Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to the new Black Racist America

I am so fucking tired of writing about racial shit.

It is so gatdamn depressing. But here we go again on this bullshit....
Since the country elected the first beige President, AmeriKKKa has shown it's true colors.

Now according to a poll that you know was first featured on Rush LimpDicks's show, 91% of Blacks support the President, while only 36% Whites do.
Now according to "drugster" and all his ignorant ass uninformed listeners, this makes Blacks racists.


Now the 74% of the "real" AmeriKKKans that disapprove of the Kenyan that occupies the house that Whites built only disapprove of his policies. Not the man himself......


Does that make sense to any of ya'll?

So let me get this straight.......
If the majority of Blacks like the President of their country and support him, they are racists....But if the majority of Whites don't support him and disrespect him at every turn it is because of his policies?

That's what's hot in the streets?


So all the past Presidents,Senators,Congressmen,Mayors,City Councilmen, Aldermans, Dog-catchers and Salvation Army Presidents that Blacks supported that were not Black was because of what?

Where we racists then too?
What about all the Black Politricksters that DID NOT get the Black vote, what was the cause behind that?

On the other hand what about all the Black Politricksters that Whites did not support, does that make THEM racists? 

What the fuck is wrong with some White people?
Do they listen to some of the bullshit that comes out of their mouths, or do they just say fuck it?

I don't understand this shit. At. All.

There is another "poll" that asks the question if Bush was a better President than Obama....

Why the fuck is this even a damn question?

How soon people forget.

I will be the first to yell that I do not agree with everything that the President has done.

I think that he is too soft on his enemies. I think he needs to make an example of all the people that disrespect not only him as a man, but the office he holds. I think he waits too long to respond to all the Palin's, Newts, Limp-Dicks and becks. He needs to hit them in their chests so hard that their titties touch. He needs to start knocking motherfuckers the fuck out. I think he gets involved in the wrong shit....(I.E. the professor that got embarrassed in his own house and the Mosque in New York thing). Certain things are beneath his position and he needs to know that. He needs to stop pandering to those 74% of white folks that don't like him and concentrate on the people that do. He needs to start yelling from the rooftops about all the accomplishments he has made the past 20 months so that the ignorant people that ask "well what has he done" will shut the fuck up and he needs to tell his "people" to get in line or get the fuck out of the way. He needs to get off that "we are all Americans, can we all just get along" shit and realize that most White Folks and some Black Folks would not support him even if he gave them all a million dollars.

At least this is what I would do if I sat in the big seat.

But for the fools that say that I am a racist just because I support the man that represents the country I was born and raised in... The country I took a vow to protect from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.....The country I have a love-hate relationship with.....Are just that.....Fools.

Fools being lied to by bigger fools.

Fools following Fools.

And they wonder why the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and the rest of the world are surpassing this country at alarming rates in almost everything that involves thinking.

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Joanna said...

My sister and I had this conversation before President Obama even took office. She actually voted for Barack Obama, but she had the nerve to complain that every Black person she knew had voted for Obama just because he is Black. The truth is, a hell of a lot of people vote based on political party, because they feel safe that way, since they believe you know where someone stands based on their party affiliation. Does anyone believe that a Black man who is an ultra-conservative would have gotten the large percentage of the Black vote that Obama did?? I think a lot of people were glad to see a Black man had a chance to become president, but their votes were not based solely on race. Somehow, I doubt that Clarence Thomas would have gotten the support of the Black community like President Obama did. Then again, what do I know?