Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazier than bat-shit.....

I have a neighbor who is constantly arguing with his wife. I mean all out in the street arguing.

And I think he likes it.... Let me explain.

The other day I was out in my yard just chilling with my dog, when he walked over. He looked upset, but not too upset. I have seen that look before on the dude.

Anyways he comes over sits down beside me and goes,....

"Man I am going to kill that bitch one day."

I was like "What did she do this time, man?"

"Well I was just up stairs watching  NFL Network and she came up telling me that she was going out with her girls. I was like OK, where are ya'll going, in case I need to hollar at you for anything. She was like we are going where we are going. I have my phone. If you need me, dial my damn number. And she goes into the bedroom to grab her purse. Well that shit stepped straight on my damn nerve so I went after her and was like... I thought you had cramps? A few minutes ago you was telling me how much you hated this time of the month. And now you are all energized to hit the streets with your girls? Come on son.. What I look like to you?"

This is the part of the story that if this was me... I would have been asking any of ya'll knew a good divorce attorney in the DFW area.......

"All this time man I had a glass of Crown Royal Black in my hand. Do you know this crazy wife of mine pulled down her pants, pulled her draws down, pulled out her tampon and stuffed that shit in my fucking drink?"

Stop right there.....

Yep folks, ya'll heard that right... This crazy woman stuffed her bloody tampon into my man's drink....

Well he goes on like this.....

"Man I could not do nothing but stare at her and I threw the drink and her tampon back into her fucking face and walked out. Man I can't deal with this shit no damn more."

Well I have heard all this " I can't deal with this shit no damn more" all before..... A couple of days before the Crown soaked tampon, he called me and told me to come pick him up because  they got into it on the highway and she put him out of his own car... While he was driving!!! He walked about 2 miles before he called me. I have also been witness to her calling him all kinds of bitches and hoes in front of me and their 3 kids, so this is nothing new to me. In fact I kinda look forward to talking to the dude so I can go back and tell my wife what this crazy heffa has did.....
I know I ain't right for that.... But I ain't wrong either.... LOL.

Anyways I say that he likes this type of drama because whenever he tells me about their latest run-in, he seems upset, but it also seems like he is bragging about her ain't shit mess. It seems like he is proud of her craziness. It almost seems like he is fronting about being upset just to save face with me... Which I cannot understand.

But after the tampon being dipped in Crown.... I would have been out like a scout on a new route.

Ya'll know how expensive that shit is?

Monday, November 22, 2010

My problem with religion #2003

When I started this blog about 3 years ago, I was attending church on a regular basis. Matter of fact my very FIRST POST  was based on a sermon that the Pastor of the church I was going to gave.

Oh how time changes shit around!!!!

I have not been back to that church probably in about 2 years now. I have became very disgusted with all things religion; I.E. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Alien Joe (the God of Will Smith and Tom Cruise) and the millions of other "true paths to God" out there.

Now don't get me wrong....My faith in God has never been stronger. It seems like I talk to him more than I talk to my wife sometimes. But I cannot stand how MAN has manipulated his message and intent to suit whatever agenda is on their imperfect mind at the time.

I think religion is bullshit.
Religion was made and embellished by MAN.
The Bible, Koran, Torah; were all written by MAN. The original words might have came from God, but over time MAN has changed, edited, lost or just plain hidden the original words of God to adjust to his imperfect, power-hungry agenda.
Religion is a tool that is used by MAN to control other men.

Case and point......

The Pope just gave his blessing on condom use.

Who is this dude to tell someone else that they can or cannot protect themselves from having unwanted children or catching a disease that could KILL THEM?
Why does what he say even matter?

Especially since this dude was a gat-damn NAZI?

Who and what the hell is a Pope any damn way?
I had to Wikipedia the position to see exactly where the idea to have a Pope came from in the first damn place.

See, the Pope is a MAN that is elected by other MEN to lead their order. In other words the Pope ain't nothing but a Prime Minister, President, Congressman or Union President.
But religion being what religion is, this ELECTED official has been elevated to the status of  a "Holy Father," "Holy See," and "Christ on Earth".


So again.... Who the Hell is this POLITICIAN MAN to give his blessing on how other men/women choose to protect themselves?

And to top it all off..... Man being Man......Is taking this MAN'S word as if God held a press conference agreeing with everything his "Christ on Earth" just said.
Instead of thinking for himself,  Men take this MAN'S word as divine law and treat it as it has to be obeyed at all costs;otherwise face the God given penalty.Which would include saying 10 Hail Mary's and having a private confessing session with one of his undercover boy loving freaks Priests while dressed as a choir boy.

This is what's hot in the Bullshit-ass world of organized religion these days.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come on Son!!!

I am sick to death of my President pandering to the Republican party.

Why does this man continue to try to reach a consensus with people that have made it clear that their whole agenda going forward is to make sure that he moves out of the big house as soon as possible?

Why does he continue to try to compromise? Why does he talk big about something and then when he finds out the big bad Republican party might oppose him, he backs down and accepts the scraps that they throw to him?

He did it on Healthcare.....He did it on Iraq.....He did it on Don't ask Don't tell.....and now he is doing it on letting the Bush Tax cuts expire.

The news is that his administration is willing to compromise on letting the tax cuts expire on everyone, while 3 months ago....before he and his weak-ass party got their asses handed to them, he was adament about letting the whole lot of them expire.

Why can't this dude realize that he is the President of the United States and tell the Rethugs to either come hard or stay at home?
Why does he continue to let these assholes push him around?
What is wrong with this dude?
Where is all the fire and brimstone that we all voted for in 2008?

