Friday, August 13, 2010

Just tell me how you really feel....

I have blogged before on how we as American Black people can be so damn hypocritical at times.

This is not going to be another blog on that subject.

This is going to be a blog on how some the majority of White People just do not understand us.
I am talking about Dr. Laura's "nigga this and nigga that" rant on her national radio show. She has since issued an apology, but why? Why is she apologizing? Isn't it obvious that she said exactly what was on her mind and the minds of her listeners? So who is the apology for?

I have been a witness to racism all my natural born Black  life. I have been called niggers, coons, moolies and any other word that can be used to take my self worth from me. I have been harassed by Johnnie-law, followed around stores, stopped from going into clubs, served poorly at local restaurants, been denied loans when my credit and work history were impeccable, and judged to be worth nothing just because of the way I looked. So I consider myself an expert when it comes to matters of race here in this land of so much tolerance.

I also consider myself an expert on White people in general. I have studied them my entire adult life, because I wanted to know what it is that they considered so bad about people that looked like me.Of course there are a few that surprise me, but on the whole White people are cowards when it comes to admitting how they really feel about race matters in this country. They refuse to just open up and let all their inner feelings out, so they fuck up and do shit like what Dr.Laura, Mel Gibson, Dog the Bounty Hunter, that crazy dude from Seinfield and a host of others have done...They stick their entire leg in their mouths and then have to go back and do fake-ass apology tours on Larry King in an effort to salvage their careers.

If they were real with themselves and the people around them from the start, then legs would have not been inserted into mouths in the first place.

White people are scared. They are losing their majority status in the land that was "given" to them by their God. They are nervous that the laws that were written for them, by them is now being used against them. Being the majority means having the majority of the power and they are losing that on all levels.
Back in the days White people could do what ever the fuck they wanted with no repercussions. If they wanted to lynch a Black man, then that Black man was lynched.  If they did not want a family of color buying the house next to theirs, then the house was not bought by a family of color. If they wanted to go across the border and bring back 10 or 20 brown people to maintain their lawns, cook their food, babysit their kids, pick their fruit or whatever else they didn't feel like doing; then it was all good, they were white so it was alright. If they wanted to have sex with  the pretty dark girl that lived out in the back of the main house  in the shed, then there was nothing the pretty dark girl could do about it.

But those days have come and gone.

That is the good ole days that most Tea-baggers are talking about that they want to come back.
But if I was to tell them that I consider that a racist remark, I am pulling the race card, I am hypersensitive, I am a reverse racist.
If I tell them that I consider the confederate flag a symbol of hate and intolerance, then I don't understand. It is a symbol of their southern heritage.

If I tell them that affirmative action is still needed in this country to maintain the balance in the work place, then I am condoning giving people shit that didn't work for it.
If I voted for a Black man to be President, then I voted solely on the fact that he was Black, not on his qualifications.
If I point out the fact that most White People get a slap on the wrist  from the same shit that gets a Black person 25 with a L in a state or federal prison, then I am told that they had the same opportunities that they had and they just choose the wrong path.
When I point out the fact that positive images of Black people and other people of color are  sorely needed and they are lacking in every media that is afforded to us on a daily basis, I am given examples of 1 or 2 Blacks that have made it....(i.e. Oprah, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods) so I am not taken seriously.

To most White people race is a problem that is being exploited by Black people, so they ignore what they see. They refuse to acknowledge what they would cry bloody murder over if the roles were reversed.They refuse to live by the very book they said that this country is based on. And when someone calls them out about their behavior, they pull the same race card that they decry others from using. Or either they get some brainwashed House Nigger to stand by them and proclaim in their loudest step-and-fetchit voice that they are good White Folk, and that Black people need to calm down and get back in our place.

So in my opinion White People are cowards.

Not all of them, but a good few. I will admit that without the help of White People, I would probably have been auctioned off by now. I would not have the opportunities that I have. For every Black man that stood up and fought back against the status qou, there were 2 White men that backed him up. Harriet Tubman would not have succeeded in freeing so many Slaves if somebody White did not have her back.

It is what it is.

But as a whole, White people of today are cowards when it comes to race matters. They don't understand the mental impact of being discriminated against has had on people of color.

In the words of Dough-Boy, "Either they don't know or they don't show what's really going on in the hood."

Truer words have never been spoken.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Man you are in fine form on this post!

Tricia said...

Very well put. Thank you! :-)

CareyCarey said...

Is that all? Well, we don't want to show our hold card, but we both know that list is a mile long.

Coward is a good word, but you and I know that list is also a mile long.

Yep, in short, you just about covered it, but we both know they ain't trying to hear the truth.

But you know what, that house negro you spoke of needs to hear this. Oh yeah! If the white man is a coward (most of them) what can we call the po house nigga? Well, we could call him the suck-ass coward. Better yet, we could just call him a damn fool or a black tool.

Joanna said...

"They don't understand the mental impact of being discriminated against has had on people of color."

They don't understand and they don't care. When they WERE discriminated against (for example when Jews, Irish and Italians first came to this country to be met by anti-immigrant sentiment) instead of LEARNING from the experience, and using the knowledge of the pain is caused them to work towards a more just society, they decided to bed over backwards to assimilate and be accepted by WASPs. And the best way to do that was to become even more virulently racist then the WASPs.

Joanna said...


Dirty Red said...

Thank's Bigman and Tricia. I appreciate it.

