Sunday, October 31, 2010

When did I know?

"How did you and when did you "choose" or "decide" that being heterosexual was the thing for you?"
This was a question that RIPPA asked me in response to a comment I made on one of the guest appearances on his blog.

The post I commented on was about how an admitted bisexual man (not one of those down-low motherfuckers) would make a woman a "good" man simply because he had his shit together.. I.E. Finances,health, physical appearance, that type of shit.

My comment was something like, Really? Why is this even a topic of discussion? Women are so desperate for a man now-a-days that they will willingly let a man into their lives that can switch between them and their male cousin at the drop of a hat? Really? 

Well in response to my comment Rippa asked me the above question; Which I admit got me to thinking....As most of Rippa's posts and the posts of his guests do.
 When did I know that I was attracted to women? When did I realize that I was "straight?" Was it a traumatic event in my life, or did I always know?

And the answer is...... I do not know.
I have always been attracted to women, it was never any question. I have always known that being sexually involved with a man was not an option for me. When I was in school I used to get dressed and undressed in a a bathroom stall for PT because I did not want to get undressed in front of another dude. It took my joining the Army to get me over that.

Matter of fact I used to be scared to death of Gay dudes. They terrified me. So being Gay was never in my  way of thinking.

So if I always knew that I was attracted to women, then is being Gay a choice or are Gay people born like me....all knowing?
I think that being "bi" is a choice... There is no plausable excuse that a person can give me on how ANYONE can switch between a man and a woman like they would switch their draws....And be comfortable with it.
Not nan excuse.

Being straight Gay...... I can understand how a Gay person always knew who they were, because I always knew. It is society that has a problem accepting that.

But for somebody  to suck a dick one day and then eat some pussy the next....well that just seems a lot like choosing to me.

I don't get it. I don't understand how a man can be attracted to another man, but I understand even less how a man or woman can go back and forth like they are crossing the street.

But as far as me knowing exactly when and how I came to be hooked on the punanny?

I could not even begin to tell ya.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Dating game and the games we men go through......But remember there are no Good Black men left.....Really?

I bit this LINK from the best comedic blog out there right now... O Hell Nawl.

I have not figured out how to show the video here so I just added the link..

This is so true... I am not saying all Black Women are like this.....
But there ARE a lot of them out here in these streets.

I thought this shit was hillarious.

"Are you on the down-low?" Was the line that really had me crawling on the damn floor!!!!
This may offend some of my women readers, but if the subject matter don't portray you, then get over it.
But if this IS you......I understand why you might get mad Boo-Boo.

The truth hurts huh?

To all my true Black Women, I love you and I always will.....
But it is bytches like the one portrayed in this cartoon that is fucking the game up for all of ya'll....

I apologize for the mood I am in right now.....It has just been one of those weeks.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hate is a powerful emotion

If you were a United States Congressman or Senator, what would be your priorities?

Would it be the welfare and overall good will of your constituents? Would it be the security of the country you took an oath to protect? Would you want your people to be gainfully employed?

What about education for all the youth in your assigned area?
Or maybe you might want to stop corruption within your ranks so that the perception that the average person has of politicians would change for the better?

Or would the hate and disdain you hold for the man that sits in the seat you want outweigh what it is you took an oath to do?

Mitch Mcdonnell (R) Kentucky said in a recent interview with the National Journal, that the single most important priority for the congress after the midterm elections is and I quote, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president".


That is the "single most important thing", to Rethuglicans?


That is their plan after they win back the House and Senate?

Now in the fool's state that made this as-sine comment, the people are more concerned with the economy.
You see Kentucky has a 10.1 unemployment rate. They are more concerned with jobs than they are with education. And they probably could give a good damn about who is in office, as long as they have food on the table and their bills are paid.

But according to the man that represents them, making sure that the current HNIC fails is more important to him and others like him. He could give a fuck about what really concerns the people that make sure that HE has food on the table and that HIS bills are paid.

His hatred towards the President of the United States outweighs the concerns of his constituents.

And this is why I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can support the Rethuglican Party; especially a Black or Latino person.
They are so full of contradictions and hypocrisy it ain't funny.

