Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I's married now

This past weekend the wifey drug me to see Tyler Perry's new flick, "For Colored Girls."

HATED IT......

I knew I would before I let her manipulate my ass into going..

But I's married now so.......

Anyways......I have to say that the women in this movie acted their asses off.. Even Janet Jackson's non-singing, non-acting ass. If one of these women are not nominated for an Academy Award, something is definitely wrong.

But back to my review...This movie sucks. It would be best to get this movie from your neighborhood barber shop. 
Did I just say that? What I meant to say was.....It would be best to wait till this mess is in the Red Box.....

The main thing I had a problem with in this movie is I got the hint that ya man Tyler has a problem with Black men.
Every man in this damn movie was the typical commercialized BET, CNN Black in America, type nigga.

I mean you had the down-low nigga; the out of work, the world is against me, drink all day at home, while my woman is at work, I know she is fucking somebody, so I'm gonna beat the shit outta her when she gets home type nigga; the Baby I promise that I'm going to leave her tomorrow, so just be patient with me, type nigga; and the bitch I brought you dinner, you invited me up,so I know you are gonna give me that pussy, no means yes type nigga.

Yep.....Every type of stereotypical version of a Black man was in this movie. The only good dude was the damn Police.

The damn storyline was stupid. I read somewhere that this movie was based on a play written by a famous Black playwright...

Well, Mr. Perry does not do it justice.

I stopped fucking with Tyler Perry after all those damn Madea plays that the wifey manipulated me into going to. I have been to every damn one that came to Dallas.
I do not watch his "very funny" show on TBS.

I have to admit though I liked Daddy's Little Girls..... That was a good damn movie. But the rest of his shit?

Naa..... I can't fuck with it.

The women that read my thoughts on a regular basis  will probably disagree with me, but TP makes movies for Black Women and Black Women only. I ain't knocking the boy's hustle, I admire his work ethic. I think that he has single handedlly made Hollywood take notice of Black actors and actresses. And that is a damn good thing.

But the content of his movies... I can't get with.

But I's married now........

But at least the wifey cannot say nothing about going to see SkyLine this coming weekend.

Now this is going to be my type of movie....Violence, Aliens, fast cars, and fine women.


Glowing Soul said...

you have a point there; howevs, I think black folks are a little to hard on tyler perry. U seem very opinionated this would be a blog for you http://politicalfrustrations.blogspot.com/
if your into giving your opinon about politics the same whay u talk passionatly about black popular culture this is the blog for u.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I can sooooooo appreciate this post because I felt pretty much the same way. I am just tired of the T.P. ology, that has a black woman needing a man to define her, whether he is beating her or putting her on a pedestal.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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Reggie said...

I've been lucky so far, my wife hasn't put me on notice for having to take her to see this.

Tyler Perry is known for his negative images of African American men in his movies. Maybe he was raped and sodomized as a child by some brother....I don't know. That would explain a few things I think.

Interestingly enough I walked in on two lesbian ladies I work with defending the movie against one of the brothers in the office. Apparently his girlfriend had dragged him kicking and screaming to see it yesterday.....and he was still mad. He said that he thought that the depictions of AA men in the film were heart wrenching and atrocious. They two ladies said that the depictions were so REAL.


Will Capers said...

There has always been a campaign to demonize black men, and sadly, thanks for years and years of brainwashing, black folks are contributing to it.

I, too admire Perry's work ethic, but I'm sick of the constant media campaign to turn black men into beasts. I mean we aren't perfect; we have a few in our group that really are screwed up, but damn, there's MUCH MORE to us than what the media is obsessed in showing the Gotdamn world!

I haven't seen the movie either. In fact I only saw one Perry movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I wanted to kill myself. Seriously. I felt like a heel because of the adversity of feeling shame for another black man's folly even if it was a role!

Now, I support black women having a voice and telling their sides of the story, but at the same time, black men have stories as well, and black folks can not advance if we demonize each other. I'm not saying that we should ignore our faults and sins, but we also can not ignore our strengths and talents.

*sigh* I dunno. Maybe, Perry's usual black male demonization and black female victimization stems from his own abuse growing up. All I know is that he's helping to make things worst in a way, and it sickens me when we see each other as the enemy.