Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hate is a powerful emotion

If you were a United States Congressman or Senator, what would be your priorities?

Would it be the welfare and overall good will of your constituents? Would it be the security of the country you took an oath to protect? Would you want your people to be gainfully employed?

What about education for all the youth in your assigned area?
Or maybe you might want to stop corruption within your ranks so that the perception that the average person has of politicians would change for the better?

Or would the hate and disdain you hold for the man that sits in the seat you want outweigh what it is you took an oath to do?

Mitch Mcdonnell (R) Kentucky said in a recent interview with the National Journal, that the single most important priority for the congress after the midterm elections is and I quote, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president".


That is the "single most important thing", to Rethuglicans?


That is their plan after they win back the House and Senate?

Now in the fool's state that made this as-sine comment, the people are more concerned with the economy.
You see Kentucky has a 10.1 unemployment rate. They are more concerned with jobs than they are with education. And they probably could give a good damn about who is in office, as long as they have food on the table and their bills are paid.

But according to the man that represents them, making sure that the current HNIC fails is more important to him and others like him. He could give a fuck about what really concerns the people that make sure that HE has food on the table and that HIS bills are paid.

His hatred towards the President of the United States outweighs the concerns of his constituents.

And this is why I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can support the Rethuglican Party; especially a Black or Latino person.
They are so full of contradictions and hypocrisy it ain't funny.

It also amazes me why the Dumocrats are not leading in every poll out right now. What the fuck are they doing? Why are they not capitalizing on  the fuck-ups, racism and gaffs that are in the news concerning Rethuglicans on a daily basis? Don't they know the code of the streets; If you kill one of mine, I am going to kill 5 of yours?

Anybody that knows anything about politricks knows that during a Presidents first term, he always loses the House or Senate during midterm elections. What is going on now is not surprising, it is the way it always goes.


In this case...Why are they losing? After the train wreck that this country is just now starting to recover from; that was initiated by Republicans;it would make sense that the Dumocrats would be Deion Sanders dancing towards the finish line.

But instead they are sucking hind tit.
If they lose and they are going to lose, it is their own fault.
Democrats are weak.
Democrats are too busy trying to look sane and rational instead of getting down in the trenches with all the blood and guts that accompany warfare.
If Democrats were celebrities, they would be the AL B Sure pretty boy, sensitive looking niggas, (no disrespect intended Reggie...It just seems like the perfect analogy to get my point across. LOL) instead of the Wesley Snipes "cancel that bitch" looking niggas.

I do not understand it.
But at least I got my 2 cents in. I made sure that how I am feeling got known.
It may not make too big of a difference, but at least my say was heard.
I cannot stand the weak-ass, take a nigga for granted Democratic Party, but I would rather get up on stage with Lady Gaga wearing a deer-meat g-string than support a group of people that has let it be known without any kind of doubt that we are enemies.

Besides, no matter how much I hate the Dumocratic Party, the enemy of my enemy is my new BFF.


Reggie said...

I was too busy shaking my head at that Al B Sure line to see the line behind it.


Leave Al B alone, he ain't been relevant or in style since the 80s.

Why are the Democrats behind in the polls?!? That's a good question. I think that the answer is because they're not smart enough to brag about their accomplishments. There was no reason under the sun why Al Gore could lose to George W. Bush after being the vice president in an administration that oversaw so much prosperity for our country. No reason other than Al Gore was a plastic man that did as much as he could do to distance himself from the man with the zipper problem. Al acted like he wasn't even in that administration........and he lost. Now Democrats have enacted healthcare reform, which is popular with more than 60% of our population and yet they're scared to talk about it. The war in Iraq is winding down, due to President Obama and yet the Democrats are scared to talk about that as well.

Why these poor ignorant toothless people go out in their millions and vote Republican is beyond me. Most of the people running couldn't give a damn less what happens to the poor. They clearly don't seem to care and yet those poor minimum wage fools show up in droves to vote for them.

Will Capers said...

Someone told me that politics is not about community service; it's business.

I made two summaries on what both parties are all about:

Democrats are afraid of speaking the truth, and even more afraid of taking action that really demonstrates change.

Republicans are the spolied, power hungry thugs, that hate it when things don't go their way, and are so afraid of change.

In the end I wonder why voting is even relevant anymore because in the end, the rich and highly overprivileged wins everytime no matter which party is in office. There has to be losers everytime all the time, and there has to be reasons to hate the losers. That's why so many people blame poor and minority people for the country's problems while maintaining the lie that everything's fair and equal.

There are people that want a change to come, but there are people that don't, and in the end THOSE people will be responsible for the downfall of this nation.