Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Masturbation causes hairy palms....

I was not going to write about Eddie "Long-stoking" Long and technically this is not going to be about him.
Even though I must say that the recent "shocking" revelations that have been in the media for the past week about the Bishops' allegedly sexual explotation of several young men in his flock......Was not so shocking to me.

I have kin-folk that live in the ATL that used to attend the Bishop's show faithfully every Sunday and 3 more days of the week.
Notice I said USED to.....

There have been rumors of what this dude was doing floating around ATL for years.
YEARS people!

It was only a matter of time before he pissed one of his boy-toys off and their "unwanted" affair was posted on u-tube. I mean come on people, think about it for a hot minute....
How come while the trips,cars,jewelry and clothes that Bishop Longstroke was "supposedly" doling out on the regular was being doled out on the regular,nothing was said? How come when college tuition was being paid and expensive dinners were being ate, mouths were shut? Well maybe mouths were not shut, but no complaints were being issued from the mouths that were open. Or maybe the mouths could not say anything because they were full of the Bishop's longness?

The way I see it is the BOYS turned into MEN and the Bishop likes his meat young, so there lies the problem, and the BOYS didn't like it, so now all of a sudden the Bishop took advantage of them.

I could be wrong and if I am.....Then it ain't the first or last time....And if I offended any of the Bishops followers....well.... get over it.... My heart bleeds for your feelings.....

Now may I get on with what I want to get on with?

Even though what the Bishop "supposedly" did was morally, spiritually and professionally dead ass wrong and I am not condoning it in the least, there is a bigger problem under the surface.

Americans have a problem with sex.
And that goes double with Black Americans.

Sex is taboo. Sex is evil. Sex should be practiced behind closed locked doors and blacked out windows, with only one person. For.The.Rest. Of. Your. Natural. Life.
We should not do this. We should not put that there, Don't put that in your mouth.We should not touch that. Doing that will cause blindness or make you go bald. That is unnatural. The Bible says this, the Bible says if you do that then Satan is waiting on you in Hell with a bag full of whatever you did waiting to stick it in your unmentionables for all eternity.

This is what we are taught. This is what is drilled into us from the cradle to the grave.

So is it any wonder that some people do what society has always told them is wrong when they think no one is watching?
Is it any wonder that America has the most sexual crimes of any "civilized" nation on earth?

If this "free" nation would actually let people be free to be who and what they are, as long as nobody was getting raped, killed, maimed or molested, Bishop Long's would not exist.
If this "Christian" nation would stop hiding behind the cross and the book they only bring out when it is convenient for them at the time and actually practice what they preach, then the Catholic Church would have been abolished centuries ago.

I am not saying that I am giving a pass to all the sexual predators that walk the same streets our loved ones walk on....I am saying that this country's views on sex is out-dated and hypocritical.

The same people that are making our laws and "teaching" us what not to do and what God says we need to be doing regarding sex are the main ones out filling up the jaws of innocent young men and women with dick.

All in the name of the Constitution, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

So that is the problem that breeds problems like Bishop Long, the Catholic Church, Republicans, rapists, child molesters and ignorant people that attack other people for doing what they like to do when they think they can get away with it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey man, before we get in this fox-hole and fight these people that are shooting at us, I have to ask....Do you think I'm sexy?

For all the faithful readers of this here way of sharing my thoughts to anyone that wants to read them;this is old news for you.

I am in the United States Army. I have been for 12 years. 10 years active duty and the last 2 in the reserves.
I love the military and it took me getting out to realize it. The military saved my life quite literally. If I had not joined the Army right after high school, I know where I would have ended up. Jail or dead. I say this because I was fascinated with the "thug-life". I was in love with the streets. As a matter of fact about a year before I joined the Army, I was asked by a school counselor what I wanted to be as an adult. I replied without blinking an eye, "The biggest drug dealer in the city." Those were my ambitions. That's  what I really wanted as a career.
Slanging rocks in my city.
Looking back on that, I realize how young and stupid I was. Looking back on my youth I realize how fortunate and blessed I have been. Most of the cats I grew up with that stayed in the streets, ended up exactly how I would have; locked up in a cage or locked up in a box six feet below the earth. Some of us matured enough to realize how dumb we were, and we are leading happy, productive and honest lives, but "some" does not account for many.

