Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is always about race

I do not agree with a whole lot of stuff that comes out of most celebrities mouths, but I do have to agree with Lebron James about race being a factor in how he was perceived after his whole dissing the city of Cleveland on world wide TV.
I don't think race was a major factor in the hostility he has been shown from the people in the dying city he chose to leave; they were just upset that the only reason that people were coming to the "mistake by the lake," was leaving them high and dry. I mean let's be real.....Nobody but Nobody that lives outside the city limits of Cleveland gives a fuck about Cleveland. I would bet my next 3 paychecks that you will not find a Cleveland fan of any sports team in Cleveland that is not from Cleveland or from some surburb of Cleveland. What the fuck is in Cleveland, but abandoned warehouses, a river that was so polluted it actually caught on fire, and crack dealers?
So the hostility and hate he is receiving from his "fans" in Cleveland was genuine. Lebron WAS Cleveland and the "fans" up there know it.
Without him....... Cleveland who? Oh you mean the fat Black dude on Family Guy? That Cleveland?
Yeah I said it....

But the hate that he is receiving from people that probably cannot spell Cleveland?
What reason do they have for hating what he did?
Why are they so upset about him wanting to go from the dark, dying and cold slums of Cleveland, to the warm and vibrant beaches of Miami?
Why are they so upset that this uneducated "thug" did not do what they wanted him to do?
Why does it bother them so much that this overpaid "monkey" chose to do what HE thought was best for him and his family?
Why does it matter if this "uppidity" son of a welfare mom that owned an Escalade while living in the projects, nigga  chose to put his career and legacy ahead of a dying franchise that rode him like Secretariat for 7 damn years?

Why does it matter to them?
Does it matter to them that Bret Farve holds the whole NFL hostage every damn year?
Does it matter to them that Ben Rothlesburger is a damn alcoholic rapist?
What about the fact that damn near every (white)MLB superstar is accused of doping up to keep their jobs?
What about the UFC matches that go on every night in most Hockey arenas around the country?

Does all this matter to them?
Or is this another case of  'Nigger. You need to stay in your place. We made you what you are. You owe us. Without us, you and that babies mama you call a mom would still be living in that one bedroom apartment in Akron. You ungrateful Black Bastard! How dare you! After all we did for you and your "homies" this is the thanks we get? Now get your Black Ass back on this court (in Cleveland though because we have enough of you millionaire, white women stealing darkies here.) with the rest of the jigaboos and dunk that ball!!! You belong to us! At least until you get old...or hurt...and then and only then we will grant you your freedom! Until that time Jig Nigger Jig! Or do you want to go back to that one bedroom hole we found you in? Who do you think you are, NIGGER!'

Could this be what is really on their minds?
Could they be upset that this uneducated Thug had the nerve to tell his "owners" to kiss his entire Black Ass on national Television?
Is this what is really bothering the people that probably thought that the city of Cleveland was in Canada?

Things that make you go Hmmmm...


Reggie said...

There's always gonna be that, the racism train is never late in this country.

One of the best friends I've ever had, Kevin C. McKinley, came from Cleveland. He's the only reason why I show that mistake by the lake any compassion....and you're right, no one outside of Cleveland should care.

But........the whole thing left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I get how the brother has to market himself. If he doesn't do it, no one will. But I just didn't get the whole importance of the thing. He's a great basketball player, but it wasn't that serious. The whole "Decision" was silly to me.

It was clear that he wanted to move on. I didn't care; but to your point, some people cared for the wrong reasons. Those people are always gonna be there, they're not going anywhere. That's just who this country is.

ant14indaflesh said...

I agree with you entirely. I have visited Cleveland far too many times and will be there next month. I am not a fan of Cleveland and actually hate stepping foot in that hell hole of a place. So, I don't blame Lebron one bit for leaving there to better himself. Hell, at least he's trying to take care of his family and not worried about buying fancy cars and trying to be decked out in all the "flossy" ish, that a lot of these athletes nowadays do.

Reggie, I'll have to disagree with you about the "Decision." Granted the build up was ridiculous, but he did raise about 3million dollars for the charity. So, I applaud him for doing him and giving back.

Race plays a part in every day living. Which is ridiculous, but it'll never change.

Rime said...

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Dirty Red said...

Yep Reggie.... This is those people will always be here. And it is a damn shame.

