Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know that Chris Rock came out with this movie  a while ago, but I just happened to catch it the other day while channel surfing.

I have to say that this movie disturbed me.

I have known all my Black life that Black women get weaves. I was raised by Black women and I have been married to a Black woman for the past 12 years.

And I have to say that I have no problem with the weave; well at least I didn't have a problem with the weave.
But after watching this movie, I have a few concerns.

First... I would like to know who the hell decided that straight silky hair was the standard for beauty for all women.
I would also like to know why Black people have accepted that our natural beauty is not beautiful.

There is a scene in the movie where Chris Rock is talking with 4 Beautiful Black women and they were talking about Afros or natural hair styles in the Professional world. All of them; except the chick with the Afro, all said that they would not hire any Black person with a natural style because it did not look professional and that they would not take that person serious.


That's what's hot now?

And Mr. Rock interviewed some of the hair stylist that are in every strip mall in every Black neighborhood in America, and come to find out that some of our sisters are paying as much as $1000 dollars for a month's worth of hair.

Really? $1000?

And another part of the movie that bothered me was Chris Rock being Chris Rock; went around and collected some "BLACK hair" and went to the hair "brokers" to see if there was a market for "Black" hair, and guess what?

Well you really don't need to guess do ya. My man was laughed out of the stores.

So to cut this short, Black women are paying as much as $1000 a month to glue or sew an Indian person's hair onto their head; They have been brainwashed into believing that European white women are more desirable than they are and they look at other Black women as jokes and unqualified if they choose to "keep it real".

Like I said earlier I have no problem with Black women that wear weaves. Weaves can look really good on a woman if they are done right.

But this shit right here?

I am totally against this shit.

Black women are some of the most beautiful, resilient and strong women on the face of the planet. No other women has faced as much adversity as Black Women.
Not only do they have to face the bullshit of trying to work and live  in a White dominated world, they have to come home and  put up with the bullshit that we Black men put them through on a daily basis.

And to top it all off, they have been brainwashed into believing that they are not beautiful, desirable or capable of being more than "welfare" queens if they choose to be who God made them to be.

This is that bullshit.

And now when the wifey comes home from the salon or I see an other wise Beautiful Black woman walking down the street with Platinum Blond weave; I am going to have to give them the side-eye.

"Why are you doing this", is what I am going to be asking myself.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Is there an Heaven for a G?

The other morning before I went to get my workout on, I was channel surfing the tube and I came across a show I have glanced at before but never actually finished a full episode of. It is the show SUPERNATURAL and this particular episode got me to thinking. In this particular episode, the two main characters Sam and Dean, were killed and went to heaven. But the heaven in this episode is not the heaven we have all been led to believe to it is. This heaven was different.  This heaven was not clouds and golden streets and angels sitting around playing harps. In this episode everyones  heaven was different. Example.....If you enjoyed sitting at home playing video games and eating pizza and drinking coke all day, then when you finally kicked the bucket from high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, then that is what your heaven was; an eternity of  Halo 3, pizza and coke. In other words, where ever you loved being and what ever you enjoyed doing here on Earth, then that is what your heaven would be when you die.

So I got to thinking if this shit were real and heaven was actually like this, what would my heaven be?

I have blogged before about how when I was much younger and much dumber, I loved the Hood. I loved living and being in the "ghetto". I loved being on the street. I loved the smell of it; the excitement of it, the thrill of knowing that anything might pop off at any given moment. I was addicted to the adrenaline of being out in the street. I still have a soft spot for the "hood".

Now that I am older, I love the water. I love the beach. I love the sound the water makes when it splashes up on shore. Nothing is more calming to me than hearing the waves splash up on the beach at night when it is so dark you can't even see the water.I love the smell of the salt. I love the feel of sand in between my toes. I love the calmness and serenity of being near the ocean. I have told my wife numerous times that if we win the lottery I am going to buy me an island somewhere in the Caribbean and never come back to the mainland.

So what would my heaven be?

Would it be the hood-life I loved as a snot-nosed kid, or would it be the calmness and healing properties of the ocean I love as a grown ass man.?

I guess I could deal with either, since I am still somewhat attracted to the dangerous world of the street and I absolutely love the beach.

Maybe God would really bless me and give me properties of both?

What would your heaven be?

Monday, December 20, 2010

If you read this you are going to hell

I have blogged before how I think that Christmas, Easter and Halloween are bullshit-ass holidays that have nothing to do with what we have been conned our whole lives into believing.

A big-ass con job.

I am blogging again how I think that Christmas, Easter and Halloween are bullshit-ass holidays that have nothing to do with what we have been conned our whole lives into believing.

