Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know that Chris Rock came out with this movie  a while ago, but I just happened to catch it the other day while channel surfing.

I have to say that this movie disturbed me.

I have known all my Black life that Black women get weaves. I was raised by Black women and I have been married to a Black woman for the past 12 years.

And I have to say that I have no problem with the weave; well at least I didn't have a problem with the weave.
But after watching this movie, I have a few concerns.

First... I would like to know who the hell decided that straight silky hair was the standard for beauty for all women.
I would also like to know why Black people have accepted that our natural beauty is not beautiful.

There is a scene in the movie where Chris Rock is talking with 4 Beautiful Black women and they were talking about Afros or natural hair styles in the Professional world. All of them; except the chick with the Afro, all said that they would not hire any Black person with a natural style because it did not look professional and that they would not take that person serious.


That's what's hot now?

And Mr. Rock interviewed some of the hair stylist that are in every strip mall in every Black neighborhood in America, and come to find out that some of our sisters are paying as much as $1000 dollars for a month's worth of hair.

Really? $1000?

And another part of the movie that bothered me was Chris Rock being Chris Rock; went around and collected some "BLACK hair" and went to the hair "brokers" to see if there was a market for "Black" hair, and guess what?

Well you really don't need to guess do ya. My man was laughed out of the stores.

So to cut this short, Black women are paying as much as $1000 a month to glue or sew an Indian person's hair onto their head; They have been brainwashed into believing that European white women are more desirable than they are and they look at other Black women as jokes and unqualified if they choose to "keep it real".

Like I said earlier I have no problem with Black women that wear weaves. Weaves can look really good on a woman if they are done right.

But this shit right here?

I am totally against this shit.

Black women are some of the most beautiful, resilient and strong women on the face of the planet. No other women has faced as much adversity as Black Women.
Not only do they have to face the bullshit of trying to work and live  in a White dominated world, they have to come home and  put up with the bullshit that we Black men put them through on a daily basis.

And to top it all off, they have been brainwashed into believing that they are not beautiful, desirable or capable of being more than "welfare" queens if they choose to be who God made them to be.

This is that bullshit.

And now when the wifey comes home from the salon or I see an other wise Beautiful Black woman walking down the street with Platinum Blond weave; I am going to have to give them the side-eye.

"Why are you doing this", is what I am going to be asking myself.



Reggie said...

I call bullshit too!!!

Surely we're not so caught up in the Eurocentrist culture that we live in that we can't look in the mirro and see beauty?!?

That shit is most disturbing!!!

Will Capers said...

I think we all know why straight hair seems to be the standard of beauty in this society. Thus, we know why sistas would spend the same amount of money it would cost a laptop and a virus protection program for some hair to fit in with this society's screwed up standards of beauty forced down the throats of every human being in this nation and the world.


It's easy to see why so many sistas are depressed, and why some brothas go for the white meat. We are held in this "white matrix" with seemingly no way out except through death.

Joanna said...

Funny story... when I was with this man I dated for four years, he always used to push me to get my hair braided before we went out together, because he didn't want me to "look so white" (I am Italian) Then again, he always complained about my hair being frizzy, so maybe he just wanted it braided so it would look neater! HA!

Of course, it is not even about straight hair, because white women with "jewfros" (got that one from my doctor) are complemented for their curly, kinky hair, while Black woman are put down for it.

Dirty Red said...

You can say that again... Most Disturbing....

"White Matrix?"
Damn....I guess it is like that huh?

Thank's for the comment Boo. I really enjoy your posts over at Rippas spot. I guess you can say the same thing for the influx of White women with fake pumped up asses and lips. Black women look nasty with their natural features while White Women look exotic with store bought enhancements. AmeriKKKa... Love it or leave it right?

Daij said...

i cosign w/ Reggie.

It's a very disturbing trend.

Daij said...

i cosign w/ Reggie.

It's a very disturbing trend.

Chic Noir said...

preach brother preach!