Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why do Black Folks always make excuses for Niggas?

I wrote a post the other day about the "Compton Cookout" that was thrown by a White Frat on a college campus.

Basically my post was about how can we as Black People get mad at the others for degrading us, when some of us degrade ourselves.
This is the second post I wrote this past month about respecting ourselves.

Well some of the comments I received concerning this kinda surprised me. I appreciate everyone that takes the time out of their already busy schedules to read my thoughts. I really do. I have said before how I learn from everyone that bothers to comment here. I grow from every comment I receive whether it is agreeing with my point of view or not.

But I still felt the need to write another post about this dead horse.
I do not understand how in the hell Black People can make excuses for behavior that they know is wrong ass wrong.
It is like some of us have problems with anyone talking out in public about shit that we see everyday in our communities. We all talk about this shit when we are in the comforts of people we know. But as soon as someone opens their mouth around any body that is not like us, then there is a problem.

I know that Black People are not the only ones that read this blog. I have White People that I work with that read this and talk to me about what  I write.

I am not ashamed to talk about what I know is foolish behavior around White People. I do not try to sweep under the rug all the bullshit I see every damn day.

I do not care if other cultures have aspects of their culture that are negative. I only can talk about what I see is negative with my culture.
I also realize that not all my people are fucked up.
There are a lot of us that are doing the right things according to what is right in American Culture. And whether I want to admit it or not, as long as we call ourselves Americans, we have to abide by American white Culture.

White People made make all the rules here and in order to survive here we have to learn and abide by the rules that are in place.

Now if the great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln would have survived that bullet that was fired at close range into the back of his head and he would have had the chance to do what he was planning on doing before that bullet was fired into the back of his head (at close range), and all the Blacks were sent to Liberia,(that is in Africa, for those that do not know) because as he said, and I quote, "As long as the White Man and the Black Man share the same space, there will be hostilities between the two", then shit might have been different.

It might have been cool for Black People to kill each other over colors,shoes and jewerly.
It might have been accepted to disrespect our women by calling them out of their names.
'Pimping ain't easy' could have possibly been made the Country's slogan.
There might have been a law passed that said that every Black  Man had to spend part of their early 20's and 30's in jail.
It could have been acceptable to get 10 different women pregnant at the same time and then move on to the 11th with no regard for the other 10.
It could have been written into the Constitution that education was not needed as long as money was being made by any means necessary.
It could have been added to the rule book that it doesn't matter how you present yourself in public. As long as you are Black you could curse as loud as you want, wear your pants with your draws showing, or better yet draws would be banned. Just let it all hang out.
We could have ratified the all Black congress to pass a law that made sports mandatory. I mean the "Black" sports, football and basketball. Anything "White" would be banned and punishable by jail. That would  include speaking proper English, education and working.

But this is America, and we all claim to be proud of being American.
So where is it written that if even ONE Black person does all these things here, that some how it is OK?

Now I know that there are some white people in this country that do not want to show the masses that we are just like them. They don't want the world to see us in stable two parent homes. They don't want to acknowledge that most of us care about education, our kids and our women. That shit cannot and will not be brought to the public. The only thing that matters to them is that we stay divided against each other. They want us to appear to be lawless animals so that it can be justified why we are treated the way we are.
I understand all this.


We know what is acceptable and what is not. We know that SOME (not all) of us are fucked up. We know this. But we try to smile and hide it whenever company is over.

There is no excuse for illiterate behavior.
Not Nan One.
If even ONE Black Person is photographed doing ignorant shit, then whoever witnesses that shit needs to say something.

I do not care if the others are around when I feel like displaying my displeasure with some of the shit that has been miscatagorized as my "culture".

I have too much pride in myself and my ancestors to stay quiet. So if somebody thinks I need to tone it down and not talk around the others, then I do believe that ain't gonna happen.

I will make no excuses for BULLSHIT.

In my humble opinion that is a sign of being weak and a coward.
It is easier to talk around like minded folk, but it takes some grande huevos to talk that same shit outside of your comfort zone.

And my huevos are growing by the hour.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When terror is not so terrible

Riddle me this.....

If you hear about a plane hitting a building and killing up some folks what comes to your mind?

Is it terrorists? Do you automatically think of a person named Abu Wan Ali Akbar?
Or do you think that this is another case of  SUICIDE BY PLANE?

Well I think of all these things.
Except the suicide by plane bullshit.

I hate to admit it but when I hear about a plane doing a kamikaze into a federal building, the first thing that comes to my mind is those damn Ali's have hit us again.


The plane that flew itself into the IRS building in Austin was flown by..... guess who?

I will give you 3 guesses....

