Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come on Son!!!

I am sick to death of my President pandering to the Republican party.

Why does this man continue to try to reach a consensus with people that have made it clear that their whole agenda going forward is to make sure that he moves out of the big house as soon as possible?

Why does he continue to try to compromise? Why does he talk big about something and then when he finds out the big bad Republican party might oppose him, he backs down and accepts the scraps that they throw to him?

He did it on Healthcare.....He did it on Iraq.....He did it on Don't ask Don't tell.....and now he is doing it on letting the Bush Tax cuts expire.

The news is that his administration is willing to compromise on letting the tax cuts expire on everyone, while 3 months ago....before he and his weak-ass party got their asses handed to them, he was adament about letting the whole lot of them expire.

Why can't this dude realize that he is the President of the United States and tell the Rethugs to either come hard or stay at home?
Why does he continue to let these assholes push him around?
What is wrong with this dude?
Where is all the fire and brimstone that we all voted for in 2008?

I am so sick of this 'I am above all the bickering and if we all work together, we will all win' bullshit.

This is not the man I voted for.

I want a man with a set of Presidential sized nuts to be my president, not some kumbaya, can't we all just get along ass weakling.

If this man does not show me something in 2 years....

I will not be casting my vote for him.

And unlike him....Once I say I am going to do something...if I have my mind set on a course of action, whether it hurts some people or not, what I set out to do is going to get done. I don't need to hold my sworn enemies hand and ask him to work with me..

Fuck my enemy, his family his dog and whoever the hell else that wants to stand with him......

Isn't this what the Rethugs are telling this dude? "We don't give a fuck about you, your family, that Black-ass dog Bo or anyone else that stands beside you. We want you gone and if we have to kill you and the 10 people standing next to you, then that is what it will be."

How can you compromise with that?

Why would any real man want to?


Clifton said...

Before the election I thought the president was taking a different strategy that he thought might work without enough voters to save the House and Senate. After I watched his press conference the day after I realized that he didn't have a clue how to go back at his opponents. He seems to be really upset with the fact that the Republicans wouldn't work with him at all despite the concessions he made. I thought the midterms would make him snap out of it but it looks like it might have made the situation worse.

Reggie said...

Frustrating ain't it?!?

I was hoping for more as well.

The greatest frustration that I felt over the first two years was in know that this election would come and that the president would no longer be able to push through whatever policy he wanted. He had a Democratic House and Senate for two years....I never figured that would last. The last year he's done a lot more than he did the first year....still, I was hoping for more.

For the next two years we'll see gridlock and the country will stay at a standstill, nothing will get accomplished. The Democrats will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame the Democrats.

As frustrated as I am with our president, I'm just as frustrated with my fellow Americans. We had 8 years of the same tax cuts, out of control spending and unnecessary war and where did that get us?!? Nowhere.....and here we sit on the porch doing nothing, like a cut dog.

The American people aren't deep thinkers, they don't think that fat meat is greasy. Surely they're seen what I've seen over the last decade.....or maybe they weren't paying attention?!?

I hate people.

Will Capers said...

Unfortunately, I expected something like this from our first biracial president. For one thing, democrats and liberals are too weak and nonaggressive when it comes to politics, and even though they are known for helping poor folks, behind the scenes, they work like republicans. On the other hand, republicans and conservatives preach about personal responsibility but won't own up to their bullshit. They believe that those in power and on their side deserve it.

It makes you wonder why one should fight to vote when it brings little or no change.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Now that President Obama has shown he is weak in the knees,Hilary will quit her job in his administration and run against him in 2012.
It's one big game that never has a ending!
Excellent post and thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I too feel you frustration,
for Michelle , Sasha and Malia Ann don't forget Ms Robinson for their sake and our we must as Black People help stand this Negro up and inspire some fight.

Redeye said...

Amen and Amen! If President Obama had listened to the Professional Left we wouldn't be in this mess.

Dirty Red said...

I see that everyone that bothered to voice their opinion concerning my opinion have all unilaterally agreed with me. That is a first. I see that I am not the only one that is not happy with our President. I am proud of him and all he has managed to accomplish amid all the hate and opposition he has received, but I just wish that he would lay the smack down on his enemies and just be done with all this bi-partisan shit.

But anyways....Thank-you all for taking the time to read my thoughts and given me the opportunity to read yours.

I really do appreciate ya.