Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Masturbation causes hairy palms....

I was not going to write about Eddie "Long-stoking" Long and technically this is not going to be about him.
Even though I must say that the recent "shocking" revelations that have been in the media for the past week about the Bishops' allegedly sexual explotation of several young men in his flock......Was not so shocking to me.

I have kin-folk that live in the ATL that used to attend the Bishop's show faithfully every Sunday and 3 more days of the week.
Notice I said USED to.....

There have been rumors of what this dude was doing floating around ATL for years.
YEARS people!

It was only a matter of time before he pissed one of his boy-toys off and their "unwanted" affair was posted on u-tube. I mean come on people, think about it for a hot minute....
How come while the trips,cars,jewelry and clothes that Bishop Longstroke was "supposedly" doling out on the regular was being doled out on the regular,nothing was said? How come when college tuition was being paid and expensive dinners were being ate, mouths were shut? Well maybe mouths were not shut, but no complaints were being issued from the mouths that were open. Or maybe the mouths could not say anything because they were full of the Bishop's longness?

The way I see it is the BOYS turned into MEN and the Bishop likes his meat young, so there lies the problem, and the BOYS didn't like it, so now all of a sudden the Bishop took advantage of them.

I could be wrong and if I am.....Then it ain't the first or last time....And if I offended any of the Bishops followers....well.... get over it.... My heart bleeds for your feelings.....

Now may I get on with what I want to get on with?

Even though what the Bishop "supposedly" did was morally, spiritually and professionally dead ass wrong and I am not condoning it in the least, there is a bigger problem under the surface.

Americans have a problem with sex.
And that goes double with Black Americans.

Sex is taboo. Sex is evil. Sex should be practiced behind closed locked doors and blacked out windows, with only one person. For.The.Rest. Of. Your. Natural. Life.
We should not do this. We should not put that there, Don't put that in your mouth.We should not touch that. Doing that will cause blindness or make you go bald. That is unnatural. The Bible says this, the Bible says if you do that then Satan is waiting on you in Hell with a bag full of whatever you did waiting to stick it in your unmentionables for all eternity.

This is what we are taught. This is what is drilled into us from the cradle to the grave.

So is it any wonder that some people do what society has always told them is wrong when they think no one is watching?
Is it any wonder that America has the most sexual crimes of any "civilized" nation on earth?

If this "free" nation would actually let people be free to be who and what they are, as long as nobody was getting raped, killed, maimed or molested, Bishop Long's would not exist.
If this "Christian" nation would stop hiding behind the cross and the book they only bring out when it is convenient for them at the time and actually practice what they preach, then the Catholic Church would have been abolished centuries ago.

I am not saying that I am giving a pass to all the sexual predators that walk the same streets our loved ones walk on....I am saying that this country's views on sex is out-dated and hypocritical.

The same people that are making our laws and "teaching" us what not to do and what God says we need to be doing regarding sex are the main ones out filling up the jaws of innocent young men and women with dick.

All in the name of the Constitution, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

So that is the problem that breeds problems like Bishop Long, the Catholic Church, Republicans, rapists, child molesters and ignorant people that attack other people for doing what they like to do when they think they can get away with it.


truth said...

Good post,
It's interesting that folk in Atlanta knew for years about Mr. Long but still supported him. It shows hypocrisy is not regulated to one race or another, but it's a human characteristic that we all struggle with.

In honest conservation about sex would be helpful in this country. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Whenever a hot topic subject like "sex" is brought up, fear tends to dictate the conservation.

Therefore, "You're going to hell for looking at ass" reaction will probably continue to be around for long time to come.

It is what it is.

Reggie said...

My name is Reggie and I love fucking.

While I love fucking, I do legal fucking. I don't fuck children or underage girls. I try to abide by the law.....whenever possible.

I have broken the law before, but I've only broken what I see as outdated laws. The way I see it, anything that I can do with another adult woman (without the use of electrical equipment) is a wholly natural act.

We Americans are full of shit by nature and many of us are sexually repressed. We see evil where none exists and we see goodness where evil exists. We're a contradiction in terms, but it is what it is.

My name is Reggie and I love fucking.

Reggie said...

....oh and by the way. I'd prefer if no one looked at my hairy palms. There is a completely logical reason for that, I'm part Bigfoot on my father's side.

Network Guru said...

Re: The bishop Eddie "spongebob Gaypants" Long...dude get out of my head!! I said the exact same thing to my girl the other night(well..not word for word but you get my drift). There is no way people didn't know about him and his longing to be the ATL Chapter President of NAMBLA....but I digress....

I'll comment on the other puritan stuff later...

Dirty Red said...

Man where the hell have you been?
Thank's for remembering how to get here man...I miss your insight on thangs. But yelp, folks in the ATL have been knowing about this dude. But he is a prominent Black man and you know that prominent Black men are always targets, so they were protecting their "brother" from the "man". You know how we do.

You are a damn fool.
My name is Anthony aka Dirty Red,
and I too love fucking.....
And I also have a little sasquatch on my Great Grandpops side.

Thanks for the comment man. I guess that this shit has been on a lot of people's minds.