His name was not Ali Blowshitup Muhammed.....
He did not scream "Ali Akbar!" as the plane hit the building....
Matter of fact he probably yelled out "In the name of Jesus" before he did his imitation of throw momma from the plane.

Yep.... This fool was a Good ole boy from right here in the Republic of Texas.
He was an "All AmeriKKKan" down home boy that went to church every Sunday and coached little league baseball. (I really don't know if he went to church or coached little league. I just threw that in for effect.)

What I want to know is, why isn't this fool being labeled like all the other terrorists?

Why is the media not all up on this the way they were with the Black Kid that tried to blow his own nuts off on a plane?
Why is he not considered an extremist?
And why are some CONSERVATIVES calling this coward a fucking HERO?
Why did THIS FOOL write a column trying to justify this man's actions?

I tell you sometimes white AmeriKKKans can be so damn hypocritical it ain't funny.
And the hillarious thing is they don't try to hide it.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then he would have been labeled, his family would have been labeled and his whole background would have been uploaded to CNN, MSNBC, FIX News and all the other networks that tell dumb ass people what and how to think.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then it would have been leaked that he was married to one of Osama Bin Ladens 3rd cousins neice on his Great Uncle's side.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then photo's would have been found hidden under the ashes in his fireplace that showed him bowing to the east on a prayer rug, while dressed like Ali Babba.

If this dude was any other color besides WHITE, then he would have been splashed all up on Fix Noise having dinner with the President with the middle name that rhymes with Insane, while giving him the 'ole "TERRORIST FIST JAB"

But because he was WHITE, he is a hero?

This is what's hot out in the surburbs?

If a White man flies a plane into a FEDERAL building, he is an gatdamn God Fearing AmeriKKKan hero who was just expressing his constitutional rights, but if  a man who was not born fortunate enoungh to look like Elvis flies his shit all up in an American Federal building, then he is a terrorist that is trying to undermine the country that we all love?

Give me a fucking break....


Love it or leave it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ghetto is as Ghetto does

I am sure that by now everybody who frequents different blogs have heard about THIS.

Is this surprising to me?



Does it upset me?



'Well "Mr. A Blackman's View" how does this not upset you?

Well I guess it will be better to show you than tell you, even though I am going to tell you too. Check out these pictures......

Now after seeing these coons depicted above is it any wonder that White People think that we are all like this?

This shit I have shown above is what our "culture" supposedly is. This is what being "Black in America" means.

This is what the thousands of Black People that fought for our right to be treated as a human beings died for.

This is their legacy.

So who is in the wrong here?

Is it the ignorant White Folks that believe what they see in rap video's, BET or the MSM?
Or is it the ignorant Black Folks that try with every breath in their bodies to live up to all the negative stereo-types said White Folks believe?

Appearances are everything.

If we as Black People continue to appear to be "ghetto", then we will be continually treated as "ghetto".

Even though the term "Ghetto" did not start out as being a code word for Black People. Ghetto's for those of you that do not know their history, was started in America to keep the Jews, Italians and Irish that migrated here from their respected countries in one central location. These immigrants whether by design or necessity all congregated together in their own Little Italy's, Little Jerusalem, or Little Dublin's. They lived in the poorest housing, went to the poorest schools and ate the scraps that the British Immigrants left on the floors of their mansions.

But unlike the Blacks that eventually took over their "ghetto's", they shied away from everything that made other people think of them as lawless animals. They fought for their respect and passed that respect down to their children. Now all these people are looked at as being respectable Americans, while my people are subjected to "Compton Parties" during the very month that is supposed to enlighten the world to our accomplishments in this country.

Is this by design also?
I believe it is.....
But there is no excuse for my people in this day and age to try to make the  lies that were started by others the truth.
As I said in a very recent post, We cannot expect others to respect us if we do not respect ourselves.

All the warriors of our past American History have got to be very upset with the way their Grandchildren turned out. Instead of quoting the words of Langston Hughes, we are quoting the words of that number one coon Plies and all the other Lil's and Yungs that have become the modern day version of Malcolm X.

So don't get mad at the ignorant ass White Kids that are only reenacting what they see everyday. Get mad at the men and women in the mirror that are starring in the real life version of Black American Culture, the reality show as seen on BET, MTV and VH1, with the sound track featuring all the Yungs, Jezzies, Lil's and the Mommies,with the occasional appearance by the Ga-ga's the Thickes or the Mayers.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I think I need some rehab.... Do you think Tiger has an extra bed in his room?

When I was in my teens I loved being on the street. I loved being around the hood guys. I loved the excitement of being around all the unexpected dangers of being in the "hood".

