Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll trade you that 10 year old boy for that 2010 Mercedes S-Class

I had a topic all set to write about and then my wife told me this and it pissed me the hell off......

She has a good friend whom she hangs with all the time. She seems like a nice enough chick, owns her own business, handles her own business, has a daughter and son in College and a younger son that lives with her. She appears on all levels to be doing the damn thing, but.......

Her youngest son's father is behind on his child support payments. Like way behind. He spends time with his son and all and as far as I know he handles what he is supposed to handle, he is just behind on the money that Judge Joe says he is supposed to pay every month. I don't know what the man said his son is worth every month, but the dude ain't been paying all of it.

Well anyways, my wife's friend has taken it upon herself to take 'ole boy to court. Yep, she done went and got the White man even more involved in her business. Well instead of going to court the baby's daddy decided to cut a side deal with her.

He told her that he will buy her a Mercedes, any type,any color, if she drops the court case.

And you know what? The woman accepted the deal.
This is where my anger comes in.

First it is very fucked up that this dude would even think up some shit like this. If he can afford a damn Mercedes, then he should have been paying what Judge Joe ordered him to pay. And if he cannot afford it, then he should have some kind of proof that he has been doing something towards the betterment of his child and go to court. His son's welfare should not be compared to a damn car. My respect for dude is gone. Phoof!! Like a fart in the wind....

Now onto the woman.

There is really no good words I can use to describe how I feel about her. I have to watch what I say about the wifey's girl, because the wifey does happen by here every now and again. So I will refrain from using the language that I want to use. This woman needs her ass whooped. Child support should be just that... Support for the CHILD. It should not be used as the sole source of income for the Babies Mama. How the hell is her son supposed to eat a damn Mercedes? How is he supposed to wear a damn Mercedes? Can a Mercedes pay for day care or emergency health care? Sure she can use a damn Mercedes to go to the store to get food or clothes, she can use the Mercedes to pick up her son from Day care. She can even use it to take him to the emergency room if need be. But come on son... This is some bullshit. She wants the car for herself, not for her son. She is not thinking about her son. This is her wanting to floss and stroll around Dallas in a new S-Class.

In my opinion she has put a price on her child's head. All a ten year old boy is worth now-a-days is a foreign car.

This is why I thank the lord everyday that I was smart enough to get a Wife instead of a damn Babies Mama.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If I were an NFL owner.......

The NFL draft is in 2 days. I will not watch it, but I will follow it closely.

Football is my favorite sport.
For those of you that have been following my thoughts for a while, you will know that I am a fair-weather Cowboys fan. I am a fair-weather fan period, because I refuse to just follow any one thing. I like to have options in my life and if the team I choose to follow sucks, then I reserve to right to keep it moving.  And the Cowboys have not been the picture of perfection lately. Like in the last 12 years.... The only thing I can say is that I do not like the Washington Redskins. Even though Maryland (PG County) is what I consider the closest thing to heaven I will ever see, I cannot stand the foreskins.

That being said, I am a fan of the sport, not of one particular team. I love football. I can watch it all the live long day.

But there is one thing that is driving me more and more to the college side of things.....

The amount of money that owners give to players that have not proven themselves. It makes nan sense to me why in the Hot ass hell an owner would agree to pay a rookie, somebody that has played with kids and been told his whole childhood how good he is, more money than a guy that has proven themselves time and time again on the "field of battle".

If I were an owner in the NFL, there are certain rules that I would set for my organization.
Want to hear some of them?
Hear they go......

1. I would never draft a Quarterback or Running back in the first round. Being a star in college and transferring that over into the NFL is two totally different things. The NFL is faster and the rules are a little bit different. Plus these are grown ass men playing, not immature kids. Getting hit by a man is a helluva lot different than getting hit by someone you went to grade school with. Besides QB's and running backs are a dime a dozen.

