Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am a Black man......Like no other

I have no idea where the thought came from for this post, but it hit me this morning so I put it in my memo app on my phone so I would not forget it, (they say the mind goes first)and here it is.


I am a Black man that loves Hip Hop.....But I am also a Black man that can be caught listening to some Maroon 5, as I am right now while I am writing this.

I am a Black man that loves the sight and scent of a Black woman.....But I am also a Black man that would not hesitate to take a woman of another race home to meet my Moms.

I am a Black man that does not care if another man is Gay or not..... But I am also a Black man that does not understand how in the hell a man can be attracted to another man sexually.

I am a Black man that wishes every time I step outside my house, that I am seen as a man before I am seen as a BLACK man..... But I am also a Black man that was born and raised in the United States of AmeriKKKa.

I am a Black man that believes in God with everything I am... But I am also a Black man that believes that religion is a bunch of bullshit.

I am a Black man that voted for Barack Obama... (His color might have had a little something to do with it.)....But I am also a Black man that does not agree with everything that he has done since he got hired.

I am a Black man that believes that Slavery still has a very adverse effect on the way Black People are treated in this country.... But I am also a Black man that believes 85% of the problems that we (black people) face today are of our own doing.

I am a Black man that truly and honestly believes in Love.....But I am also a Black man that knows that the difference between love and hate is as close as one simple word said at the wrong time.

I am a Black man that hates stereotypes..... But I am also a Black man that tenses up whenever I see a group of Black men coming towards me wearing the same damn color in some shape or form.

I am a Black man that believes that a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man, it takes a man.....But I am also a Black man that was raised solely by my Moms.

I am a Black man that has some very good White friends, some of them I consider my brothers and sisters from another mother.... But I am also a Black man that knows that I am still Black and they are still White. In AmeriKKKa.

I am a Black man that knows that all Black People have their roots in Africa.... But I am also a Black man that does not consider himself AFRICAN AMERICAN. I am an American that just so happens to have African roots.

I am a Black man that considers himself educated.... But I am also a Black man that can get ignorant with the best of them.

I am a Black man that hates to be in the company of Niggas.  I prefer to associate myself with Black people.... But I am also a Black man that uses the word NIGGA on a daily basis.

I am a Black man that hates the term "independent woman", But I am also a Black man that loves a woman that has independent ways.

I am a Black man that is not above apologizing when I am wrong about something....But I am also a Black man that refuses to apologize for something I meant to do.

I am a Black man that believes that Family is the most important thing a man has....But I am also a Black man that knows that family will bend you over and stick dick in your ass faster than a stranger will.

I am a Black man that loves a "thick" woman....But I am also a Black man that knows the difference between "PHAT" and FAT. (So don't ask me if those jeans make your ass look fat, because if you have to ask, then yes, they damn sho do.)

I am a Black man that wishes that "Black" was not a word that is used to describe me, since the word "Black"does not technically identify a Racial network of people.... But I am also a Black man, who like I said earlier, was born and raised in the United States of AmeriKKKa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There is something smelling pretty bad in the Gulf, and I ain't talking about the dead fish

In my short time here on this Earth I have been witness to some amazing changes in technology.

I have seen music go from albums, to cassette tapes, to cd's, to MP3 players, to cell phones.
I have seen televisions go from the little Black and White shits, to the  floor models that only had 4 colors, to big screens with lots of colors, to HD wall mounted TV's, to televisions in 3d.

And speaking of televisions, I have seen channels go from 3 or 4 to hundreds.
I have seen telephones go from hanging on the wall with the 20 foot cord, so I can drag it into my room for privacy, to cordless, to cell phones that were about 2 feet long, to phones that could fit in the palm of my hand, to no house phones at all, to phones that can control the temperature of your house.
I have seen computers that were as big as some rooms, to computers that could only do one thing at a time, to desk top computers, to lap top computers, to computers that can fit in your pocket.
I have seen cars go from the Cadillac's that the back bumper always fell off of, to cars that can parallel park themselves or tell you there is another car in your blind spot.

I can go on and on about the advances I have seen in my short 30 something years on this Earth.

And there is no telling what I will see in the next 30 something years.

So there is no excuse I can be given, seeing  all the scientific advances in damn near everything, from the way we cook our food, to the way we go get our food; that a damn oil leak cannot be plugged the hell up.

There is nothing that can be said to me that can explain why in 2010, when we have video games that mimic every move that you can make, that a supposedly technology savvy company like BP, cannot plug a hole in some pipes and stop the damn oil leaking into the damn gulf.

