Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Mama's House 3? Really?

Big Mama's house 3 started yesterday.

Was I in a rush to go see it?
Uhhh.....Hell to the damn nawl!!

Why, you may ask? You say that we as Black folks need to support one another? You say that every Black family has a "big mama" in it? You add that Martin Lawrence used to have a credible career until he was caught butt booty naked in the middle of LA traffic and he is finally getting his groove back?

All I can say is..Really?

Just because this dude is Black, I have to waste my money and time supporting this stereotypical, loud, obnoxious and big Black woman bullshit?
Just because he used to be a beast in the comedic world, I have to waste my time and money to reminisce over what was?

This is one of the many reasons I don't fuck with too many all Black movies. Especially Black comedies. I think that most of them are degrading to us as Black people and the really good ones that are made are ignored by us and everybody else because they are not degrading to us as Black people.

There are thousands of credible Black actors and screen play writers that get overlooked because Hollywood thinks it is cool to make movies that act out every stereotypical behavior that America thinks all Black Americans do.

And on to the next point... most of the actors in these bullshit ass movies are actors that used to have a viable career in Hollywood. They used to be A-list people...But now they are old, fat and broke and alls they want is that next paycheck to hold them over to the next White screen writer writes a screenplay on what he thinks all Black people are like by what he sees on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest of the "media" outlets we have in this country.

I can only speak for myself here but... I don't know any "Big Mama's". I don't have nan one in my family and if I did I would not admit it. I don't live in the "hood". I used to, but I grew the hell up and got the hell out.
I don't know any drug dealers. I don't know any gang-bangers. Like I said I used to...but I grew the hell up and I moved the Hell on. I don't have a babies mama. I have a wife. I am not on welfare. All of you that frequent my lil ole blog know that I have two jobs; the United States Army Reserve and the Texas Department of Public Safety. I went to and finished college without a sports scholarship. I have never been to prison; although quite a few of my child-mates have. I don't have AIDS and I am not on the down-low.

So why would I support any type of bullshit that glories all of the negative things that I mentioned above that I am not? Even if it has some sort of "feel good" message hidden somewhere in the plot?

Now I admit that back in the day I loved me some Martin Lawrence. I thought he was funnier than Eddie Murphy at one point.
But that was back in the day.
I have evolved.

I think that ole "Martie Mar" should too.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Man we are so on the same page,I did a post on Tyler Perry Movies and plays a few months back and generally express the same sentiments as you.
I try everyday to share some knowledge with young Black folks both male and female on the real deal of being Black here in America.
Some choose to listen and take what I share seriously most look and think thats just "old school" shooting off the mouth again and are out the door to the Mall to spend their paycheck on the latest fashions or gadget.
It's hard as a individual to compete with the mass bombardment of advertisement and cultural chic!

Reggie said...

I think that Hollywood has more than covered the big collard green eating black woman. I refuse to see this shit. Just like I refuse to see another movie with Eddie Murphy in it in a fat suit.

Maybe we need to see some big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken eating Caucasian women.....or big ass bowl of rice eating Asian women.........or isn't that funny too?!?

Blaque Ink said...

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

It seems Hollywood is getting more and more pathetic. We see more "white-people-saving-the-world" movies, and now we have "black-men-dressing-up-as-fat-black-women".

You may want to sit down for this, but I heard that Martin Lawrance and Jamie Foxx are reprising their roles as Shenehneh and Wanda (respectively) in a movie. All I remember is that the movie title has the word "Skank" in the title. I don't know if it's true, and I'm too afraid to find out.

Blaque Ink said...

Check this out:

Dirty Red said...

Big Mac,
I cannot stand Tyler Perry either. The wifey has dragged my ass to see everyone of his damn plays. But after that bullshit ass movie "For Colored Girls", Fuck that nukka. I will never go see nothing else that this dude does. Ever. Again.

If we actually saw White women eating KFC, collard greens and banana pudding; who would they model all the Barbie Dolls after?
You know that wouldn't be right man...

Blaque Ink,

No thanks needed. And I heard the same thing about that Sha-ne-ne and Wanda shit too. That will be another piece of bull-shit I will not be supporting.