So when I say the Army saved my life, I mean that shit.
I take the military life very seriously. I for one would like to see a law that would mandate military service for all kids right after high school.
2 years.
After 2 years they would have the choice to stay or go, but either way they would have the discipline needed to accomplish whatever they wanted to accomplish.

But that is just my opinion.

Congress or should I say Rethuglicans just voted to leave "Don't ask Don't tell" in tact.
I think that this was dumb.
Gay men and women have served in the military since this country had a military.
I personally could give a shit what a man or a woman chooses to do in their personal lives. It does not matter to me if a dude in my unit likes dudes or if a woman cuts for women. I mean why should it?  How does a person's sexual choice affect how I do my job? How I live my life?

Everyone in the Army has known a soldier that was Gay or a soldier that they suspected of being  Gay.

Did it stop the mission?
Did it affect unit cohesion?

So what is the big deal?
Why all the opposition?

In my opinion this is a pure cut example of discrimination. If a person was kicked out of the military for being Black, Hispanic or bald, there would be hell to pay.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not comparing what Gay people are going through to what Blacks and Hispanics are going through on a daily basis.
There is no comparison.
Black people paved the road with blood that Gay people and Hispanics are marching on now. So there is no comparison.

But I still think it is wrong to discriminate against someone just because you disagree with who they go home to at night.
I do not understand how a man can be attracted to and be in love with another man. The same goes with women.
I do not understand how a man can be sexually attracted to another man. To me it just don't make sense.
But that is me.
Gay people deserve to be treated with the same respect that I have been blessed to receive.
Just because I don't understand it and I cannot see living my life like that, does not give me the right to disrespect their right to live how they want to live.

I just wish those same fake, homophobic, hypocritical, hiding in the closet politicians would see the world as I see it and stop trying to tell people how they should live when most of them do not live how they want others to.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Homo Fella's, No Homo

While I was in PA a couple of weeks ago, a buddy and I decided to go to Scranton one night after classes to see what was popping there.

We went to an Italian restaurant before we went out to the clubs around downtown, just because you can't go to Scranton and not go to an Italian restaurant. Anyways, the food was outstanding and afterward we hit the streets to see what we could see.

My partner is an ese (Mexican guy for all you politically correct Queens English speakers) from LA. This is one cool dude. He will go up to anybody and start a conversation about anything. Oh and speaking of Mexicans,this is totally off the subject; but I have to say this and if it is wrong for me to even notice this....Oh well sue me.....
I did not see one Hispanic dude doing construction the whole time I was up there. The only people up on roofs and putting up drywall (that I noticed anyway) were White Folks and Black folks. I have not seen that shit in years. I guess I have been down here in Tejas to damn long....

Like I said my homie will go up to anybody and just start talking. We noticed a dude that appeared to be about our age walking towards us with two chicks. So my man stops them and tells them that we are visiting Scranton and we wanted to know where the haps was.

Well after we stopped them we noticed that the dude was obviously Gay. And after about 20 seconds of conversation we found out that the two chicks were strippers. Well we talked to them for a minute or two and got directions to a couple of clubs in the area and  we got free passes to the club were the two chicks "danced" at.

Well since neither me or my man really dig shake joints, we told them we would pass on the passes. The girls looked kinda of disappointed with this, but it is what it is. The Gay guy told us about an after party after the shake joint closes and he told us he would call us when they were on their way there. At first my man and I looked kinda crazy at the dude because we knew this guy liked the opposite of what we liked and we were kinda skeptical about going to an after party were he was going. We did not want to be the main course of the night, you feel me? But I guess he could read our minds because he told us that there was going to be a lot of hot chicks there and he would not invite us to a place where he thought we would feel uncomfortable.

