Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The AmeriKKKan People have spoken.....Really?

I knew that the Dumocrats were going to get their asses handed to them last night. So them losing the House of Representatives was no news to me. I am surprised that they did not lose the Senate too.

I have a theory on why they lost....

Want to hear it? Well here it goes.....

The Dumocrats lost because they are weak. They refused to hit back when they had every opportunity to. They were given the tape of their opponents every move and they refused to utilize what they saw. The Rethugs, with their sister party the tea-baggers, gave the Dumocrats everything they needed to wipe them out of existence...IE, racism, pandering to the rich, no knowledge of the constitution what so ever, scandals, straight disrespect of the President and a couple of more things that would have crippled any chances that the average person would have needed to get a library card.

But what did they do?

They let the Palins, Limdicks, Becks, Fox Crap, Boehners, Mcconnels and all the other Republican/Teabagger racist hate mongers take over their message.

They let them run amok on every "news" station that would hear them and they let them get their message of hate and intolerance out to the dumb average AmeriKKKans that need to have someone else tell them what they should be feeling and doing  instead of thinking and learning for themselves.

Instead of putting out everything that this administration has accomplished from the beginning, they tried to turn the other cheek and pray that  somehow their loyal followers would stick with them no matter what.

And then when someone in the White House woke up and saw what the fuck was going on and that they were getting their asses whooped, they tried to fight back with 30 seconds left in the 12th  round.

They did not prepare and so they lost. Their game plan was flawed so they lost. They did not have the will to win so they lost. They did not give the AmeriKKKan  flunkies  people any other choice so they lost.

Most Americans believe only what they see on TV. Most Americans do not read anything that does not have an advertisement for a new car, T.V., purse or video game attached to it. Most Americans do not know who the hell their own Senator is let alone what their policies are.

The more airtime a person is given, the more Americans will identify with them and come to look at them like; 'He/She is just like me!! We have the same problems!! Look at how she has her little retarded son with her on the stage!! I could be her/him!'

The Rethugs played this as loud as and as  long as they could and they won. Their game plan was excellent, so they won.The were prepared, so they won. They had the will to win at all costs, so they won. They gave the American flunkies a choice and they won.

Obama made history with his election to the big seat, but the way things are looking now......

After Nov 2012, My Great Great Grand kids will not know what a Black Man looks like standing behind the Presidential seal of the United States of America.

Unless of course one is dusting it off for the old White man that stands behind it.


Daij said...

You are preaching to the choir. words can not express my anger at the results of the day. But I tried. here's the link to my blog entry for today. I am glad that our Democratic candidate for Governor had just won. It was neck and neck until a few minutes ago. When Obama became President, my nephew called me. He was 12, and he was so excited. I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness because my grandfather never lived to see that day. Hopefully my sons and grandsons will see a black president in their lifetime. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. Here's my link for today

Reggie said...

Yeah I hear ya, but that's not the problem in it's entirety. The real problem with people in this country is that they lack common sense. They're still playing the race game.

Real talk.....

Politics should be less about race and more about social class and common ground. The real reason why the Democrats lost is because poor white trash goes out in it's millions and votes Republican; as if that party has their best interests at heart. All the poor toothless, uneducated, underemployed white trash in Kentucky and Idaho and South Carolina and Tennessee and Texas and Alabama and Virginia and Florida and Louisiana and Arkansas and Georgia votes for the party that couldn't care less about them. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of them don't have health insurance....yet they'll vote for the party that wants to do away with universal health care. They vote for people that cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans and corporations who ship the minimum wage jobs they work overseas. Hundreds and thousands of them are unemployed and yet they vote for the party that was far and away against extending unemployment benefits for them.

They're like neutered dogs, they just don't get it. They go out in their millions and vote against their own self interests. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

Dirty Red said...

I cannot say I was mad, just tired. I was hoping for a different result.....but..... I just wish that the President I voted for would reach down and grab the big Safari nuts that he had to inherit from his Pops.

That was and still might be the subject of my next post. It is just like that old saying.....'the only thing a poor white man hates even more than being poor is having a nickel and seeing a nigga with a dime.'

Will Capers said...


Reg, you stole my line at the end lol. But on the real, you're right, America is filled with people who are more like sheep than shephards. They want someone to speak to think for them, and people are so weak nowadays, anyone with the right set of words can guide people off a cliff.

Shady_Grady said...

Republicans plan and organize.

Democrats need to learn how to do the same. The Empire struck back but we all know how that movie trilogy ended.

The Democrats (and Obama in particular) have got to find a taste for political combat and the ability to create simple messages that resonate with voters.

Dirty Red said...

Yep man are,damn so right. Pimps and hoes man. Pimps and hoes. Oh and man I stop by your spot at least every couple of days....your shit is so damn deep, I cannot come up with a comment to go along with what you be vibing on. Alls I can do is be like "damn this dude here is on some real ass shit!" You need to write a book man. I really like reading your thoughts. You make a dude think.

Your lips to Gods ears. Do you think they will ever get it?

Shady_Grady said...

Red, I think that eventually the democrats will get it. I'm not sure this President will though. But two years is a long time...

Curious said...

I think this has been the 1st time that I've been here and I liked and agreed with much of what I read. However, you may have written it and I may have thought it, but I don't think we use the word (cough) "retarded" any more otherwise the thought police will throw your entire argument out without reading the rest of it.