If this was 1920 when half the country still did not have electricity in their houses, I might be able to understand.
But in 2010?
Come on Son. I ain't trying to hear that shit.

And it is amazing to me how the damn pipes blew up about a month after the President was talking about starting off shore drilling to utilize the resources we already have, instead of relying on people that want to Jihad us to death.

Yep Son, I smell a damn rat.

2 months of oil leaking into the damn gulf?
With no known technology that can stop it?
In 2010?

That is almost as believable as me marrying Eva Mendez on the next full moon, with the Wolfman serving as my best man.
Or as believable as Michael Steele being elected to head the Redumlican Party based on his qualifications and Political smarts.
I'm  really believing that.
Wink, Wink.... 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Even a chronic liar and an asshole tells the truth at least once a year.....

This is a first and a last.

You will probably never hear me blaspheme like this again....
I actually agree with something RUSH LIMBAUGH said. Well at least some of it.
I feel the need to take a boiling hot shower, followed by a full body alcohol rub even as I write this.
Oh well, at least I am man enough to admit that sometimes even the devil tells the truth.

Of course most Rethugs agree with what CONGRESSMAN BARTON said. Most of them probably do think that BP being ordered to pay 20 billion dollars in damages is a shake down. It means less money for them. Of course they feel that BP did not do anything wrong.
I mean shit happens right? Oil Rigs blow-up, right? Sometimes people lose their lives in the wake of other people's greed right? That is the backbone of the American Dream after all. There is not a dollar made in this country that does not have the blood and sweat of somebody on it. There is no such thing as an "honest dollar", there never has been. In order to make it here, there has to be some collateral damage. If you are not willing to kill and maim in order to get what you want, then why bother?

Finishing second only means that you were the first person to lose, right? And who remembers the guy that lost?
These ideals should be the Republican battle cry.
Of course all those bastards feel that Barton told the truth, but in order to stay in power they have to denounce his words. (In  public that is.) They have to show the "little people" that they "care". If it was not for the "little people" they would be "little people." And who wants to be the 90 pound weakling surrounded by a country of Shag's?

So ole Limp-dick told the truth. The republican's  politicians don't care, but they have to act like they do.
They have to kiss babies and visit old folk's homes. They have to have photo ops of them serving the "little people" at local soup kitchens. They have to have press conferences to denounce the words of a fellow charlatan and bigot, even though they have their fingers crossed under the podium they are speaking from.

I just wonder how the Princess of the Republicans, the crazy half Governor from Alaska feels about Limp-dicks comments. I mean she was QUOTED as saying that Rahm Emmanuel was lying when he said the same shit Limp-dick said.

O what a tangled web they weave!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HIStory is just that....HIS story

My man Reggie over at REGGIES RANTINGS, wrote a very good post about our countries 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

Reggie, I hate to post jack you, but this post has been on my mind since I read it and it has been the topic of discussion between myself and a dude I know, so I decided to write about 'ole Honest Abe too.

In my comment to Reggie's post I said....

"As for your Abe Lincoln quote... That man sho could write, huh? But I agree with one of the other commenters that said that he was just a politician. Abe was just like every other white man that lived during that time. He thought Whites were superior and in fact he was quoted as saying that as long as Blacks and Whites shared the same space, there would be conflict. He was in fact planning on sending all the freed slaves to Liberia, but he got his cap peeled before he could implement it. And yes he freed the slaves, but freed them to what? They could not write, read and they did not own shit. They went to one form of slavery to another. And even though I detest any Black person that still uses slavery as an excuse to act Niggerish, I have to say that the effects of slavery and being treated as fourth citizens are still being felt today. I do agree that he was a great President though. Even though he DID not have the best interests of the slaves on his mind, he still signed the paper that made it illegal for us to be on the shelves at your local Wal-mart." 

Reggie provided some good quotes from Abe and other "heroes" of the civil war. I felt the need to provide a quote to back up the comment I made. And it goes a little something  like this......

"I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races; that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say, in addition to this, that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior. I am as much as any other man in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."
Abraham Lincoln, in the book THE WRITINGS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

I also said that "The Great Emancipator"  wanted to send all the people that looked like me and my man Reggie to Liberia. HERE is what I found concerning this.

I have never taken for granted what I was taught in HIStory class in school. I have always had questions that the (white)teachers I had in school either could not or refused to answer. They all made us believe that we owe everything we are to Abraham Lincoln. So I have always went to other sources to get my answers, and my teachers always had a problem with me when I questioned the version of HIStory that they were teaching. I was given detention more than one time just for telling the truth.