I have a partner that used to live in Cleveland. He has given me all the dirty about that place. I also have a best friend from back home that used to go visit his kinfolk in Cleveland every summer. He used to hate it! He said Cleveland was way more ghetto than where we was from and that is saying a whole helluva lot.

What the hell are you talking about? I have said before how I cannot stand when somebody uses my comment section as free advertiseing for their bullshit....if you want to use my site as a billboard I will require my usual 15%.

Daij said...

I so Cosign with Reggie.

Roy Donald said...

I just wanted to weigh in on what Reggie said. I'm a 45 year old white man who lives inside the Cleveland city limits. And, I have to tell you that I find that "letter" to Lebron by a so called "fan" absolutely disgusting. I do however, think that the entire anger issue with Lebron wouldn't be an issue at all had he gave this whole "decision" news to his press agent to handle. Cleveland's a has been city, true. In the 1920s and 30s, Cleveland was the 7th largest city in America. A thriving metropolis like Detroit once was as well. Cleveland is the mistake on the lake because of the loss of industry, commerce, and the astronomical crime rate that's risen steadily since the 1950's. I was born and raised in Akron (Lebron's hometown). I can tell you this much. The author of that horrible letter to Lebron was very likely an Akronite. I moved to Cleveland in the late 1990's, because I couldn't stand it anymore. Akron is probably the most racist white bread city north of the Mason Dixon line. Many of the kids I grew up around were the sons and grandsons of West Virginians who moved to Akron when the tire-rubber plants were booming in the post WWII 40's and 50's. I used to do slumber parties as a little kid, and would often hear my friend's dads using that disgusting "nigger" word like it was nothing. What made me different from them? I was raised by good parents. Parents who knew racism was an ugly and terrible thing. Finally I moved to Cleveland, where I could be close to my family in Akron, but not have to be around all these redneck white people I knew since childhood. Cleveland no longer has that flare that it had prior to my lifetime. It is a hard city, much like Detroit. I'll never forget one time when I was at St Alexis Hospital on the near east side, being treated in the E.R. when a black woman and her young son stormed through the door, hysterical because they were called by the Cleveland Police and told that her husband was shot during a robbery attempt. Turns out her husband was taken to St Vincent, which was about 3 miles away. I watched the news the following morning, hoping to hear that this woman's husband was still alive. I was heartbroken to learn that he died from his wounds. I will never forget that woman's face full of tears as long as I live. I guess all I'm trying to get at here, is that Cleveland has seen better days. Lebron, being an Akronite and watching local news from Cleveland all throughout his childhood, knows that the city has rarely had much to cheer about. He gave us something to cheer about, by taking us to the finals once, and the final 4 twice. He could have shown the city that embraced him like the prodical son, a litte more respect when deciding to play for the Heat.

That's all.
God Bless.


Ted Holcomb said...

What right do you have to talk bad about Cleveland? Have you ever actually been here long enough to meet members of the community? Yeah, we definitely have our problems (the entire east side of the inner city), but so does every other city. Los Angeles has disgusting, unhealthy smog, New York has horrible traffic and an unreasonable cost of living. But they all have their benefits as well. And so does Cleveland. We have a great, well-developed arts and culture sector. We have a world-renowned orchestra, an art museum with many great works, a well-established theatre district, and a million galleries selling all different kinds of art.

We also have a world-class health sector, and many people come to the Cleveland Clinic from out of town for the healthcare.

We have been screwed by corruption for decades, I will admit that. Our local government leaves a lot to be desired. But one of the biggest reasons Cleveland is so bad off is because people, including those on this blog, spread word of how much of a craphole it is, even if they've never even stepped foot in it, let alone actually experienced any of the good parts of it.

Lebron had every right to go down to Florida. What pisses us Clevelanders off is the fact that he has to make a huge publicity stunt out of it. He's got an enormous ego. Come 20 years from now, nobody's gonna give a rat's ass about him except sports historians. Lebron is not the next Michael Jordan or even Kobe Bryant. He's not on that level. He's got too much ego, and he can't work well on a team. He thinks far too highly of himself, and, if he didn't, he wouldn't have started this publicity stunt.

But, you know what, it's just sports. It's not gonna change how well off Cleveland is. It's not gonna change how well off Miami is. People don't move to places for the sports teams. Sports teams definitely have their place, but the loss of Lebron is not a huge loss for Cleveland. How well we do in sports has absolutely nothing to do with how good of a city we live in.

john divine said...

wtf cleveland isn't that bad, fuck you