Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kill a dog.... get executed....Kill a Black man.... well, what did he do to deserve it?

This is the first post here on  A Blackman's View for the year of our Lord 2011.
On that note Merry New Year folks!!!
I wish I had something better to write about, but this shit right here....this shit right here.....

Tucker Carson; the son of the ultra filthy rich Swanson food company heiress and frequent contributor on the Fake News Channel formerly known as Fox "news", recently said that Michael Vick should have been executed for his involvement in the dog fighting business.

He said all this AFTER he said that he is a Christian and that he believes in forgiveness and second chances.

Really Tucker?

Now I will admit that I love dogs. If somebody even looked at my Dog Savannah in a foul way I would be ready to fight. And I would fight with all the intensity of a person that is defending his child. That is how much my dog means to me. So Dog-fighting in my opinion is some fucked up shit. Fucked up. With a capitol

But saying all that; I have to say this.....

The man payed the debt that the judge said he owed. In fact he has payed more. He lost his freedom, his job, his money, his reputation, some of his "friends"and  probably some of his family when he could no longer afford them.

He has done everything that our JUST-us system has ordered him to do. He has complied with everything; including the demands of being an exceptional football player and teammate.

What more does this dude have to do?

Now this idiot is saying that on top of everything else this dude has sacrificed for his fucked up actions, he should forfeit his life as well?


But you believe in second chances and forgiveness, huh, you little rich spoiled bow-tie wearing bitch?
And you say you are a Christian?

This is one more reason that I can add to the long list of dislikes I have with people that pimp the bible for their own benefit. Another reason that I have to give the side eye to anyone that is always preaching about  being a "Christian". And last but not least; one more reason that I think that every prominent  "conservative" republican  in this country has a spacious room reserved; with a locked see through refrigerator filled with ice-water and  breath-taking views of  an eternal fire from their balcony at Hotel Hell.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Well I hear ya loud and clear and agree that Tucker Carson is beyond the pale of description.
Once I reconciled that my life is not valued by White society,my behavior and expectations are not predicated on what White folk think.
What I do each and everyday is for the uplift of the people I love and value.

Reggie said...

Clearly Tucker is and has been an oxygen thief for a very very long time.

I'd like to say I'm surprised by what he said.........but no, not really.

Will Capers said...

This reminds me of a blog by a white girl who calls herself Princess Paula. She said basically that Michael Vick deserved more than the sentence he got, but never said that he should get the death penalty flat out. Still, she thought he deserved a lot more.

If that wasn't enough, her entire blog was about how black people love Michael Jackson whom she truly believes is a child molester. Paula pretty much ended her blog saying how black people commit the most crimes in this society. As you can tell, her whole blog was an anti-black blog with numerous people agreeing with her. Her blog was one of the top blogs at Myspace. Not once has she mentioned Roman Polanski (not sure if I spelled his last name correctly)

I've gotten to the point where I don't give a fuck about what Christian Convervative or Liberal whites think about blacks because these people overlook, on purpose or otherwise, their own bullshit. They've proven how hypocritical and delusional their view of other races are. So, basically, they are not an authority on reality.

Rhod said...

It blows my mind that an animal's life is worth more than a human being's life in this society. Dog fighting, yea bad stuff, but Vick should've gotten the death penalty? Don't stand between white folk and their dogs...
@Will exactly many Christians just wear the label because it is an US custom to do so, not based on the "principles"

Joanna said...

I have to tell you, I was so sick and tired of getting messages on facebook asking me to support harsh treatment of Michael Vick, and to sign a petition to ban him from the NFL. I mean, yes, animal cruelty is wrong, but these messages are from the same people who support Johannes Mehserle, because OBVIOUSLY Oscar Grant did something wrong! Oh did I mention, one of the people sending the message was my sister??

Will Capers said...


You sister? For real? Good Lord, I don't know what to say about that one.

I also linked your blog with mine by the way.

Dirty Red said...

I hear ya man. I really don't give a fuck what others think either.

How can u be surprised?
Unless of course you are one of those delusional people that think that we live in a "fair and balanced" society.

I get the same thing from the "others" I work with. It simply amazes me.

"exactly many Christians just wear the label because it is an US custom to do so, not based on the "principles"
Now that is the 10 million dollar question.

By what you posted here and on your blog, I would not believe that you had a sister so different from you. But I am nothing like my sister either.