I am so sick of this 'I am above all the bickering and if we all work together, we will all win' bullshit.

This is not the man I voted for.

I want a man with a set of Presidential sized nuts to be my president, not some kumbaya, can't we all just get along ass weakling.

If this man does not show me something in 2 years....

I will not be casting my vote for him.

And unlike him....Once I say I am going to do something...if I have my mind set on a course of action, whether it hurts some people or not, what I set out to do is going to get done. I don't need to hold my sworn enemies hand and ask him to work with me..

Fuck my enemy, his family his dog and whoever the hell else that wants to stand with him......

Isn't this what the Rethugs are telling this dude? "We don't give a fuck about you, your family, that Black-ass dog Bo or anyone else that stands beside you. We want you gone and if we have to kill you and the 10 people standing next to you, then that is what it will be."

How can you compromise with that?

Why would any real man want to?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I's married now

This past weekend the wifey drug me to see Tyler Perry's new flick, "For Colored Girls."

HATED IT......

I knew I would before I let her manipulate my ass into going..

But I's married now so.......

Anyways......I have to say that the women in this movie acted their asses off.. Even Janet Jackson's non-singing, non-acting ass. If one of these women are not nominated for an Academy Award, something is definitely wrong.

But back to my review...This movie sucks. It would be best to get this movie from your neighborhood barber shop. 
Did I just say that? What I meant to say was.....It would be best to wait till this mess is in the Red Box.....

The main thing I had a problem with in this movie is I got the hint that ya man Tyler has a problem with Black men.
Every man in this damn movie was the typical commercialized BET, CNN Black in America, type nigga.

I mean you had the down-low nigga; the out of work, the world is against me, drink all day at home, while my woman is at work, I know she is fucking somebody, so I'm gonna beat the shit outta her when she gets home type nigga; the Baby I promise that I'm going to leave her tomorrow, so just be patient with me, type nigga; and the bitch I brought you dinner, you invited me up,so I know you are gonna give me that pussy, no means yes type nigga.

Yep.....Every type of stereotypical version of a Black man was in this movie. The only good dude was the damn Police.

The damn storyline was stupid. I read somewhere that this movie was based on a play written by a famous Black playwright...

Well, Mr. Perry does not do it justice.

I stopped fucking with Tyler Perry after all those damn Madea plays that the wifey manipulated me into going to. I have been to every damn one that came to Dallas.
I do not watch his "very funny" show on TBS.

I have to admit though I liked Daddy's Little Girls..... That was a good damn movie. But the rest of his shit?

Naa..... I can't fuck with it.

The women that read my thoughts on a regular basis  will probably disagree with me, but TP makes movies for Black Women and Black Women only. I ain't knocking the boy's hustle, I admire his work ethic. I think that he has single handedlly made Hollywood take notice of Black actors and actresses. And that is a damn good thing.

But the content of his movies... I can't get with.

But I's married now........

But at least the wifey cannot say nothing about going to see SkyLine this coming weekend.

Now this is going to be my type of movie....Violence, Aliens, fast cars, and fine women.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The AmeriKKKan People have spoken.....Really?

I knew that the Dumocrats were going to get their asses handed to them last night. So them losing the House of Representatives was no news to me. I am surprised that they did not lose the Senate too.

I have a theory on why they lost....

Want to hear it? Well here it goes.....

The Dumocrats lost because they are weak. They refused to hit back when they had every opportunity to. They were given the tape of their opponents every move and they refused to utilize what they saw. The Rethugs, with their sister party the tea-baggers, gave the Dumocrats everything they needed to wipe them out of existence...IE, racism, pandering to the rich, no knowledge of the constitution what so ever, scandals, straight disrespect of the President and a couple of more things that would have crippled any chances that the average person would have needed to get a library card.

But what did they do?

They let the Palins, Limdicks, Becks, Fox Crap, Boehners, Mcconnels and all the other Republican/Teabagger racist hate mongers take over their message.

They let them run amok on every "news" station that would hear them and they let them get their message of hate and intolerance out to the dumb average AmeriKKKans that need to have someone else tell them what they should be feeling and doing  instead of thinking and learning for themselves.

Instead of putting out everything that this administration has accomplished from the beginning, they tried to turn the other cheek and pray that  somehow their loyal followers would stick with them no matter what.

And then when someone in the White House woke up and saw what the fuck was going on and that they were getting their asses whooped, they tried to fight back with 30 seconds left in the 12th  round.

They did not prepare and so they lost. Their game plan was flawed so they lost. They did not have the will to win so they lost. They did not give the AmeriKKKan  flunkies  people any other choice so they lost.

Most Americans believe only what they see on TV. Most Americans do not read anything that does not have an advertisement for a new car, T.V., purse or video game attached to it. Most Americans do not know who the hell their own Senator is let alone what their policies are.

The more airtime a person is given, the more Americans will identify with them and come to look at them like; 'He/She is just like me!! We have the same problems!! Look at how she has her little retarded son with her on the stage!! I could be her/him!'

The Rethugs played this as loud as and as  long as they could and they won. Their game plan was excellent, so they won.The were prepared, so they won. They had the will to win at all costs, so they won. They gave the American flunkies a choice and they won.

Obama made history with his election to the big seat, but the way things are looking now......

After Nov 2012, My Great Great Grand kids will not know what a Black Man looks like standing behind the Presidential seal of the United States of America.

Unless of course one is dusting it off for the old White man that stands behind it.