Yeah I could have written a post just on what you said, but this was the frame of mind I was in at the time.

You know I never thought of it in that way before. They damn sho was discriminated against when they voluntary left their home-land to come here. This shit is a trip huh?

And to all of the people that commented in characters....
I cannot understand that mess. So I have and will continue to delete the comments left like that... Either change your browser settings so I can read your comments, or comment on a site that supports your stuff. I appreciate the fact that you took time to read and comment on my lil 'ole blog, but come on son, get it right!!!

Dirty Red said...

Oh I almost forgot.....
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I deleted your shit also. I am not getting paid to advertise your site so I am not going to advertise your site. This is not a blog for that.
I am also not in the market for a damn wedding dress or anything else that has to do with marriage... Been there done that....Not interested.

Joanna said...

Dirty Red... not sure what I did, but I must have put something in my blog that prevented those spam and unintelligible messages, cuz they seem to get deleted automatically as soon as they show up..... if I figure out what I did to make that happen, I will let you know

John T. said...

I would agree that it displays a great deal of cowardice when the "apology" tours begin. It is repulsive. Why exactly is an apology warranted and who imposes this sense of need? It isn't blacks. No, indeed it is other whites. The disinegenous white liberals who insist that for "race relations" to improve black behinds must be collectively kissed at all times.
An idiotic concept for certain.

If (and that is a big "if") getting along among our assigned collectives is a desirable goal then mutual respect is necessary. It doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to understand that a groveling, captitulating, drone can never ever be respected. It is far more likely that a committed and open enemy is respected (even if not liked)than someone on their knees.
For instance, I admire Malcolm X, and despise MLK. How much better off would both blacks and whites be if they put took the words of Malcolm X to heart? I do my dead level best to get more whites to look past the propganda and examine Malcolm X then apply that to our own people. More and more are starting to listen.

Even "honest" Abe understood way back when; You and we are different races…. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated. …

I do not propose to discuss this, but to present it as a fact with which we have to deal. …. I need not recount to you the effects upon white men, growing out of the institution of Slavery. … See our present condition---the country engaged in war!---our white men cutting one another's throats, none knowing how far it will extend; and then consider what we know to be the truth. But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Nevertheless, I repeat, without the institution of Slavery and the colored race as a basis, the war could not have an existence."

But you are right that I don't understand blacks. I don't understand why the majority of those who adhere to identity politics chose to cling so tightly, and fight so tirelessly for greater inclusion in the very world that they decry so much as a source of oppression. This is cowardly as well. Like an abused woman who will not leave her accussed abuser.
Maybe I do understand black folks afterall.

Dirty Red said...

I would give you 10 cyber-kisses and hugs if you could do that for me!! Those comments get on my damn nerves!!

John T,
I agree with most of your comment, it is very refreshing to read a comment that was as honest and truthful as yours. However....

"Maybe I do understand black folks after all."

I beg to differ good sir. You will never understand what it is like wake up Black every day of your natural born life in a country as hypocritical as this one. And from your comment I kinda read between the lines and gathered that you would prefer that all people that don't need sun block in order to enjoy a day at the beach needs to leave this place. Is that what you were trying to say? If it was, then why didn't you just say it? I would not have gotten offended. That is your opinion and that is why I write this blog; to get other opinions besides my own. But in response your un-said but implied comment; Why the hell should we leave? What would this place be without us? People that looked like me built this place from the ground up, while people that looked like you sat on the porch with a glass of lemon-aide, that was made by a woman that could have been my Grandmother by the way, and watched. Everything about America screams of the influence of African Americans. But I guess in your eyes we are the problem. And if we left then problem solved. Well I think that was a cowardly thing to "imply" Sir. You just proved my entire point.
You will never understand me man, but I damn sho feel you.

If it was not your intent to imply that America would be a better place if it were lily white, then I apologize, but if I am right, Fuck you.

Joanna said...

Dirty Red- apparently blogger just released a spam filter for their blogs. I was getting spam comments until just a few days ago, and then they stopped. When you go to comments on your blog design page there is now an extra box for spam. You can check the messages that have been set aside as spam, PLUS you can go back over published messages and mark them as spam (I guess that will increase the effectiveness of the filter) Not sure when this was released, but I believe it is fairly new. That's all I have found about it....hope that helps!!

Joanna said...

Dirty Red- apparently blogger just released a spam filter for their blogs. I was getting spam comments until just a few days ago, and then they stopped. When you go to comments on your blog design page there is now an extra box for spam. You can check the messages that have been set aside as spam, PLUS you can go back over published messages and mark them as spam (I guess that will increase the effectiveness of the filter) Not sure when this was released, but I believe it is fairly new. That's all I have found about it....hope that helps!!

♥LoVe.Peace.Curls.♥ said...

This is an amazing post...and you covered it all. I was just talking to a professor the other day, about how pointless it is for people in the public eye to go on these ridiculous "Apology" trips, when they knew good and well the impact their racist ass words were going to cause in the first place. As many times now as this has happened, it should come as no surprise to them. These things aren't even said in the "heat of the moment" so what's the real excuse? I don't buy it AT ALL. An apology isn't going to change the racist ass remarks being made, or the racist ass thoughts and feelings that tumbled out with them. When it comes to the "N-word", I believe (and always have believed) that the majority of white people use it on the regular anyway. The only variation I see is who they're bold enough to say it around.