It also amazes me why the Dumocrats are not leading in every poll out right now. What the fuck are they doing? Why are they not capitalizing on  the fuck-ups, racism and gaffs that are in the news concerning Rethuglicans on a daily basis? Don't they know the code of the streets; If you kill one of mine, I am going to kill 5 of yours?

Anybody that knows anything about politricks knows that during a Presidents first term, he always loses the House or Senate during midterm elections. What is going on now is not surprising, it is the way it always goes.


In this case...Why are they losing? After the train wreck that this country is just now starting to recover from; that was initiated by Republicans;it would make sense that the Dumocrats would be Deion Sanders dancing towards the finish line.

But instead they are sucking hind tit.
If they lose and they are going to lose, it is their own fault.
Democrats are weak.
Democrats are too busy trying to look sane and rational instead of getting down in the trenches with all the blood and guts that accompany warfare.
If Democrats were celebrities, they would be the AL B Sure pretty boy, sensitive looking niggas, (no disrespect intended Reggie...It just seems like the perfect analogy to get my point across. LOL) instead of the Wesley Snipes "cancel that bitch" looking niggas.

I do not understand it.
But at least I got my 2 cents in. I made sure that how I am feeling got known.
It may not make too big of a difference, but at least my say was heard.
I cannot stand the weak-ass, take a nigga for granted Democratic Party, but I would rather get up on stage with Lady Gaga wearing a deer-meat g-string than support a group of people that has let it be known without any kind of doubt that we are enemies.

Besides, no matter how much I hate the Dumocratic Party, the enemy of my enemy is my new BFF.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It is better let people think you are an ignorant jack-ass, than to open your fool-ass mouth and prove you are

When the towers fell on 911 I was living in San Antonio, TX.
I was at work in a hot-ass H-E-B grocery chain warehouse. I was busy completing an order that had to be delivered to a store on the East side of the city when one of my co-workers ran up to me and told me we had been attacked by Muslims. I thought he was full of shit and I continued getting my order ready because I was on a time schedule. The guy insisted that I stop what I was doing and head to the break-room to see for myself. I told him that I would as soon as I dropped my order off on the dock. I finished my order and lo and behold, my dude was right. We were attacked. And the perpetrators were Muslim.

Now I admit after the towers fell, for a while I was leery of anybody that looked Arab. They made me nervous. In fact a couple of nights after the towers fell I went to one of my night spots I used to frequent while I lived in that hell-hole of a city and there were some Muslim looking cats in the club. I must have stood in the corner and watched them for about 2 hours.

Yep I said it.

But that feeling of uneasiness only lasted until the shock of the attack passed. I knew that not all Muslims were terrorists; I know a little about the Koran from earlier studies and I knew that the cowards that killed close to 3000 of my fellow Americans were doomed to an eternity in Hell. I knew that Islam does not condone that type of behavior and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. For anybody to look at the actions of one group of people and then condemn the whole group is ignorant.

Besides I also knew from being Black in AmeriKKKa, how it felt(feels) to be judged solely on the way I look(ed).

If you want to get technical about it, Christianity could be demonized just as much as Islam is.
Do  not the biggest terrorists in America, the "white pride" organizations all identify themselves as Christians? 
Are not the most bigoted and ignorant people in this nation of tolerance, all Christian?

In my opinion Christianity has done more harm to the world as we know it than Islam has.
No Islamic country has ever invaded another country on the guise of bringing democracy to it.
I have never seen a Muslim going around disturbing people on early Saturday mornings with good tidings from Allah. But I have had to tell the Latter Day Saints, some Jehovah Witnesses and a couple of others to get the hell off my lawn.

In certain ways I agree with what that slave catcher Juan Williams said on O'liely's show.
But the way he said it was wrong. He condemned a whole sect of people on the actions of one tiny group.
And what makes what he said even more ignorant, none of the 911 hijackers were dressed in the typical Muslim garb. They were dressed like Americans.

I have admitted that 9 years ago, for about 2 or 3 seconds, seeing someone that looked Arab made me nervous. But that only lasted until the sting from getting bitch slapped wore off.

