Monday, February 14, 2011

Damn it all to Hell!!!I can hear you in my sleep!!! Please go away!! Far Far away!!!

I have just returned from the most physically demanding thing I have done since I went to Basic Training damn near 20 years ago... I am a graduate of the Advanced Hand to Hand combat course that the Army offers it's younger recruits. My body feels like it has been beat by a young Mike Tyson on steroids. But it is a good hurt, ya heard me? I held my own against all those young punks (male and female). So all you young nukkas out there that want to challenge a brother to a little UFC action, holla at ya man ya heard? LOL....

Anyways that's enough  bragging on the skills of this 38 year old brother ya'll all know as Dirty Red....
I came here today to talk of other things.

Why in the hot Texas Hell is Sarah Palin still news worthy?
Why does CNN, MSNBC and all the other "news" outlets still give this bytch air time?
Why does everything that this heffa says make headline news?

I do not understand this shit.
This woman is about as smart as an empty potato chip bag, but EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is the "next thing."

Breaking News....'Sarah Palin criticizes President on his handling  of Egypt'.  Really? Does this chick even know where Egypt is? Can she even spell Egypt?

This just in....
'Sarah Palin is to trade-mark "Sarah Palin"'. Who gives a redneck fuck?

And today's quote of the day... 'Sarah Palin has a WTF moment.' 
Somebody please make it stop!!

On today's financial news... Sarah Palin has brought a new house.. She is quoted as saying that the housing market in Alaska has never been stronger.

Man just go ahead and shoot me now so I won't have to hear no more about this bytch!!
I swear that I cannot take no damn more of hearing what this crazy chick has said or done.

This is reason 2,000,095 why I hate the media.

And unlike the "news" organizations in this great country of ours, I will not be posting anymore about this ditzy broad. Maybe they will catch the hint from me and this chick will go back to the bush, never to be heard from again.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Red:They keep her around to reinforce stupidity among a certain class of people!

Reggie said...

Dude the "three invisible dicks" thing I'm still laughing at. I'll be laughing at that shit tomorrow!!

Blaque Ink said...

White female privilege at its worst.

Dirty Red said...

I have to agree...That would include most Americans of a certain skin color. But there are a few of us "darkies" that are limited in the way of brain matter too. One of my co-workers, (who by the way is darker than me), still swears as loud as he can that this crazy heffa would make a better Prez than our current one. I just look at him and imagine him sitting on the short yellow bus with his tongue stuck to the window during the cold months of winter.

Yeah I came across that one during a search of funny Palin pictures. It is a trip huh?

Blacque Ink,
At it's lowest worst man. It really can't get any worse than her.

Reggie said...

Sarah Palin is about as dumb as a bag of hammers!!!

Vigilante said...

I'm laughing because I can't figure if you're right, D-Red, or if you're right. I've decided that you are right.