I was talking to my man Daddio 911 the other day at work and for some reason I started talking about my teenage years, my pre Army years. I told him some stuff I have tried to forget.

As I was recanting some of my childhood activities I started to get the rush I used to get when I was actually out in the streets. Street life was my high. I never did any hard drugs. Drugs have always been very scary to me. I did not and I do not like to have my thoughts clouded by some chemical. I was high all the time from adrenaline. I loved the rush of being on the "block". I loved the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next.  It was addictive. And I miss it.

I am not saying that I miss the stupid shit I used to do, I am saying I miss the rush.

That was one thing I loved about being on active duty. The Army replaced the streets for me. I got my adrenaline  fix from being out in the field and from being deployed to very hostile areas. I loved it. I still do. That is one of the reasons I came back in.

As I have gotten older I realize that the adrenaline fix I craved when I was younger has not left. I find myself driving too fast on the freeways and weaving in and out of traffic. I go to the roughest part of Dallas by myself and just walk around. I do the same thing whenever I am back in DC. I love the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen. Even though I have to have order in  my life, I still love the unexpected. Whenever something does happen, it is like the world moves in slow motion. I see colors more vividly, I hear better and my thoughts are clearer. I operate very well under pressure.

The only thing I do now that gets my heart pumping is exercise. I love to run. Running placates my need to always be in the middle of something. (Although I have not ran since I came back from Seattle because I sprained my ankle up there running through those damn nature trails that are all over the damn place.)

I am also very competitive. I don't always have to win, but if you beat me in anything your ass will know that you were in a fight. I will continue to push until I get a win or you get tired and say fuck it.

My man Daddio said that I have a problem.

I think he is right. But I do not know how to fix it.

I am an adrenaline junky.

There, I said it.

So if there are any other "junkies" out there in blog-land , how do you get your "fix"?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do as I say, Not as I do

I was not going to blog about this, but........

We as American Blacks are so damn hypocritical. How the hell can we expect people of other races to respect us when we have a hard time respecting ourselves?

'Dirty Red, What art thou talking about'?

I am going to tell ya my little chick-a-dee......

John Mayer.

First let me say I like this dude. Or should I say I like his music. I don't know the dude and if I was out somewhere chillin and happened to see him, I probably would not recognize him. He would look just like the other  thousands of White Dudes I see everyday. But I do know his voice when I hear it on the radio.


It seems like he is the latest famous White Person to have to get on the apology tour because he put his foot in his mouth.
Apparently he said the word NIGGA in an interview he did.


He got the usual backlash from "post racial" white folks and the Black Folks that use the word everyday around their "peps".

"We can't believe he said that!! I used to like him, but now I am going to throw away all the CD's I paid $20 dollars for. How DARE he use that word! He is a racist!" and so on and so forth.

How many times a day do I use the word NIGGA?
Uhhh, let me see.....

I used it this morning talking to my brother, about 20 times. I used it yesterday talking to some of my guys, about 20 times. I used it the day before singing in the car to a Lil Wayne song, about 20 times.

Now I have to say, I have been called  a NIGGA by White People that meant it in every racist bone of their body. You get that a lot in North Carolina. That is why I will never live there again. But has that stopped me from calling a fellow person of dark descent that? Uhhh... No it hasn't.

I have heard White People say it to other White People when they thought that it was only them around. Did I get upset? Uhhhh... No. I did not.

Why you may ask?

Because it is good to know what people that smile in your face all day really think of you.
And this is America. The land where we are supposed to be able to say what ever the hell we want to say.

How can I honestly say anything to a White Person, Mexican Person, Asian Person or any other person about saying a word, when I use that word myself?

Have Black People Patented the word NIGGA and I have not been told about it?

I know the difference between someone saying the word NIGGA in a hateful way and someone saying the word in a casual way. The hateful way is the one I got a problem with.

It is a WORD people!!
It only has as much power as the person that uses it gives it. I know the historical significance behind it. Believe me I do. Like I said most of my family is in North Carolina and I spent a good portion of my youth there. I have seen the Klan, I have been in race riots at school, I have beat down white boys that used the word in a hateful way.

And for what? I beat this Jr. Klan member down for calling me a NIGGA, and then I get in the car to go back to my part of town and guess what I do?

"My NIGGA! Did you see me stomp that cracker? NIGGA! that white boy is going to remember me! I saw ya'll NIGGA'S stomping that fool! That white boy should have never called us NIGGA'S, my NIGGA!"


I think I going to listen to some John Mayer right now on

The boy can sang. 


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why ask Why? Because I want to know, that's why!

I have been feeling kinda funny about religion for a minute now.

It has gotten to the point that I am starting to have a very strong dislike for anything religion.