Now it is true that the man did have the nuts to buck the status qou and go against his true feelings about the Negra and sign the paper that made it illegal to own one of us like an I-pod.

Do we owe everything we have accomplished in this country to him?

Uhhhhh...... I believe the answer is no.

If ole Honest Abe had not signed the papers that "freed" us, then another President would have. Sooner or later the slaves would have stood up and made the slave owners lay down. And in the best interests of the Union, what-ever President that would have been unlucky enough to be sitting in the big seat would have had to do something to keep the piece. So in my humble opinion, it was inevitable.

I believe that schools should teach the true version of history instead of the sanitized version that I and millions of other school children received.

It is a known fact that history is written by the winners and in this case the majority population rules.

Nobody White wants to hear that the "founding fathers" of their beloved United States were nothing more than racist thieves and murderers  that lied, killed and manipulated their way to start this country.

Nobody White wants to hear about how this country was actually built by people that they consider inferior to them.

We have been lied to and deceived since the beginning.

The brave men and women I owe my freedom to is not the White man/men that signed anything into law that they were forced to sign for political purposes, it is the Men/Women that actually fought for my freedom and paid for my right to exist with their blood.
These men and women looked like me and my man Reggie.
These Men/Women are the true "founding fathers" of this country.
They are the true patriots.
They are the ones that actually understood the meaning of  the words, "All men are created equal."

So when I hear shit like Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, I have to laugh.
It is almost as funny as the lies that were taught to me about how Christopher Columbus "discovered" a land that was already inhabited.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bitch, do I look like Terrell Owens to you?

This past weekend the wifey and I went up to Oklahoma. We go every now and then to the casinos that are right on the border. This time we went to Wind Starr. In my opinion this is the better of the two casinos that share the border between Texas and Oklahoma.

We booked a room because even though it is only a hour and a half drive, we knew that we were going to be drinking and probably mad from loosing, so we decided to stay up there.

Now I have described my physical appearance to ya'll numerous times here on my lil 'ole blog. And I have been in the gym constantly for about the past 8-9 months, so if  I do say so myself, I look pretty damn good.

What I have not described is the way I like to dress when I am out somewhere. I have a very good sense of fashion. I love clothes and shoes. It is the only vice I have. Anyways this Saturday I had on a designer fitted T-shirt, some fitted jeans, (hell to the nawl they were NOT skinny jeans), and some Timberland loafers. Again, I ain't trying to pull my own  nuts, but I turned quite a few ladies heads in the casino on Saturday.


I leave the wifey at the slots she likes to loose at and I walk around the casino until I find a blackjack table I want to join. I sit down, throw 2 one hundred bills on the table and wait for my chips. The dealer counts out $200 in chips, I place my bet and she starts dealing. I loose the first 5 hands and then my luck starts to turn.
After about 4 straight winning hands a drunk white man and his equally drunk wife? girlfriend? daughter? join the table. He gets his chips and we start playing. After a couple of hands he starts trying to make conversation with me, which is all good because I can be a very sociable person.

Well, all of a sudden he asks me what I do, and before I can answer him the conversation steered in this direction......,

"So what team do you play for? Is it the Cowboys?"
"What? What team? What are you talking about?"
"I know you play pro ball. You got that look. You are dressed like a pro ball guy and you are big enough. So what team?"
"Man I don't play pro ball. I work for the Texas Department of Public Safety."
"Your Bullshitting me man! With the way you are dressed? How much did that outfit cost, $1000? And you are a pretty good sized boy, so you got to be bullshitting me son!"

I start to get a little upset around this time and I guess the wife? girlfriend? daughter? saw this and she pulled him away from me and we kept playing. After a couple more hands I cashed out and went to another table.

Now what upset me about this whole situation was this.... did this asshole think that the only reason I could afford to be in the casino and not be looking like I just lost my whole unemployment check, was professional sports?

Or was he just drunk off his ass and he did not mean any thing by his dumb ass comments?

Or did my racism detector give off a false alarm?

If a white dude that was dressed similar to me were sitting with us at the table, would he have asked him the same damn question?

I guess I will never know....
But I still felt very disrespected by this motherfuckers idiotic comments...

Was I wrong in feeling this way?

What say you?

Monday, June 7, 2010

It is so hot, I swear I seen the Devil at the local Home Depot buying a new air conditioning unit!!

