Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If you open your eyes, then you will realize that Black ain't the only color that God made

I have a friend that is really starting to get on my nerves.

Well he has been on my nerves for a minute now, but I think he has finally stepped on the last one.

Let me explain....

This dude see's everything in straight "BLACK." Everything about this dude is "black" this, the White man ain't shit that, I can't stand White women this and blah blah blah. He refuses to see anything other than race.

Now I cannot sit up here and say that I do not see race; because hell, this is AmeriKKKa. Damn near everything in this bitch is about race. But I can say I try to give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt. I treat everyone I meet with respect because I expect the same in return. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian does not play a role in how I view or treat a person. Now if that White, Black Hispanic, Asian or American Indian gets stupid with me; then all bets are off. You will be a motherfucker to the highest degree of motherfuckers, and you will get dealt with in a way I deem is best suited with being a motherfucker.

But this dude is not like that. Every White person is evil, every Hispanic person is here illegally taking food out of our (black)mouths, every Asian person wants to be White and every American Indian; well we don't see too many of them, so I don't know how he feels in that regard. But if we were lucky enough to see one, then this dude would probably have a problem with them too.

I think this is illiterate- ass thinking. I think this type of thinking is very unbecoming of anyone; especially someone who is in Church every Sunday as soon as the doors open. I have told this dude this on numerous occasions. I cannot explain why I keep fucking with him, but this dudes days of being in my phone contact list  are numbered.

Let me delve into the background of the man that goes by the moniker Dirty Red for a minute so you can get a feel of how I feel and why I talk the way I do.

I was raised in a Christian home. Well in a Jehovah Witness home, but Christian none the less.
As I got older and started thinking for myself, I began to see the bullshit in that organization, so I started asking questions that would not get answered. I was very confused so I started hanging with the Muslim cats in the hood and I started picking their brains a little. I joined the Army and I still was leaning towards Islam. I have read the Koran as well as the Bible front to back many times. I even gave up pork for about a year and some change.

Again I started to see the bullshit in that organization (Islam), so I started asking questions that would not get answered. I was very confused, so I wrote off both Islam and Christianity for a long minute. I still read and researched on my own and did my best to answer the questions that I had on my own. The more I read and researched, the more I became disheartened against all things religion. I bounced back to Christianity for a minute, but I am back to the religion is bullshit stage, where I think I will remain.

I cannot call myself "Christian" because I am not "Christ"-like. I still do things that probably make Jesus and his father (I believe that they are 2 SEPARATE entities, not that father, son, holy-ghost bullshit that we are all taught as children), blush and ask each other, "Why do we keep fucking with this dude?"
For me to say I am Christ-like would be a lie against my creator and I refuse to do that because I feel that there ain't no coming back from that.
I cannot consider myself a Muslim for pretty much the same reasons.

So here I am.

Which brings me back to the subject of this little rant.

Everyone and everything has good and bad associated with it. One thing is not any better than another thing. In order to see that, I believe that a person has to be able to jump outside of their comfort zone and try to see shit the way others see shit. You have to be compassionate towards other people's views and opinions. You don't have to agree with them, but I think that you have to respect them and try to understand why this individual thinks and acts the way they do and adjust your attitude accordingly.
Some people cannot be reasoned with, which means that you have to cut that person from your life in order to keep that individual from bringing unnecessary stress to your shit.

And this is why I refuse to treat people fucked up just because I have a problem with their ancestors.

If my life is fucked up, then  it is because I fucked it up, not that Sally or Tom's Great-Great-Great grand father fucked it up.

Let me say again that I still see and always will see race and I believe that AmeriKKKa will also. But I cannot and I will not let  Sally or Tom's views stop me from being the man that God made me to be.

Because I believe that there ain't no coming back from that.


Fultank said...

interesting points my brother, very real....

Fultank said...

interesting points my brother, very real....

Ms. Camile said...

You're funny and quite passionate! i agree. I'm the type of person who treats EVERYONE the same no matter the race, size, gender...Everyone gets a chance to show me who and how they are and if they show me they are cool, we can be associates or friends and if they show their butt then I don't fool with them. I love and dislike people of ALL races so I agree with your stance.


Reggie said...

Don't feel like The Lone Ranger, many of the Christians that I know aren't particularly Christ-like. We all want to believe in an ideal of what someone is supposed to be like. It's only once man is included in anything that cracks begin to show. Men are completely full of shit, we are full of foibles and we're all less than perfect.

I think it's horrible to paint all of any one dynamic with a broad brush. We're all different for the most part.

This is a very interesting blog post, very interesting indeed.

Blaque Ink said...

I completely agree. I am careful not to sentence a whole group for the acts of a few or some members.

For example, even though some of my blogs point out the sins whites have made against POC in the past and present, I make sure not to make indictments to whites who do not deserve it. My main problem with them is not the color of their skin, but the systems of white supremacy, privileges that come with it as well as its effects, and the denial some of them make in regards to truths regarding their history and their institutions.

As far as your friend goes he sounds like he has a lot of anger within him. The question is why does he believe such things, and how can he relieve himself of such thinking?

Anthony said...

"He refuses to see anything other than race."

Racism has cause many a Blackman and women mental anxiety...........

I treat everyone I meet with respect because I expect the same in return. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or American Indian AMEN to that........

The more I read and researched, the more I became disheartened against all things religion.
AMEN to that.......

I believe in the 21st Century we as Black folks must be about INCLUSION and Diversity of ideas, thought and opinion. China and its economy and population is here to stay along with B.R.I.C.

Thank you for allowing my say...........Peace

TeamAfro said...

Dirty Red, you are alright in my book. Keep doing what you do!