2. I would never give a running back a contract for more than 4 or 5 years. Running backs take the most punishment of any player in football. The average "life" for a running back is only 2 or 3 years. (Emmit Smith was the exception. He played 12 years.) But for my team. 4 or 5 years. That's it.

3. I would not trade for a running back over the age of 30. I know that sounds bad, sorta like age discrimination, but.... Let me explain..... The average football player starts playing in middle school, say 7th or 8th grade. So that means 2 years of middle school, 4 years of high school and 2 to 4 years of college. That is a lot of wear and tear on a person's bones. Add to that the years of grueling punishment of playing professionally and being 30 in the NFL is like being 50 in real life. So 30 year old running backs need not apply to the team that Red built.

4. I would spend my first round draft picks and my early second round picks on offensive linemen, defensive backs, pass rushers and linebackers. In my opinion these are the most important pieces of a good football team. Without offensive lineman the QB's and RB's would not be able to do their jobs. Without defensive backs the opposing offense would pass all over you. Without linebackers the opposing offense would not only pass all over you, but run all over you as well. And last but not least without good pass rushers, the opposing QB will have all day to stand in the pocket and pick you apart. Defensive linemen are just as important because they are the first line of defense against all the scenarios I just described. But they would have to come in the late second and third rounds of the draft. I would also pick a kicker in the early third round. A kicker can make or break a football team.

5. I would not pay a rookie more money than what I would pay a veteran player. 40 million dollars for a player that has not stepped on a Pro field?  Come on Son. It would not happen. Not in the house that Red built.

6. If a rookie tried to hold out for more money after I have wasted a draft pick on him, Fuck Him. There are plenty of other players that would take his spot in a New York Minute.

7. I would not waste my time on a player who does not understand the concept of TEAM.

8. I would not waste my time on a player that does not understand that he represents something bigger than football even when he is not playing. If they have problems with the PO-PO, drugs or anything else that might effect his performance and his ability to do the job I am paying him to do, he would not be a part of my organization.

9. I would make it mandatory that all my players attend financial responsibility classes.

10. And finally I would let my coach be the leader of my team. I would consult with him before making any personnel decisions and I would never hire a coach that was a yes man. The coach should be the face of the team, not the owner.
One more thing... I would not waste my time at the Columbine. Seeing how many times a dude can bench press a certain amount of weight or how fast someone can run around some cones, or watching a QB throw in preset conditions without pads or the threat of being hit, does not prove anything to me. If I want to know about a player, I would watch film of the player I am interested in and then I would contact the player and invite him work out with my team in full gear in a full contact workout and then I would measure his worthiness to play for my team.

So there you have it. I don't know if I would be successful as an owner or not, but this is how I would run my organization. Oh and for the women that read my thoughts, some of you might understand just what this post is about, but the majority might not.

Don't sweat it Ma, this is just man talk.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm not racist..I just want my country back


Why is it such a big deal here in AmeriKKKa?

I got into a political argument with a  white associate of mine about this topic. I said that race determines everything here in the land of the free, he said it does not. He was married to a Black woman for 18 years and he has told me repeatedly that he has never had the luxury of having a relationship with a White woman other than his mother and sister. He has told me that White women are not attractive to him, but he would date one if he met one on his "level". He has a daughter from his previous marriage, whom he considers Black, but he has raised her like she's white. He is 50 years old. He is also a "conservative." He hates Obama and loves everything about the tea-baggers. He still claims after everything that has come out about her, that the crazy bitch from Alaska has more executive experience than the President. He lives and breaths Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity. He told me once that if I watch Beck one night, that I would learn more about the constitution than I was ever taught in school. He told me that the Democrats were lying about being called out of their names and being spat on during the health-care vote. He said he needs to see some video that confirms it.

So you can see why we were arguing.

I do not understand this dude. How can anyone that has lived among Black people, had relationships with Black people, not see this bullshit for what it is?

