids, pick their fruit or whatever else they didn't feel like doing; then it was all good, they were white so it was alright. If they wanted to have sex with  the pretty dark girl that lived out in the back of the main house  in the shed, then there was nothing the pretty dark girl could do about it.

But those days have come and gone.

That is the good ole days that most Tea-baggers are talking about that they want to come back.
But if I was to tell them that I consider that a racist remark, I am pulling the race card, I am hypersensitive, I am a reverse racist.
If I tell them that I consider the confederate flag a symbol of hate and intolerance, then I don't understand. It is a symbol of their southern heritage.

If I tell them that affirmative action is still needed in this country to maintain the balance in the work place, then I am condoning giving people shit that didn't work for it.
If I voted for a Black man to be President, then I voted solely on the fact that he was Black, not on his qualifications.
If I point out the fact that most White People get a slap on the wrist  from the same shit that gets a Black person 25 with a L in a state or federal prison, then I am told that they had the same opportunities that they had and they just choose the wrong path.
When I point out the fact that positive images of Black people and other people of color are  sorely needed and they are lacking in every media that is afforded to us on a daily basis, I am given examples of 1 or 2 Blacks that have made it....(i.e. Oprah, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods) so I am not taken seriously.

To most White people race is a problem that is being exploited by Black people, so they ignore what they see. They refuse to acknowledge what they would cry bloody murder over if the roles were reversed.They refuse to live by the very book they said that this country is based on. And when someone calls them out about their behavior, they pull the same race card that they decry others from using. Or either they get some brainwashed House Nigger to stand by them and proclaim in their loudest step-and-fetchit voice that they are good White Folk, and that Black people need to calm down and get back in our place.

So in my opinion White People are cowards.

Not all of them, but a good few. I will admit that without the help of White People, I would probably have been auctioned off by now. I would not have the opportunities that I have. For every Black man that stood up and fought back against the status qou, there were 2 White men that backed him up. Harriet Tubman would not have succeeded in freeing so many Slaves if somebody White did not have her back.

It is what it is.

But as a whole, White people of today are cowards when it comes to race matters. They don't understand the mental impact of being discriminated against has had on people of color.

In the words of Dough-Boy, "Either they don't know or they don't show what's really going on in the hood."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know....

I have been in Northeastern PA for the past 2 weeks. My job sent me up here for the continuation of the leadership course I took back in November. At least I think it was in November.....
Anyways.... I could not live up here. Everything up this bitch closes as soon as the sun goes down, you have to drive 20 damn minutes to get anywhere and all these woods are starting to make me nervous. It gets dark as hell up here at night. I will be glad when Sunday gets here so I can get my ass back to my element. The only good thing about this damn place is the weather. It has been pretty nice the whole time I been here... I mean nice compared to the triple digits back in Dallas, but this is not what I wanted to talk about......

What I want to discuss is what is in the bible. Or what is not in the bible anyway.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth".Genesis 1:1

Everybody knows that passage right? And Christians are taught to believe that everything as we know it was created by God. I believe that even though I am not a Christian. We are also taught that everything has a beginning and everything has an end, right?
I mean nothing just pops out of thin air and says, 'It's me bitches!'
Everything was created and planned by God.
I do not believe in evolution and I do not understand anybody that does. How anyone can open their eyes every morning they wake up; see all the natural beauty around them and not give God his props is an idiot to me.
Which brings me back to what I got away from. again....

Who created God?

If everything has a beginning; then where is God's?
Does thinking that God just appeared one day millions of years ago and said, 'I am the only motherfucker here! Ain't this a about a bitch? I can't live like this! I think I am going to create some things in my image that I can play around with.... All this infinity shit is boring....' make any sense?

Why are we suppose to believe that God is the only thing that just appeared out of thin air?
And if we are to beleive that, then are the "big bang theory" people right?
Did we all really evolve from the planet of the apes?
And if we did, what did the Apes evolve from and why are there still Apes, if we all came from them? I mean I have not seen any man give an interview to Mike Wallace from 60 minutes talking  about how 25 years ago he was swinging through the trees in Africa.

Why is our beginning mentioned in the "good Book" and not the beginning of the person who made us?
Why was that left out?
Didn't the men that wrote the Bible think that little bit of information might be important to people that like to think?

I mean to me it is just like learning your families history. I mean it is good to know if your Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was a diabetic or had cancer or bad breath or if he was pigeon toed or not.

Yeah I said it.... What?

I know, I know. I am dead wrong for this post and I am pretty sure all the people that read my words that take every word in the Bible literally, will either delete my blog or write a scathing comment telling me I got a first class ticket on the Hell Bus for questioning God's word.

Well if that is the case, if I am going to be judged by people that are going against the book that they can quote by heart; that I believe says, 'Judge not least ye be judged', I will be at the bar at Hotel ala Hell with a hot drink waiting on you..