History is written by the winners and the Bible is full of History. So I have been thinking a lot about what is NOT in the Bible and where some of these religions get their beliefs and traditions. I have been researching a lot about Biblical History and some of what I have learned would make my die hard Christian Great Grand Moms disown me.

The more I research, the more questions I have.


Cain and Abel....

Everybody knows this story. right? Cain killed his Brother Abel and committed the first recorded murder. Well, after Cain pushed back his brother's wig, God sentenced him to roam the Earth alone. Cain asked him (God) what he was supposed to do if someone found him wandering around.
'Surely someone will kill me once they find out what I have done'.


Who is the 'someone' he is referring to? Up until that point and time, the Bible only mentions 4 people, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. So was there other people that the Bible does not mention? And if there were other people, who were they and why does the Bible not mention them?
Also the Bible goes on to say that Cain took his wife and left. Where did she come from?


If it is written that the wisest man ever created (Solomon) had 700 wifes and 300 concubines (Ho's), where is it written that I am only supposed to have one wife at a time? Why is it considered adultry or fornication if I go out and decide to enjoy the pleasures of other women? I know that it is written that I should not commit adultry or fornication, but this was after Solomon. So does this mean that everything that was done before the Ten commandments were written was wrong? (And if I am not mistaken, Solomon came along after the commandments were written, so he obviously knowingly broke that part of the commandments. )

Should I even consider the "Old" Testament if I am supposed to live like a "Christian?"

The "New" Testament says, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", but the "Old" Testament is full of people killing in God's name and sometimes on his orders.
In my very limited knowledge,the "New" Testament contradicts what is in the "Old" Testament.

I have a lot more questions, but I will cut it short and ask only one more.....

The Bible says that Satan was thrown from Heaven and given this Earth to rule until the Son of Man came to kick his ass and put him in his place.

So does this mean that we are living in Hell here on this Earth? I have never read anything that says that God banished Satan to an underground cavern beneath the surface of the Earth. It says that he was Banished to the Earth itself.
So where the hell is hell?

And if Jesus is coming to reclaim his Kingdom (Earth) from Satan, who is going to be here for him to rule if all the "good" people go to heaven when they die? Doesn't that sorta defeat the purpose of him coming back? I mean if all the goodie goodies are going to be in heaven with him, why would he waste his time coming back for the people that were not good enoungh to make it in the first place?

Like I said, the more I read, the more questions I have.

I know (or I have been taught) that I do not question the Lord.
But am I questioning the Lord or the MEN that wrote the Lord's words?
 And how will I ever learn if I don't ask questions?

Well that's all for now. If someone can give me a credible answer with a credible source that answers my questions, you know where the comment box is.
And please leave something other than a Bible verse.  Any one verse in the Bible can be interpreted 10 different ways.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's raining men!

I have a question.......

Can you teach Ru-Paul to be a soldier?

If you are lost by this question, I am happy to explain what I mean. Everyone that has read my lil 'ole blog knows that I am in the military. I have 10 years active duty and the last 2 I have been in the reserves. I am in Washington State now taking an advanced leadership course.

Anyways, at lunch today some of my classmates and I were discussing the policy "Don't ask, Don't tell". All of the cats I was talking to (including me) could care less if a soldier is Gay or Straight as long as they can shoot straight, and we can depend on them to have our back if we need them to. We have all served with dudes or females that we suspected of being Gay. So in my opinion, being Gay in the military is no big deal.

What we were discussing was, when this policy becomes null and void, how do you train a man who thinks and acts like a woman, to be a soldier in a man's Army?

Thinking a soldier is Gay and knowing a soldier is Gay is two different things.

Everybody I have ever served with has known a dude or a woman who they thought was Gay. But they kept their private lives private and they soldiered on.

But when this stupid law is repealed, I would bet that there are going to be some flaming red, Gay, Ru-Paul  ass dudes that join the military just to prove that they can.

This is going to be a problem.

First, some of these dudes are going to want to wear Lip-stick and nail polish and fancy hairstyles with their uniforms, like the rest of the women. How can you deny them? This would be grounds for lawsuits.

Second do you change the physical fitness standards to accomodate the men that are petite and fragile like women?

Third, there are a lot of homophobic assholes in the military. With the Ru-Paul brigade coming out of the closet, there is going to be an increase of hate crimes in the military.

I wonder if the people that are redoing this policy has thought of this?

I think that it is a disgrace that a Gay person cannot serve their country with pride the way a "straight" person can. But in an institution as old as the military that is still ran by "christian" White men that is just as old, well some things will never change.

I think that once this law is repealed, there is going to be a lot of backlash against Gay soldiers.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.