Monday, November 22, 2010

My problem with religion #2003

When I started this blog about 3 years ago, I was attending church on a regular basis. Matter of fact my very FIRST POST  was based on a sermon that the Pastor of the church I was going to gave.

Oh how time changes shit around!!!!

I have not been back to that church probably in about 2 years now. I have became very disgusted with all things religion; I.E. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Alien Joe (the God of Will Smith and Tom Cruise) and the millions of other "true paths to God" out there.

Now don't get me wrong....My faith in God has never been stronger. It seems like I talk to him more than I talk to my wife sometimes. But I cannot stand how MAN has manipulated his message and intent to suit whatever agenda is on their imperfect mind at the time.

I think religion is bullshit.
Religion was made and embellished by MAN.
The Bible, Koran, Torah; were all written by MAN. The original words might have came from God, but over time MAN has changed, edited, lost or just plain hidden the original words of God to adjust to his imperfect, power-hungry agenda.
Religion is a tool that is used by MAN to control other men.

Case and point......

The Pope just gave his blessing on condom use.

Who is this dude to tell someone else that they can or cannot protect themselves from having unwanted children or catching a disease that could KILL THEM?
Why does what he say even matter?

Especially since this dude was a gat-damn NAZI?

Who and what the hell is a Pope any damn way?
I had to Wikipedia the position to see exactly where the idea to have a Pope came from in the first damn place.

See, the Pope is a MAN that is elected by other MEN to lead their order. In other words the Pope ain't nothing but a Prime Minister, President, Congressman or Union President.
But religion being what religion is, this ELECTED official has been elevated to the status of  a "Holy Father," "Holy See," and "Christ on Earth".


So again.... Who the Hell is this POLITICIAN MAN to give his blessing on how other men/women choose to protect themselves?

And to top it all off..... Man being Man......Is taking this MAN'S word as if God held a press conference agreeing with everything his "Christ on Earth" just said.
Instead of thinking for himself,  Men take this MAN'S word as divine law and treat it as it has to be obeyed at all costs;otherwise face the God given penalty.Which would include saying 10 Hail Mary's and having a private confessing session with one of his undercover boy loving freaks Priests while dressed as a choir boy.

This is what's hot in the Bullshit-ass world of organized religion these days.


Reggie said...

There are no perfect men, only perfect intentions. I have no doubt that when all three major religions were founded, that they were founded with the best of intentions; and yet, whenever man is involved in any concept or idea, it instantly becomes less than perfect.

People are flawed, full of foibles. It is what it is.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Dam Dirty Red tell us how you really feel the next time!
By the way I'm in agreement with you.

Daij said...

I have to agree with you. I was raised to believe pentecostalism was The religion, and as child I was concerned that my muslim or catholic or hindu friends were going to go to hell. then as i got older (maybe 9 or 10) I thought, what if i was part of the wrong religion? it took me years to get over that and realize that religion was man-made.

I'm Alee. said...

Most people get confused when I say I believe in God but I'm not religious. Glad someone else "gets" it.

Dirty Red said...

Yeah I hear ya man... But the problem is they try to make it seem as if they are perfect... Like they are acting straight off of God's orders. Like he told them personally that this is how it should be. That is the problem I got.

Big Man,
Yep this shit right here just doe not make no type of sense to me.

I was the same way. Except my peeps are Jehovah's Witnesses. My Moms still sends me The Watchtower and Awake Magazines.

Nope Ma, you are not alone... Welcome to the club.

Reggie said...

....Real Talk....

Them motherfuckers are crazy Red, you know that.

We've gotta close ranks on them motherfuckers, particularly since so many people walk around acting like that shit is normal. People like that are the very reason why our ancestors were enslaved, the reason that Jews were gassed and incinerated, the reason that Native Americans are damned near extinct, the reason that men claiming to be representing God take advantage of our children and that toothless uneducated people in this country think that they are better than you or I based on what they see when they lay eyes on us.

Fuck them!!!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.

Ettore Grillo said...

I agree with you. First of all we have to discover God inside ourselves. Personally I am neither atheist nor believer; I am a searcher. My fundamental question is: “Does it exist life after death?”. For answering this question I have been collecting many data all transcribed in my book Travels of the mind. Religion is an intimate affair which belongs to the innermost sphere of the human person. Obviously there are many people who misuse religion and take advantage of it for personal aims. In this case we cannot talk religion. In my Blog I broach the theme religion, money, power.
Great is the contribute religion gives to human consortium. In Italy, maybe in the world, the first University was established by Catholic Church, it was the University of Canon Law of Bologna. I think cannot exist a person without religion at least his or her intimate aspiration to the betterment of human nature.
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Ettore Grillo said...

Nice post! I believe we need to start thinking for ourselves and believe in logic, good, and ethics. And start preaching logical and sensible things like if you act greedy, then so will others and you'll be surrounded by greedy people - instead of blindly believing in things.