As you all know, I live in Dallas, TX.

I am not from here, but this is where I have made my home. I have lived here on and off since 1992. My first stint here was in El Paso. I lived there for 2 years before relocating to Germany. After 5 years in Duetchland, I came back to Tejas, to the Ft. Hood-Killeen area. I stayed there for 3 years before moving to San Antonio. After a hell on earth year and a half  I moved to Dallas, where I have been for the past 7 plus years.

I like Dallas.

Dallas is a pretty cool city. The cost of living is decent, there is a decent sized Black population, there is a lot of Black American culture here and to top it off, Dallas was not hit that hard by the recession, unlike other major US cities. I mean if a person can't find a job here, well, they just don't want a job. The housing market is pretty good, house prices are really low compared to the rest of the country. For what I paid for my 4 bedroom, 2 garage, big back-yard house, I would have not been able to get a one bedroom apartment back on the Eastern side of thangs where I was born and raised.

So don't get it twisted folks.... There are a lot more things here besides steers and queers, even though there is a good population of both here.

With that being said, let me switch up a little bit......

It is hot as 3 hells here.
Texas only has 2 seasons, Hot as fuck and sometimes cold.

It starts getting hot around April and the shit don't let up until about October. It has been like that the entire time I have called Texas home. So around this time of year I expect it and prepare for a lot of time under some AC.

What irritates me worse than Macy Gray's voice, is every year around this time the local Texans complaining about the damn heat. I mean the people that was born and raised here. The people with the "Texas is it's on country" mentality.

I mean these people have lived here their entire lives and they are surprised about the damn Texas summer heat?


After a lifetime of living 3 doors down from hell every summer, the fucking heat surprises you? Every damn year?

What the hell do these people expect? The weather all of a sudden to change during the damn summer?

I mean it is TEXAS people!! Texas is hotter than 2 mice fucking in a wool sock every year around this time!

So why complain about the same shit year after hot ass year?

To me it is like people in Alaska being proud of their former half term Governor, Black people that belong to the Republican Party,or people in Chicago complaining about crime. It makes no damn sense.. Not nan.

It is what it is.

So with that being said, let me turn this AC up a little bit, because it is going to be another long hot Summer.

As usual.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The power of the P

I had a conversation with my cousin today about the availability of decent men in the ATL area. She wanted to know why she only attracts scrubs and why she can't seem to keep a man once she does get one.  On top of that, I was blog surfing some of my favorite blogs and my girl Rum Punch over at THE VIEW FROM HERE basically asked the same thing.

What women fail to realize in today's world is that Women run shit and men are just figure heads. There is no such thing as a successful man that did not and does not have the help of a woman. I mean let's face it.... A man would not be able to tie his shoes if a woman had not taught him. 
And to all my dudes reading this, don't act like your moms, Big Momma, sister, Auntie or female cousin did not show you how to tie your shoes! It is what it is.

A woman does not need to do anything to get the attention of a man.
Only thing she needs to do is be a woman.
That's it.

As for my cousin and Rum Punch attracting the "wrong" type of man, well, all I can say is and?

My cousin and even though I have not met her, Rum Punch, are strong women. They are women that really don't need a man for anything except some dick. This is attractive to a man. A man needs that mystery about what he can do to get a woman. A man needs to know that he can do some shit for a woman that she ordinarily can't do for herself. No man wants a woman who is a push over. No man wants an easy woman. We like challenges and the more self reliant a woman is the more attractive she is to us. The more mystery there is about a woman, the more we will fight to get her and keep her.
Let me clarify something.......A real man is who I am talking about..
Sooner or later a weak man will start to feel intimated and push the good woman away, this is why my cousin and Rum Punch cannot keep the man who starts off as good, but eventually shows his true colors.

We all give off warning signs about who we are from the very beginning but most women ignore the red flags and only concentrate on what they consider "good" about the dude. They give up everything about themselves and start becoming predictable, thereby taking away the mystery that attracted us in the first place. And once the mystery is gone, we get bored and start fucking up. In order for a woman to keep her man solely to herself and keep him at home, she needs to realize that she is the one in control of the relationship. She needs to realize that the same way she got the man she wanted, not the man she settled for (there is a difference), she needs to keep doing exactly what it was that got his attention in the first place.

She needs to keep the mystery alive. Keep us guessing.. Keep our interest up... Don't get complacent and don't show all your cards at once.

Like I said, women actually make the decisions that affect everything in the world.
Men are just here to get her bags out of the trunk and carry them into the house.