I know that not all the tea-baggers are racist, but a good majority of them are. In my humble opinion, none of them have a leg to stand on, because it has been proven that under this new administration, American's have paid LESS in taxes than we have paid in the last 50 years.  And where in the White Holy Hell where they 8 years ago? Where were the rallies? Where were the signs that said "We want our country back?" Where was the yelling and screaming about government spending being out of control? Where was all the outrage?

This is all bullshit and it doesn't take a genius to see it. If somebody other than a half-black man from Hawaii were calling the shots, then there would be no tea-party. There would be no confederate celebration month. There would be no Michelle Bauchman. There would be no Michael Steele.

This "country first, throw the bums out bullshit" is saturated in race. It is drowning in hate and anger.
This is nothing more than White people showing their true "Christian" colors. I don't buy for a second that anybody that is associated with the tea-baggers, or anyone that agrees with them is doing it for the love of the country. Most of the people that go to these rallies probably do not know why they are going other than the fact they are protesting against the beige man in the white house that is sitting behind the big desk in the funny shaped office. All they know is they are against being represented by somebody that does not look like them, somebody who they consider to be inferior to them.

These constitutionally protected rallies are the perfect cover to let their true feelings show. They can attend these rallies and carry signs that depict the President as Hitler, or the joker, or a monkey and be all right, because it is all about "government spending" and "high taxes." They are not racist when they scream about "wanting their country back",they are just worried about the country that their children are going to inherit. They are not racists, they just don't want the government telling the insurance companies that the jig is up. They are not racists when they carry their guns to a "political" rally, because it is their American right to do so. They are not racists when they claim that celebrating the confederacy part of the civil war  is not about race, but "southern pride."

Naaa, they can't be racists. They were married to a Black woman and they have a mixed black daughter. They cannot be racist because the bible says to love everybody and they live their lives exactly how the bible tells them to.

Naa, it can't be about race.

It just can't be.. Not here in America.

Monday, April 12, 2010

If you don't work, you don't eat

I had military drill this weekend. This is the last drill before we go on our annual training. This year we are going to be doing hardcore Army training in Hawaii. Waikiki to be exact.

Don't hate. It ain't my fault that I get a free 3 week trip to Hawaii. You can get it to. Alls you have to do is go see your local Military recruiter........

Anyways let me get to what I was planning on getting to....

Our commander put out a mandate a couple of months ago that in order to get put on the list to attend this years training, all members of our company had to have all their military business up to date. I.E; weapons qualifications, all vaccinations, civilian employment, family business and the most important of all...Physical fitness tests.

Now the Army's physical fitness test is made up of 3 events, push-ups, sit-ups and a 2 mile run. You are timed and you knock out as many as you can in 2 minutes. Of course there are minimums and maximums,based on your age, of how many sit-ups and push-ups you have to do and how long you have to run. The younger you are the more you have to do. Take me for instance, I am 37 so my minimum push-ups in 2 minutes is 34. My minimum sit-ups is 38 and my minimum run time is 18 min 18 sec. Now the more I do and the less time I take to run the better my score will be, but this is what I need to pass. Failing one event means you fail the whole test.

Like I said the younger you are the more you have to do and the faster you have to run. When I joined the Army at 18, I was doing 75 push-ups, 90 sit-ups and running 2 miles in under 13 minutes. Now I am at 55 to 60 push-ups,55 to 60 sit-ups and I can run 2 miles in about 16 to 17 minutes. You see I have declined a little, but I am still within Army standards.

But getting to the point of this post, I have a 19 year old private under me that cannot pass one damn event. Not nan one.
I wrote about this dude before on this very blog...
Anyways....This is unacceptable.
He has been in the unit for little over a year and we have given him 4 tests and he has failed everyone. And I do mean FAILED. He has not came close to meeting the minimum on any of the 3 events. Now I understand that this is the Reserves and not Active Duty, but come on son. This is bullshit.