We agreed, my man gave the dude his cell and we parted ways.
We went to a hip-hop spot that was much to young for us (I swear we could have had kids up in there)and watched the kiddies get low. We stayed for about an hour and decided to call it a night.
We are getting old and can't do the shit we used to do.

On our way back to Tobyhanna we get a call from the "dude".
He asked us if we were still going out and we told him we had decided to take it on in for the night.
He sounded disappointed;he told us that most of the shakers from the club were going to be there and that the two he was with earlier had told them all about the two "fine" Army dudes from out of town.

It sounded tempting for about 10 seconds; until a vision of our families popped in our minds.
We told the "dude" we appreciate the invite, but we were taking it on in.

Well in case you are wondering what the hell all of this is about......
The point of this little narrative is this.....

A Gay dude is worth his weight in gold to a single straight man. I mean think about it for a minute.....
Gay dudes always hang with FINE ass FINE Eva Mendez looking single ladies.
Most of the ladies are either looking for Mr Right or Mr. Right Now. Either way, for a single straight man, it is like a being a kid in a candy store.
And your Gay friend always tells his girlfriends about his "fine" straight friend, which is an automatic in; because if a straight dude is friends with a Gay dude; to a female he is in tune with his "sensitive" side which is definitely a plus on any day that ends with "day". And if a Gay dude says you are "fine," then to a woman you are the equivalent of Denzel, Brad Pitt and Idris Elba all rolled up into one package. Which is another plus on any day that ends in "day".

So in my humble opinion every straight guy needs a Gay friend.
Unless of course your friend is one of those bitch-ass down low motherfuckers. If you are hanging with one of those bastards,and know damn well what he is, then you my friend are suspect too.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been neglecting my lil ole blog lately and I apologize. I am going through some unnecessary ass shit in my personal life and I have not felt like coming here. I still don't feel like being here now, but some shit happened that I feel the need to talk vent about.

What the hell is acting, talking or dressing "black"?

Why does everything I do as a Black man have to fit into what AmeriKKKa has defined as being "BLACK"?
Why the fuck can't I just be a Black man in AmeriKKKa, without having the label of being a BLACK man in AmeriKKKa?

Just because I like to wear classic rock band t-shirts, Chuck Taylor sneakers, well worn, (or new, but looks well worn) jeans that fit, (I have no desire to look like an ex-con), I am not Black enough?


Just because I can talk without using Ebonics whenever I feel the need to, I am not "hood" enough?
Because I choose to listen to rock music I am a sellout?
Because I choose not to eat fried foods with sweet ass sweet sweet ass Iced Tea at every meal I am "uppity"?
Because I do not frequent the neighborhood Mega Church and I do not treat the Preacher of said mega church like he was with Moses when he parted the Red Sea, I am going to hell?

Because I refuse to blame White People for everything that is fucked up with Black People, I know that Black People are 75% of the blame for everything that is fucked up with Black People, I am not Black enough?
Because I think that Black People are stupid for swinging from the nut sack of every Democrat that only comes around every election cycle, be they Black or White, and NEVER does anything but give sound-bites on how they will "change" shit, I will have to learn the hard way?

I can go on and on about how just because I choose to think and I refuse to follow anybodies lead but mine, because  I question shit that most of my Black brothers and sisters have come to accept as the very word of God and because I am not ashamed to be me instead of what AmeriKKKa has told the world I am, I am considered as "different" from the rest.

I cannot stand it.
It is like I am expected to be the definition of everything negative that is in the world. I am expected to be everything except what I am.... A free thinking MAN.

Sometimes I think that being born Black in a country that can only see shit in Black and White, can be both a gift and a damn curse.

More curse than gift though.