What the hell is this house nigga's excuse?

If O'liely  would have told him that seeing a group of Black men walking toward him on a dark night made him nervous, how would he have reacted? Even though he knew no group of Black men has ever threatened or accosted him in any way? Would he have agreed with him, or would he called dude out for being the racist he is?

I do not think the dude should have lost his gig, because this is supposed to be the land of free speech; and he was not on NPR's clock or air-waves when he stuck his foot in his mouth, but what he said was ignorant and ill timed.

By him being such an "educated and enlightened" man, he should have known better.

However, I cannot knock the fool for telling the world how he really feels....Or was what he said scripted to fit the audience he was in front of?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Did you just call me a Nigger? Really?

I went and early voted yesterday.

In my opinion elections like this are more important than the election every four years for the president simply because voters don't choose the President, the electoral college does. This was proven during the 2000 elections with Jr. and Gore. Elections like these are the only time that the American people actually have a voice in how their government represents them.

I am not a registered Dumocrat or Rethuglican.

I think that both parties are full of shit and I do not think that the average Politrickster could give a hot damn about the people that hire them. Polittricks is all about power. I do not think that Politricksters even care about money, since the average candidate is already rich before they even consider running. Money is just a bonus.

Having said all that, I still voted Dumocratic yesterday.

Why you may ask?

For this reason.....And this reason.....And this reason......And this reason.

Do I need to post links to comments made by Rush, Palin, Beck, Newt and other "darlings" of the Rethuglican party?

Why as a Black man in AmeriKKKa would I even consider supporting a group of bigoted, hateful hypocrites like that?

Now I know that the Dumocrats are no better when it comes to matters of race.....But......

They do TRY to make an effort to keep it in the closet.

Conservatives are blatant with their bullshit. They do not care.
They will say and do anything to enrage and "fire up" stupid inbred motherfuckers that blame everything that is wrong in their pathetic lives on the big, bad, boogie (Black, Latino, Arab) man. Their "base."

You can't find a job? Blame those lazy-ass niggers and their affirmative action!
Afraid to get on a plane? It is all the fault of those rag-headed Alley Akbars!
Drug dealers and rapists taking over your community? Close the border and stop letting all those foreign speaking Wet-backs in here!
You want your country back? Get rid of that uppity Nigger and his big-bootied wife that lives in the house built by your forefathers!

Doesn't this sound just like every Rethuglican that is running for office now?

Now why would I support that?

Why would any Black, Arab or Hispanic American support that?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to the new Black Racist America

I am so fucking tired of writing about racial shit.

It is so gatdamn depressing. But here we go again on this bullshit....
Since the country elected the first beige President, AmeriKKKa has shown it's true colors.

Now according to a poll that you know was first featured on Rush LimpDicks's show, 91% of Blacks support the President, while only 36% Whites do.
Now according to "drugster" and all his ignorant ass uninformed listeners, this makes Blacks racists.


Now the 74% of the "real" AmeriKKKans that disapprove of the Kenyan that occupies the house that Whites built only disapprove of his policies. Not the man himself......


Does that make sense to any of ya'll?

So let me get this straight.......
If the majority of Blacks like the President of their country and support him, they are racists....But if the majority of Whites don't support him and disrespect him at every turn it is because of his policies?

That's what's hot in the streets?


So all the past Presidents,Senators,Congressmen,Mayors,City Councilmen, Aldermans, Dog-catchers and Salvation Army Presidents that Blacks supported that were not Black was because of what?

Where we racists then too?
What about all the Black Politricksters that DID NOT get the Black vote, what was the cause behind that?

On the other hand what about all the Black Politricksters that Whites did not support, does that make THEM racists? 

What the fuck is wrong with some White people?
Do they listen to some of the bullshit that comes out of their mouths, or do they just say fuck it?

I don't understand this shit. At. All.

There is another "poll" that asks the question if Bush was a better President than Obama....

Why the fuck is this even a damn question?

How soon people forget.

I will be the first to yell that I do not agree with everything that the President has done.