Why I am beating this dead horse again?
Well I am kicking the shit out of ole Barbaro once again because I was told that I was going to hell for not believing that  "Christ the Lord" was born on Dec 25th and was raised again the 2nd Sunday in April. I was told that I need to repent, go to church and ask the  Mr.Good Reverend forgive me for my blasphemy.

Yep folks you are reading the words of a man bound for the gates of hell. I am a cursed man; and until I fall on  my knees and get "born again", I am a doomed soulless man.

That is what I was told.
I was told this even after I asked the man to show me in the Bible he is always carrying around with him where it says when (what day) Jesus was born and when (what day) he was "born again". He skated around the question. I asked him to show me in the Bible he is always carrying around with him where Jesus commanded  us to celebrate his birth. He could not do it. I asked him if he knew the origins of Christmas and Easter and he told me to read the Bible. I asked him what books in the Bible I should read and he told me to just pick it up and God would show me where to go. I asked to hold his Bible so I could get this divine inspiration and he told me that God would get me for mocking the words of his servant.

I busted out laughing at this stupid ass statement and this really pissed the dude off. He started praying right there for my eyes to be opened. He asked the Lord to forgive me and then he started speaking in tongues.

You heard that right people; The dude started blabbering on in that boom-shack-a-laka shit, and when I fell on the floor laughing; that is when he doomed me to hell.

Now don't get me wrong; I am not knocking anyone's right to believe what ever they choose to believe.
I choose not to believe in anything that is man-made.
I choose to educate myself before I make a conviction to follow a certain path.
I don't listen to one side of the story. I like to know all sides before I make up my mind about what I choose to do.

But in my opinion this dude is wrong; and his arguments are based on ignorant myths that a little research would shoot down. But he has been blinded so long, that any kind of light that is illuminated in his face burns his vision. It hurts him to hear another version of the story that he firmly believes.

Is his version right? I don't know.
Is my version wrong? I don't know.

I am not knocking this dude for having a strong believe in the religion and the myths that are associated with that religion that was forced on our ancestors in an effort to conform them to act more like their masters and to brain-wash them into thinking that God looked positively upon them being treated like property.

I am not knocking the dude for believing in a myth like Christmas; which was originally a day to celebrate Gods other than the "one true God".

I am not knocking the dude for believing in a myth like Easter....which was originally a day to celebrate Gods other than the "Holy of Holies".

Who am I to dispute his beliefs?

This is supposed to be the land of freedom of religion..... right?

But according to this dude, that freedom to choose whether or not to believe what he believes only applies if you believe what he believes. There is no room for any other beliefs. Any other beliefs and the soulless fools that believe them are doomed for an eternity of torment in a fiery underground cavern that is supposedly somewhere deep beneath the Earth.

Yep that's what's hot in the world of Christians.

Love thy neighbor as long as thy neighbor agrees with you in all things... Whether it makes sense or not.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fool me once......

My mind is made up.....

If I have another choice for President in 2012,  I will not be voting for President Obama.

I am sick to death of his compromise bullshit. I am sick to death of him letting Republicans just walk all over him.
I am sick to death of his "can we all just get along" weak-ass shit.
I am tired of him period. Never in the history of this country has a President been more disrespected than he has.
And never in the history of this country has a President been so silent towards the people that are disrespecting him.
I know that Bush was disrespected, hell I talked shit about the man on this very blog; but at least he stood up and let people know whose nuts were swinging as long as he could call the White House his second home.
That is the one and only thing I miss about the dude. He had one big set of nuts. Even if that is all he had.

But this guy?
Come on Son.
He is constantly trying to take the high road and not engage in any of the mudslinging.
I am tired of it.
Him and his party.

Tell me why in the hot ass Texas hell the tax bill failed yesterday when the dumocrats are still the majority in both houses? It is not January yet. These pansey-ass bitches are still in charge and they still cannot get shit done. And because of it, here comes the the mild mannered Negro holding out his hands for the scraps that his sworn enemies are letting fall from the table.

That is that bullshit son.
And I know that about a month before the Presidential election, when the polls show that President Obama is clearly getting his ass handed to him; they will try a hail Mary pass and try to talk about all the things he has accomplished. He will start giving his MLK impersonation speeches to try to rally the troops. He will be on every Black radio station telling his loyal Black supporters to come out and vote because our votes are needed.

But I ain't falling for it son.

I am proud of the guy.....Every time I see him I just get a feeling of pride and accomplishment; But his politricks.....I can't fuck with.
I still know that he was a much better choice than senile-ass Mccain and his bush bitch.......

But I would be lying if I got up here and turned a blind eye to his bullshit. He is my President and the whole ten grand, but if I have another viable option when it comes time to step in that booth; I am sorry Mr. President, but I am going to have to go in another direction.