We received the list of who is going to Hawaii this weekend and guess what? His ass is not on the list, so what does he do?  He cries and begs on how this ain't fair and blah blah blah. He cries about all the PT tests that he has been given came as a surprise and he did not have time to prepare for them (even though he knew a month in advance before all the tests) and more blah blah blah. So being the good SGT I am, I told him that I would give him a test on Sunday and if he passes it, he will get put on the list. Well Sunday comes around and he takes his test and guess what? He fails. But he has improved. He passed the push ups this time. He cried to me that since he has improved that I should make an exception and put him on the list.

So me being the good SGT I am, I told him to go fuck himself and I will send him pictures of me on the beach.

Was I wrong?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Man it's Easter. You ain't got to talk to me like that!

Today is what Christians call "good Friday". It is in celebration of the Christian pagan holiday Easter. As I have stated numerous times here on this very blog that you are now reading, I do not believe in any of these Christian pagan celebrations. I do not think, correction I know,that they have nothing what so ever to do with Christ or Christianity. So there will be no Easter Sunday Service for me, no White Suits with a Pink tie, no Easter Dinner and no fake-ass sermon about how a Rabbit laying eggs is supposed to symbolize how Jesus was resurrected.

Nope, none of that for me.

Now if the Wifey wants to go hear Freddy Haynes Easter speech, then more power to her. I just won't be in attendance. We agree to disagree on certain "Christian" beliefs. She don't like it, because she was raised in a strong Christian household where she was taught all the "right" ways, but she knows I am who I am.
I agree that I compromise my beliefs a little around Christmas time though. I always buy her gifts, but I don't do it out of respect for some fake ass holiday, I do it out of respect for her and her beliefs. Besides if she ain't happy, then I won't and can't be happy, so a little compromise don't hurt me.

Anyways this is not what I was going to write about... See how ya'll do? Got me rambling and shit....

Woo-sah..... OK.... I'm back......

Today before I made it into work I had to stop and get gas for the whip.
As I pumping my normal $25 into the tank, I saw out of the corner of my eye a crack head looking dude and this crack head hoish looking woman giving me the side eye. They were looking like they wanted to approach me, but they did not know how to do it. Well I made sure that I was in a position to protect myself if they chose to get stupid, ya'll know that these are crazy times we are in and besides these were two white people in a predominately Black neighborhood, so I had to check my surroundings in case something jumped off.

Anyways they finally calmed down a little to come up to me. Here is how the convo went down....

'Excuse me sir.'
'Yeah. What's up man?'
'I was, well we was wondering if you have a couple dollars you can spare?'
'For what man?'
'Well we are from San Antonio and we ran out of gas a couple of miles back and we need a couple of dollars so we can get home.'
'You are from San Antonio? What are you doing way up here?' (San Antonio is about 4 hours from Dallas.)
'Well sir, that ain't important. What we want to know is can you help us get back'.

This is when the conversation got ugly. Not important? This fool expected me to give him some money and he told me it was not important on why I was giving it to him?

'It ain't important huh? Well you say you need money for gas right?'
'Yeah'. No "sir" this time.
'Well how you gonna get it back to your car? You ain't got no gas can with you. And a couple of dollars ain't gonna buy you gas and a can to put it in. Tell me the truth Homie. What do you really need a "couple of dollars" for? Tell me the truth and I will see what I can do. But if you stay on this bullshit here, you and your woman can get the hell on from me.'
'Man you ain't got to talk to me like that. It is Easter.'
'What the hell does Easter have to do with you lying to me about needing help dude? Man get the fuck on from me. I told you to come straight and I would see what I can do for your cracked out looking ass, but you are continually trying to run game. Get the hell on dude before this gets uglier than what it is.'
'Man you ain't right turning people away on Easter. The Lord will make sure you will get yours.'
'Yeah? He already has dude. See this gas I am pumping in my car? I am paying for it with money I received from my job that I am going to be late to fucking with you. So get the hell on!'

The dude and his girl walked away mumbling some crackhead shit and I finished pumping my go-go juice and got on the road.

So you see why I got a problem with "Christian" celebrations?