I think that he is too soft on his enemies. I think he needs to make an example of all the people that disrespect not only him as a man, but the office he holds. I think he waits too long to respond to all the Palin's, Newts, Limp-Dicks and becks. He needs to hit them in their chests so hard that their titties touch. He needs to start knocking motherfuckers the fuck out. I think he gets involved in the wrong shit....(I.E. the professor that got embarrassed in his own house and the Mosque in New York thing). Certain things are beneath his position and he needs to know that. He needs to stop pandering to those 74% of white folks that don't like him and concentrate on the people that do. He needs to start yelling from the rooftops about all the accomplishments he has made the past 20 months so that the ignorant people that ask "well what has he done" will shut the fuck up and he needs to tell his "people" to get in line or get the fuck out of the way. He needs to get off that "we are all Americans, can we all just get along" shit and realize that most White Folks and some Black Folks would not support him even if he gave them all a million dollars.

At least this is what I would do if I sat in the big seat.

But for the fools that say that I am a racist just because I support the man that represents the country I was born and raised in... The country I took a vow to protect from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.....The country I have a love-hate relationship with.....Are just that.....Fools.

Fools being lied to by bigger fools.

Fools following Fools.

And they wonder why the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and the rest of the world are surpassing this country at alarming rates in almost everything that involves thinking.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is always about race

I do not agree with a whole lot of stuff that comes out of most celebrities mouths, but I do have to agree with Lebron James about race being a factor in how he was perceived after his whole dissing the city of Cleveland on world wide TV.
I don't think race was a major factor in the hostility he has been shown from the people in the dying city he chose to leave; they were just upset that the only reason that people were coming to the "mistake by the lake," was leaving them high and dry. I mean let's be real.....Nobody but Nobody that lives outside the city limits of Cleveland gives a fuck about Cleveland. I would bet my next 3 paychecks that you will not find a Cleveland fan of any sports team in Cleveland that is not from Cleveland or from some surburb of Cleveland. What the fuck is in Cleveland, but abandoned warehouses, a river that was so polluted it actually caught on fire, and crack dealers?
So the hostility and hate he is receiving from his "fans" in Cleveland was genuine. Lebron WAS Cleveland and the "fans" up there know it.
Without him....... Cleveland who? Oh you mean the fat Black dude on Family Guy? That Cleveland?
Yeah I said it....

But the hate that he is receiving from people that probably cannot spell Cleveland?
What reason do they have for hating what he did?
Why are they so upset about him wanting to go from the dark, dying and cold slums of Cleveland, to the warm and vibrant beaches of Miami?
Why are they so upset that this uneducated "thug" did not do what they wanted him to do?
Why does it bother them so much that this overpaid "monkey" chose to do what HE thought was best for him and his family?
Why does it matter if this "uppidity" son of a welfare mom that owned an Escalade while living in the projects, nigga  chose to put his career and legacy ahead of a dying franchise that rode him like Secretariat for 7 damn years?

Why does it matter to them?
Does it matter to them that Bret Farve holds the whole NFL hostage every damn year?
Does it matter to them that Ben Rothlesburger is a damn alcoholic rapist?
What about the fact that damn near every (white)MLB superstar is accused of doping up to keep their jobs?
What about the UFC matches that go on every night in most Hockey arenas around the country?

Does all this matter to them?
Or is this another case of  'Nigger. You need to stay in your place. We made you what you are. You owe us. Without us, you and that babies mama you call a mom would still be living in that one bedroom apartment in Akron. You ungrateful Black Bastard! How dare you! After all we did for you and your "homies" this is the thanks we get? Now get your Black Ass back on this court (in Cleveland though because we have enough of you millionaire, white women stealing darkies here.) with the rest of the jigaboos and dunk that ball!!! You belong to us! At least until you get old...or hurt...and then and only then we will grant you your freedom! Until that time Jig Nigger Jig! Or do you want to go back to that one bedroom hole we found you in? Who do you think you are, NIGGER!'

Could this be what is really on their minds?
Could they be upset that this uneducated Thug had the nerve to tell his "owners" to kiss his entire Black Ass on national Television?
Is this what is really bothering the people that probably thought that the city of Cleveland was in Canada?

Things that make you go Hmmmm...