Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey man, before we get in this fox-hole and fight these people that are shooting at us, I have to ask....Do you think I'm sexy?

For all the faithful readers of this here way of sharing my thoughts to anyone that wants to read them;this is old news for you.

I am in the United States Army. I have been for 12 years. 10 years active duty and the last 2 in the reserves.
I love the military and it took me getting out to realize it. The military saved my life quite literally. If I had not joined the Army right after high school, I know where I would have ended up. Jail or dead. I say this because I was fascinated with the "thug-life". I was in love with the streets. As a matter of fact about a year before I joined the Army, I was asked by a school counselor what I wanted to be as an adult. I replied without blinking an eye, "The biggest drug dealer in the city." Those were my ambitions. That's  what I really wanted as a career.
Slanging rocks in my city.
Looking back on that, I realize how young and stupid I was. Looking back on my youth I realize how fortunate and blessed I have been. Most of the cats I grew up with that stayed in the streets, ended up exactly how I would have; locked up in a cage or locked up in a box six feet below the earth. Some of us matured enough to realize how dumb we were, and we are leading happy, productive and honest lives, but "some" does not account for many.

So when I say the Army saved my life, I mean that shit.
I take the military life very seriously. I for one would like to see a law that would mandate military service for all kids right after high school.
2 years.
After 2 years they would have the choice to stay or go, but either way they would have the discipline needed to accomplish whatever they wanted to accomplish.

But that is just my opinion.

Congress or should I say Rethuglicans just voted to leave "Don't ask Don't tell" in tact.
I think that this was dumb.
Gay men and women have served in the military since this country had a military.
I personally could give a shit what a man or a woman chooses to do in their personal lives. It does not matter to me if a dude in my unit likes dudes or if a woman cuts for women. I mean why should it?  How does a person's sexual choice affect how I do my job? How I live my life?

Everyone in the Army has known a soldier that was Gay or a soldier that they suspected of being  Gay.

Did it stop the mission?
Did it affect unit cohesion?

So what is the big deal?
Why all the opposition?

In my opinion this is a pure cut example of discrimination. If a person was kicked out of the military for being Black, Hispanic or bald, there would be hell to pay.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not comparing what Gay people are going through to what Blacks and Hispanics are going through on a daily basis.
There is no comparison.
Black people paved the road with blood that Gay people and Hispanics are marching on now. So there is no comparison.

But I still think it is wrong to discriminate against someone just because you disagree with who they go home to at night.
I do not understand how a man can be attracted to and be in love with another man. The same goes with women.
I do not understand how a man can be sexually attracted to another man. To me it just don't make sense.
But that is me.
Gay people deserve to be treated with the same respect that I have been blessed to receive.
Just because I don't understand it and I cannot see living my life like that, does not give me the right to disrespect their right to live how they want to live.

I just wish those same fake, homophobic, hypocritical, hiding in the closet politicians would see the world as I see it and stop trying to tell people how they should live when most of them do not live how they want others to.


Reggie said...

Before I say anything, I have to say thank you for serving!!! It's because of Americans like you that the rest of us can enjoy the multitude of freedoms that your sacrifice makes possible.

Sincerely, thank you.

I couldn't really agree with your opinion more in this matter. If any forward thinking person would sit and consider it for a few minutes, they'd see that denying someone's right to serve based on their sexual orientation is Un-American, plain and simple.

How or why anyone could attempt to make the argument in the other direction is almost laughable to me. We civilians work in offices for companies that ALL employ gay and lesbian Americans as well. The rest of us just deal with it. It is what it is. In every office I've worked in there has been some miserable SOB on the downlow. Faking it til they can make it. They're always miserable and unhappy and they seem to strive to make everyone around them unhappy. It's just stupid to put people through that. It's unnecessary. We live in a free country........or we say it is anyway.

I have faith in our military personnel. They can make it work. I suspect that even if this were appealed, that most men would be wary about telling a bunch of other men that carried guns that they were gay anyway. It might not be the smart thing to do.

But regardless, as Americans we can do better.

Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

I agree on your perspective on gays in the military... I mean who I screw has nothing to do with my work ethic. Should therefore have nothing to do with my being employed..

However... I must say I am thankful that it is not up to you to pass laws regarding military service. Two years mandatory service in the military? Absolutely not. But I realize this is not what your post is about and you are looking through the eyes of someone who saw it for saving you life, not from the perspective of how it could completely stifle the development of or encouragement of another's creativity.

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