Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know....

I have been in Northeastern PA for the past 2 weeks. My job sent me up here for the continuation of the leadership course I took back in November. At least I think it was in November.....
Anyways.... I could not live up here. Everything up this bitch closes as soon as the sun goes down, you have to drive 20 damn minutes to get anywhere and all these woods are starting to make me nervous. It gets dark as hell up here at night. I will be glad when Sunday gets here so I can get my ass back to my element. The only good thing about this damn place is the weather. It has been pretty nice the whole time I been here... I mean nice compared to the triple digits back in Dallas, but this is not what I wanted to talk about......

What I want to discuss is what is in the bible. Or what is not in the bible anyway.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth".Genesis 1:1

Everybody knows that passage right? And Christians are taught to believe that everything as we know it was created by God. I believe that even though I am not a Christian. We are also taught that everything has a beginning and everything has an end, right?
I mean nothing just pops out of thin air and says, 'It's me bitches!'
Everything was created and planned by God.
I do not believe in evolution and I do not understand anybody that does. How anyone can open their eyes every morning they wake up; see all the natural beauty around them and not give God his props is an idiot to me.
Which brings me back to what I got away from. again....

Who created God?

If everything has a beginning; then where is God's?
Does thinking that God just appeared one day millions of years ago and said, 'I am the only motherfucker here! Ain't this a about a bitch? I can't live like this! I think I am going to create some things in my image that I can play around with.... All this infinity shit is boring....' make any sense?

Why are we suppose to believe that God is the only thing that just appeared out of thin air?
And if we are to beleive that, then are the "big bang theory" people right?
Did we all really evolve from the planet of the apes?
And if we did, what did the Apes evolve from and why are there still Apes, if we all came from them? I mean I have not seen any man give an interview to Mike Wallace from 60 minutes talking  about how 25 years ago he was swinging through the trees in Africa.

Why is our beginning mentioned in the "good Book" and not the beginning of the person who made us?
Why was that left out?
Didn't the men that wrote the Bible think that little bit of information might be important to people that like to think?

I mean to me it is just like learning your families history. I mean it is good to know if your Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was a diabetic or had cancer or bad breath or if he was pigeon toed or not.

Yeah I said it.... What?

I know, I know. I am dead wrong for this post and I am pretty sure all the people that read my words that take every word in the Bible literally, will either delete my blog or write a scathing comment telling me I got a first class ticket on the Hell Bus for questioning God's word.

Well if that is the case, if I am going to be judged by people that are going against the book that they can quote by heart; that I believe says, 'Judge not least ye be judged', I will be at the bar at Hotel ala Hell with a hot drink waiting on you..

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Reggie said...

If the good book were to begin with "It's me bitches!"; then it would most assuredly end with "Deuces motherfucker!!"

Seriously, this is a really interesting and thought provoking post!!!

I know how you feel about being stuck out in the middle of creation and wondering when you could hurry up and get back home. Once my company sent me to Nashville. I stayed there a solid week and I didn't see a full set of teeth that whole week.