Saturday, October 23, 2010

It is better let people think you are an ignorant jack-ass, than to open your fool-ass mouth and prove you are

When the towers fell on 911 I was living in San Antonio, TX.
I was at work in a hot-ass H-E-B grocery chain warehouse. I was busy completing an order that had to be delivered to a store on the East side of the city when one of my co-workers ran up to me and told me we had been attacked by Muslims. I thought he was full of shit and I continued getting my order ready because I was on a time schedule. The guy insisted that I stop what I was doing and head to the break-room to see for myself. I told him that I would as soon as I dropped my order off on the dock. I finished my order and lo and behold, my dude was right. We were attacked. And the perpetrators were Muslim.

Now I admit after the towers fell, for a while I was leery of anybody that looked Arab. They made me nervous. In fact a couple of nights after the towers fell I went to one of my night spots I used to frequent while I lived in that hell-hole of a city and there were some Muslim looking cats in the club. I must have stood in the corner and watched them for about 2 hours.

Yep I said it.

But that feeling of uneasiness only lasted until the shock of the attack passed. I knew that not all Muslims were terrorists; I know a little about the Koran from earlier studies and I knew that the cowards that killed close to 3000 of my fellow Americans were doomed to an eternity in Hell. I knew that Islam does not condone that type of behavior and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. For anybody to look at the actions of one group of people and then condemn the whole group is ignorant.

Besides I also knew from being Black in AmeriKKKa, how it felt(feels) to be judged solely on the way I look(ed).

If you want to get technical about it, Christianity could be demonized just as much as Islam is.
Do  not the biggest terrorists in America, the "white pride" organizations all identify themselves as Christians? 
Are not the most bigoted and ignorant people in this nation of tolerance, all Christian?

In my opinion Christianity has done more harm to the world as we know it than Islam has.
No Islamic country has ever invaded another country on the guise of bringing democracy to it.
I have never seen a Muslim going around disturbing people on early Saturday mornings with good tidings from Allah. But I have had to tell the Latter Day Saints, some Jehovah Witnesses and a couple of others to get the hell off my lawn.

In certain ways I agree with what that slave catcher Juan Williams said on O'liely's show.
But the way he said it was wrong. He condemned a whole sect of people on the actions of one tiny group.
And what makes what he said even more ignorant, none of the 911 hijackers were dressed in the typical Muslim garb. They were dressed like Americans.

I have admitted that 9 years ago, for about 2 or 3 seconds, seeing someone that looked Arab made me nervous. But that only lasted until the sting from getting bitch slapped wore off.

What the hell is this house nigga's excuse?

If O'liely  would have told him that seeing a group of Black men walking toward him on a dark night made him nervous, how would he have reacted? Even though he knew no group of Black men has ever threatened or accosted him in any way? Would he have agreed with him, or would he called dude out for being the racist he is?

I do not think the dude should have lost his gig, because this is supposed to be the land of free speech; and he was not on NPR's clock or air-waves when he stuck his foot in his mouth, but what he said was ignorant and ill timed.

By him being such an "educated and enlightened" man, he should have known better.

However, I cannot knock the fool for telling the world how he really feels....Or was what he said scripted to fit the audience he was in front of?



Reggie said...

The day the towers fell I was working as a staff manager in a telecommunication company in a call center in New Jersey.

I was speaking with one of my reps who was making a lame ass excuse for calling out when he told me that a plane had apparently flown into The World Trade Center. When I got off the phone with him I walked into our communication hub and a few of the technodorks were in there watching the live feed of one of the towers smoking. After a few moments or so another manager that worked in my office (a major in the reserves) came in and laughed that someone would be stupid enough to fly into the towers. I asked him if he thought someone couldn't see that the damned thing was there since it was the largest structure on this side of the Atlantic and I told him someone did it intentionally. About four or five of them were laughing at me when the second plane flew into the other tower on live television. I just looked at them looking shocked and walked out of the room.

I lived in a small town in the eastern part of Jersey, there were people that died in the towers that lived in the town I lived in. I actually lived close enough to see the smoke from the debris for weeks on end.

That day I listened to a lot of hateful things being said. I was angry myself but I never lost sight of the fact that this was an isolated group of people that did this. I heard some of the most racist shit I'd ever heard and I got into two very load conversations with my peers. Hate it hate and it never takes a day off.

I'll never forget that day for a few reasons. First because I was so angry with the people that attacked my country; and secondly, for the hateful things that I heard so many people say about people that wore turbans and robes.

It was just ignorant.

Reggie said...

By the way, you're right religion has been the cause of more death and destruction than anything else since the beginning of mankind.

I'm pretty sure too that Christians have been the cause of the majority of that death and destruction but I'm sure that there are many good Christian white folks here who'd never agree with that reality.