Friday, January 14, 2011

If you say it; then so shall it be

I have been freezing my ass of in Wisconsin for the last couple of weeks so I have neglected my spot....

But I'm back bytches!!!

And the shit I want to discuss first this evening is the Congresswoman that got shot last week.

My heart goes out to her family and to the families of the people that died, but I am getting tired of seeing this shit on the news 24/7 365. This is not the only tragedy that has taken place in our little country the past couple of weeks, but if you watch the news you wouldn't believe that.

I am also getting tired of all the finger pointing by people that want to politicize the deaths of those innocent people for their own careers.

What this man did...he did on his own. Could he have been influenced by the "don't retreat, reload" or the "if ballots don't work bullets will?"

Sure he could have. And he probably was.

But this dude has been crazy as bat-shit for years.  I mean look at this bastard..... Don't he look just like Uncle Festus from the Adams Family? The people around him knew this dude was not right. But nothing was done. Not. one. damn. thing.

I place some of  the blame of this sick deranged motherfuckers actions at the feet of his parents. How could they not know that their son was fucked up?

Of course they knew. They just ignored it.
But in the end, this dude did what HE wanted to do. He is a grown ass man. A grown ass man that made a grown ass decision. This was not a decision by some fool ass 13 year old gang banger shooting into a crowd of people with no intention of actually hitting anyone.This was no mistake.

HE killed those people.
Not the crazy fake hunting ass bush bitch from Alaska, Not the drug addicted fat man that wants our President to fail, and not the other crazy white dude with his "restore America" bullshit. Or even the other crazy white woman from Arizona, Joyce Kaufman.

But having said that, I have to say this; whether they want to admit it or not; I do believe their words of hate, bigotry and racism had a small effect on this sick motherfucker. 
But ultimately they did not put the gun in his hand.

My Grandmother always told me that words have power. My words  have the ability to come to be as soon as I let them out of my mouth.

Even though I don't think that the crazy white people that want their country back should take all the blame; because in the end this sick bastard pulled the trigger on his own time; they damn sure should take some of it.

There are millions more crazy and deranged motherfuckers out there walking amongst us and ain't no telling what might set them off. I strongly believe that everybody on this earth has the right to say whatever they want  to whomever they want; but just because we have the right, we should be smart enough to know when to shut the fuck up.

Real G's move in silence.

Oh and one more thing I have to say......
I thank Jesus and the 10 White men next to him that this dude ain't Black or Muslim.

Yeah I said it...


Reggie said...


I hope you got some cheese while you were there.

Stevie Wonder could look at that dude and see he's bat shit crazy; and truth be told, he was probably bat shit crazy when he first started listening to hate speech from the right. If he didn't kill all those people that day, he'd probably have walked into a Walmart or a McDonalds one day and shot up a bunch of people there. But it's that type of crazed hate speech that moves many a weakminded fool to the extreme. I'm surprised this type of thing hasn't already happened a couple of times. Sure he looks just like Uncle Fester or maybe that touched uncle that most families never let out of the basement.....but someone helped focus this mofo with his crazy. Don't think for a minute that isn't what happened.

But you're quite right my brother. I'm scared of crazy white folks and that motherfucker is sho nuff crazy!!!

Blaque Ink said...

Welcome back, stranger lol.

Whites cause more crime, violent and otherwise, in this nation. Neverthless, after this, they won't fear other white people; they will continue feeing blacks, browns, muslims, and arabians.

I also thank God this wasn't done by a black person, but since it's not, they will still fear blacks and not nutjobs or potential nutjobs like that crazy cracker.

Anthony said...

Welcome back, felling your blog.....

I hope this coward is allowed into the general prison population....

He will receive the same treatment as
Jeffrey Dahmer.........

Do you remember they broke a mop handle off in his azz......


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

So I wasn't the only one to notice the resemblance to Uncle Fester,what we fail to realize in our quest to be free and equal in this unequal land is he will get a plead bargain and be sent to a Federal Prison Hospital for the mental ill.
The same place they sent the white fellow who shot President Reagan and the crook in New York who ripped folks for BILLIONS of dollars with his fake stocks and investments.

When you say you thank Jesus that he wasn't black,well you might have a good reason to blow a sigh of relief,because he would have gotten the death chamber without question.

Dirty Red said...

Yeah Reggie Wisconsin. It was alright; besides the damn cold. I could not live there though. There is not enough of our culture up there for me. You are right though. It was only a matter of time before this dude flipped out and killed up some people. So can he take all the blame? Some of it yeah... without a doubt... but some of it needs to be handed off to the people that filled up his pea sized brain with hate. And those people would be....well take your pick... you watch the news just like I do.

Blague Ink,
Yeah it would make sense that Whites cause the majority of crimes here in the land of the free since they are the majority. For now... But it is us "others" that get all the credit. Why do you think that is?

I hear ya man. But this dude will not see a prison... He will be put in an insane asylum. Which I guess if you look at it... ain't too much difference. But in Prison he probably will be welcomed with open arms by the Racist White gangs for taking it too all those Jews and nigger lovers the way he did.

Great minds think alike huh? This dude is going straight to the insane asylum.